Question from Pretz15

How do I beat Shao Kahn in the final battle with fricking Raiden?

Raiden does fricking shi shi!!! And Shao Khan just flipping rips me to shreds!!! I just tried all the other tips in the other questions but none of them help!

Accepted Answer

WoRdLiFe33100 answered:

Honestly, teleporting is your best friend in this fight. What I did was try and stay far away from him, and pelt him with lightning bolts. When he would throw the spear or hammer, I would teleport and do Square, Triangle, Electrocute, Electric Fly, then jump back and repeat the process. Timing is very key, because if you teleport too late, he can block your combo, which never ends well against Shao Khan. If you have a full Special Meter, using your X-Ray attack helps as well; you can start a combo and throw it in the middle to ensure it hits, or do it after a teleport dodging the spear or hammer.
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