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Human versions of Cyrax and Sektor + fatalities...?

I was wondering, do the human versions of then have the same fatalities as the robotic versions? and also, when they have thier human alt costume, is thier blood still black?

okest3r_13 provided additional details:

Thanks... im glad they have normal blood in that form, but i bet it looks really odd when when human cyrax has a buzzsaw hand and human sektor shoots rockets out of his chest ;p

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acealexander702 answered:

When they're in their human form they have red blood, and yes they have the same fatalities and moves, but some just look different when executed, Cyrax and Sektor's human form are just alternate costumes, you can get them in the Krypt, only Cyber Sub-Zero is a completely separate character because he has 3 new moves than human Sub-Zero
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