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X-Rays not working?

Has anyone else had a problem with the x-rays sometimes just phasing through the opponent like they're not there? No reason behind it, didn't block, didn't even move and was well within range. Seems to happen more often on bosses. Also the AI seems to have unlimited enhanced moves and breakers. Again happens more with bosses. Also noticed the AI can air block and we can't. So are these glitches or just douchebag programming?

Klokateer provided additional details:

Since some people didn't notice the 1st time I'll say it again. They did NOT block OR move and were within range. I already know how to do all the X-rays and that they can be blocked/dodged. My question referred to several situations where for no apparent reason they just didn't work.

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blackart1111 answered:

The boss characters flash yellow if you hit them in the middle of a move.Like when Kahn uses his hammer.You need to practice till you learn the opening in each ones attacks.If you wanna do it the easy way just stay close to them once you knock em down,then jump over him as he is getting up and hit with an uppercut.Doesn't always work but Kahn is cheap as heck any way you look at it.
The temporary knock-back invincibility is in there because their moves are slow as dirt and they would get owned without it.
Concerning the x-rays yea ive had it happen a few times like with Jade,She charges forward and Kahn does his shoulder ram.I take the damage,end up on his other side without hitting him and he is unharmed.I chalk that one up to bad luck really lol.
Hope this helps.Later. :)
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heinelkun answered:

X-rays active : press L2+R2 simultaneously when three bars are fullfiled
X-rays can be blocked by the enemy anyway.
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jonaldson answered:

Some can be blocked, some can't (Jax, Kano, etc). Cyber subzeros must be done in the air, all x-rays require the special move that triggers to land (the last hit in Sonya's case) for the x-ray to start.
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