Question from Bahgahyahduh

Robots Rule Trophy?

I beat the arcade tag team ladder with sektor and cyrax but I didn't get the trophy, can anyone tell me why?

Bahgahyahduh provided additional details:

Do you think it matters if I put it on needing one round to win the match? Cuz that's what I did last time

Accepted Answer

TrueNanaya answered:

Did you pick them as Robots and not their human alternates? The trophy says win as robot sektor and cyrax so you can't use the alt. outfit
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TheGame50401 answered:

Just restart your PS3 and put it on Beginner and do it again, make sure you use both of them if you haven't tagged in or out...
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RewardedHornet answered:

Actually,"TheGame50401" to get "Robots Rule" you have to defeat Shao Kahn with Cyrax and Sektor but it dosen't matter which robot kills him
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TheGame50401 answered:

@RewardedHornet, Duh, I already know you had to beat Shao Kahn, he's the top of the ladder, lol..... That was my first trophy
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