Question from porkchopxxx

Need help completeing tower challenge #79?

i cant get a combo better then Jade to defeat her?

porkchopxxx provided additional details:

u HAVE to get a combo.

Accepted Answer

jonaldson answered:

I had a couple problems here too till I realized if you just throw her fans over and over as fast as you can (use the EXs when available) you'll win each round.
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acealexander702 answered:

you don't need to get a higher combo, just do more damage then Jade did, what I did was just spam Kitana's fan toss special :)
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50u1c493 answered:

Xxx dash forward xxx dash forward xxx.
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ar5n1c answered:

Try to get as close to her as possible and as quickly as possible by dashing, find a simple combo she can do like square, square, square or along those lines, try to hit her twice with the combo which may give you a 5 or so combo depending if you hit her when she was in mid air or whatever, but the is a pause after you do the combo allowing you to get in a sneaky uppercut or a grab and even if you dont or cant get a long combo, just make sure you end with a grab or an uppercut. you are not looking to defeat her, just take off more health than she takes of you.
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blackart1111 answered:

Quick 3 hit combo followed by an uppercut and i beat her every time.
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waschbaerjohann answered:

If Jade does a 3 hit combo OR 3 seperate hits, its up to you to score more or even damage with 3 hits, and it DOES NOT have to be a combo, so just uppercut her til she drops.
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