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Shang Tsung??

I'd like to know why the Secret Jade battle never shows when I do as told in other questions, I don't lose battles on the way to him, I get double flawless victory and do the fatality on SHang Tsung, but still nothing happens, I've done as told 3 times already, but still no secret jade battle?? any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Accepted Answer

Broussegp answered:

Have you finished all the previous battles with a fatality ?
You have to.
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Nezard answered:

For my own experience try to fatality Shang Tsung and not a morphed character.
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Kage_SR answered:

From what I've read you just have to get a Double Flawless Victory and then finish off Shang Tsung with a Fatality. I find that hard enough to accomplish as it is.
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