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Rep & Sub?

Does anybody know sub-zero's & reptile's 3rd fatality? Not their babality their 3rd that comes with the mk1 costume.

kingkrown24 provided additional details:

And those would be? Man be specific. o_0

kingkrown24 provided additional details:

Ok I know the ones but when I do em nothing happens, do I need the classic costumes cause I did scorpions in his regular?

Accepted Answer

acealexander702 answered:

You need to have the DLC for the Klassic Costume and Fatality downloaded and installed into your PS3, I don't believe you need to have it equipped to use the Klassic Fatality. Sub-Zero's Klassic Fatality is his Spine Rip, so the sequence should be Forward, Down, Forward, Triangle in sweeping range. Reptile's Klassic Fatality is Tasty Meal, the tongue thing, so the sequence should be Back, Forward, Down, R2 in jumping range.
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natanielf answered:

Its the same input as there original game
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slade519 answered:

I was under the impression that if you can only perform those fatalities if you received the dlc for the fatality had to pre order from amazon for rep and best buy for sub and gamestop for scorp. or is that not right and we get them without the costumes?
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