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Klassic Fatalities?

Are they limited to the pre-order editions?

I don't care about the costumes...

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They will probably be a DLC sometime in the future. Just be patient

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Yes...for now. They will likely be available as DLC in the near future. You need to be wearing the Klassic costume to perform the Klassic fatality, and they are only available from pre-orders at this time.

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no you do not need to be wearing the Klassic outfits to do the fatalities.

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@Morguin I have have tried a ton to do scorpions klassic fatality and have been unsuccessful. I have been told that I would need the klassic costume as well. Have you done the fatality without?

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You can do klassic fatality with alternate costume (costume number 2) of scorpion (do not need dlc costume),another ninja like reptile and sub zero MUST need dlc costume to do klassic fatality.

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Scorpion is the only character with a Klassic Fatality requiring you to unlock his alternative costume, but I don't think you need to wear the costume to perform it. I think unlocking the alternative is enough. And, I think pre-ordering the game gives you access to the Klassic Costume for Scorpion from the beginning of the game rather than unlocking it later on in the game. It probably saves you the in-game money so you don't have to buy it in the Krypt or saves you the effort of unlocking it via arcade ladder.

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Reptil's Klassic Fatality:

Yummy: B B F D R2 (Block) Jump.

Sub-Zero's Klassic Fatality:

F D F Triangle Close

Scorpions Klassic Fatality:

Toasty!! D U U Triangle Jump

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Are those the proper Klassic Fatalities? If not can you let me know or us know. thnx.

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i have done scorpions Toasty! fatality in all 3 costumes.

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Reptile, Sub Zero, and Scorpion have klassic fatalities. In order to unlock these fatalities you need to perform the fatalities one time successfully. The only way to successfully perform them is to own the klassic costumes (unlock them). However, once you own the klassic costumes and have performed the fatality once, you can perform the fatality no matter which costume their wearing.

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The classic fatalities are limited to pre-order/Klassic costume. If you have not already purchased the costumes on e-bay or amazon you can download them on 06/07/11 from PSN and X-box live.

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the tasty fatality really brings back memories from UMK3

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i preformed thier klassic fatality without the thier klassic costume

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