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You've Got Style Trophy?

I have unlocked all the alternate costumes from the krypt (I opened up everything in the krypt 100%) and I also completed all challenges in the challenge tower and got Mileena's 3rd alternate outfit. How come I didn't get this trophy yet? Who else do I need to unlock a costume for? Kratos maybe?

Accepted Answer

Nezard answered:

You need Kratos alt which you get when you beat Ladder

Also, Cyber Sub Zero don't have an alt costume.
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TheGame50401 answered:

have u beaten the Ladder mode with Kratos yet? if not, then there it is, but I think the one you really need, is Cyber Sub-Zero's ALt.. Do him in LAdder, then it should appear...
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slade519 answered:

Cyber subzero doesn't have an alt costume, you do have to beat ladder with kratos though
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