Question from bigmane4

Asked: 3 years ago

Mortal Kombat with no PSN??

I was thinking of getting MK but I am worried about not being able to play it due to PSN being shut down... Anyone having problems running the game, obtaining trophies, or any other issues??? I know Online play will not work. But what about any sinle player issues or two player kombating issues (on same console)???

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From: jonaldson 3 years ago

Your concern shouldn't be that you won't get to play it online. Your concern should be playing it online against people who have been practicing with their favorite characters for two weeks while PSN is down. Ps3 has Kratos (powerful indeed, but a little slow), Kratos' stage (which has a pit fatality that will let you pick one of three ways to kill your opponent), 3-d (3-d tv needed) and everything else the x-box version has. It would be foolish to pass up the ps3 version, unless it's a month from now and PSN mysteriously is still not back up.

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There is no problems at all everything works fine.

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The PSN being down does not affect playing the game offline.

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