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Asked: 3 years ago

YLOD worth for trophy?

I have the newer ps3 & I was wondering, someone said the easiest way to get the "my Kung Fu is strong & stronger" trophies is to do vs 2 v 2 and just leave your ps3 on for the 24hours & the 2 characters player 1 uses will count. But he was corrected saying you'll get the YLOD that way plus you have to do their x-rays & fatalities excluding the classic ones, I wanna know the real & easy way to get these trophies with no backfire like furthering the risk of the YLOD which I doubt happens to the newer ps3's but I could be wrong.

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From: eaoxcrawl 3 years ago

I just wanted to say is...I leave my PS3 system on all the time and I still not have as yet over heated it. I would say No worries unless your system isn't in a nice ventalated area.I had tried leaveing the system on w/ the two vs game. I think I may had forgotten to shut off the remote controller battery saver on. So after 10min or so the controller will shut off. I think that effected it from working.

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That is, by now the easiest way to achieve that throphy.
First thing to do is playing ladder or versus (with code for infinte super-meter) and perform all the xrays etc you need, then start the "leave the console" method.

The problem is, that your console may overheat.
To solve that, i would suggest leaving it on for an hour every now and then.

Needles to say that the trophy is stupid, and attempting to damage your system and pushing your electricity bill to the limit aint smart decisions either.

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YEah, there was another question like this, some stupid idiot is tellin everyone just to leave your PS3 running while your sleeping...... I told him, dude, no trophy is worth spending 150 bux to have your ps3 fixed by leaving it on to let it overheat, and it was foolish to even have an achievement like that to begin with, why not just make it 6 or 10 hrs...

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Leaving your PS3 on all day just for a trophy is insane. Just keep playing the game and eventually you will earn the trophy over time. Why do you have to get it right away?

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