Question from AngelKay311

Doesn't Scorpion have his flaming backflip kick?

I could have swore I saw Scorpions backlip kick being used in the game against me.
It's not in the moves list.
Am I losing my mind?


Bahgahyahduh answered:

It's not a special attack. Try each of his Kombo attacks, it's one of them. I've done it multiple times.
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Klokateer answered:

It's part of a kombo. Pretty sure it's f+2, 1, 4. Does decent damage for an easy kombo too. It's on the move list under kombos, can't remember the name tho.
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kingaimal answered:

My favorite move from scorpion i like it soo much its also shown in the intro of mortal kombat shaolin monks
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