Question from Pretz15

How do I beat Shao Khan with any character on ladder mode?

I've been trying with sub zero but I just can't fricken do it? Whats the easiest way to beat him? I'm playing on fricken easy and I still cant do it? Somebody please help me!!!!

Accepted Answer

sfctazzzz answered:

On easy he is quite simple. Since he thinks he is invincible he will taunt you often and that is when u strike. Do not try and battle him in close combat move as far away from him as possible. And then throw a projectile at him and duck his spears. If he gets to close jump over him and back up til he taunts u again. With subzero I would freeze him then us the slide. I hope this helps I have beat him with every character.
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waschbaerjohann answered:

I suggest u try to slide underneath the spears, if u manage to freeze him try jumping in with a air punch + uppercut for some damage.
But besides that the advice of sfctazzzz is good.
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blackart1111 answered:

If you time it right all you have to do is knock him down,then get close,as soon as he stands up jump over him and uppercut then repeat.Sometimes he'll cheap shot you with his hammer but on the whole ive found that this works.
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