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I'm fighting that guy with the skull mask thing (this is my first MK game ive played I dont know his name) and cant beat him he is too hard. Anyone have a strategy? (im playing as lui ching or whatever the main dude from MK who wears red)

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Wasn't really trying to be funny but whatever...

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waschbaerjohann answered:

Jump away, spam low fireballs.
U will evade his projectiles, and its VERY unlikely he will do something else than throwing something at you.
Just be careful about his hammers, you have to time your shots perfectly to evade those while shooting.
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allanator1990 answered:

Keep your distance and spam projectiles
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cky_chaz answered:

Tertle, you are not funny.

Try returning the game, that should solve your problem.
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TheGame50401 answered:

Your best bet would be to use scorpion or cyrax, keep jumping over him and uppercut, then quickly release your net, and when he taunts, use net quick and get in a few combo's, if you have the X-ray bar filled, pick a good spot to use it, preffurably when you have him trapped in a net.... AND THIS IS FOR CKY_CHIZZ, OOPS, CHAZ.... DON'T BE HATIN ON SOMEONE THAT NEVER PLAYED THE GAME BEFORE, WHY DON'T YOU JUST GO BACK TO YOUR DONKEY KONG, I HEARD YUR HAVING TROUBLE REACHING THE PRINCESS AND JUMPIN OVER THOSE BARRELS...
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