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Challenge Tower #53 Help!?!?

Im on #53 "Frankenstein" and I die after the 2nd body part....any tips? How do I get the parts to come faster? Thanks.

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slade519 answered:

I'm guessing thats the fight with Sektor where you have to get Cyrax's body back?

When i did it, i think i found that his bady parts were linked with the amount of damage i did to the opponents. I mainly tried to block then uppercut or stun combo block the whole thing.
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Torch2010 answered:

this one really isnt to hard once u get the hang of it what u should do, is kombo Sektors circle attack. Ive found that if u hit circle repeatedly with Sektor he does a kick that knocks the opponet back and causes good damage. Hope this helps
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nightsamurai456 answered:

Sneak some combos in, and just stay alive
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