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How do I get past Challenge #300?

I am using the same strategies I used before against Goro and for some reason almost EVERY attack just wont phase him. I finally got past him once and then Kintaro was easy like always... then didn't have enough health to survive Melina... I can only imagine how bad Khan will be... Any tips or tricks... I use Ermac, Kitara, Striker and Scorpion.

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TheGame50401 answered:

Actually, if you want to make it easy, just lose ten times, and the comp's AI will lower dramtically and after you defeat each one, you'll regain some health as you didn't before, but you'll lose out on getting the 10k as a reward.... And use scorpion, and what I did, is stick close to the bigger guys and kept jumping over them and just uppercut him, then quickly use the Get over here attack, then again... hope this helps
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TrueNanaya answered:

This video shows a quick guide to winning in about 5 min.
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Stayphokus answered:

Use some one who teleports and has projectile
I beat it my first time with kung lao
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blackart1111 answered:

I used Smoke,he has many ways of dodging those guys.Or you could be cheap and use Kratos,his counterattack blocks any projectile they throw at you (including Kahns stun hammer).Its also very easy to kombo into and from arrows.
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TheGame50401 answered:

Yeah, I bet you did Stayphokus, you wanna know how I know you had to retry? Go to YOUTUBE and watch the health Bar, the health bar never regains some health unless you lose 10 times and let the AI drop..... Even the Best players died...
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