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Asked: 3 years ago

How is that I saw a trailer on game spot featuring shao khan doing a fatalitty? & they say he's not playable??

If so how about montaro & goro?

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From: kmkloc 3 years ago

Shao Khan,Kintaro, and goro all have fatalities, and to my knowledge they are not playable characters.

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He isn't a playable character. You get to challenge him in story and Ladder modes. Same goes for Goro

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Shao Khan did a fatlity on me when I lost as Kitana in a ladder match.

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Check YouTube. All 3 have 2 fatalities each.

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Motaro isn't playable at all, they just show him in story mode, but you never actually fight him, only Goro, Kintaro, and Shao Kahn, but they aren't playable

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In the challange tower you get to play as Goro, and he has a full list of moves. What BS is this?? And I'm starting to think that you may be able to use Shao Kahn as well.

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I think that they are playable. Like a boss select code in VS. I've been trying different buttons to find it. I may be wrong ,but hey it doesn't hurt to check.

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they will prolly be DLC at somepoint!!! why wouldn't they be?

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The reason Goro has moves is because he is playable in ladder challenge. The fact that hacked 360 games have played as Shao Kahn and Kintaro, both with moves but neither with listed fatalities tells us that either: 1. They each had playable ladder challenges that were removed or 2. They were playable with Shang Sung's soul steal move, and that was taken out.

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