Question from bebbi82

How can i have Scorpion's and Sub-Zero's MK1 costume?

In order for their original fatalities to work, we need to have them wearing their original MK1 costumes...but how can i have them?


natanielf answered:

either get it from someone who has it already from pre-orders or you wait til it comes out as DLC which could be in about 1-2 months
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jonaldson answered:

Pay an outrageous amount on eBay for one...or wait a couple months and get it DLC for free or a couple bucks (the codes were only available for pre-orders and are selling in excess of $20 on eBay). I'd wait as a developer of the game told those planning on buying the eBay ones to "be patient".
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waschbaerjohann answered:

You dont need them to wear the costume. As long as you have the costume available, the fatalities will work with every other costume.
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TheGothicAngel answered:

Put the cruser thing on the character and hit 'start'. Then you can choose their costume. Don't click on them just put the cruser on top of them
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