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Hidden Jade Battle?

Does anybody have any tips on how to get a double flawless against shang tsung?? just like a spamming move with any character you've used or somethin?? ive got everything except this 1, no matter what the little F**ker always flukes at least 1 hit on me mainly in the 2nd round at the start with a cheeky fireball. Starting to really despise shang tsung now

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Yeh just after the trophy, couldnt care less about the actual hidden fight lol didnt think of shortening the timer though that might help, ive tried all spamming moves mainly with scorpion. also a pain when u get to the finish him screen and hes in some other fighters form as the game doesnt register a fatality on shang tsung unless hes in his own form. but i suppose thats just a matter of luck on the day whether or not he changes lol

Duddy87 provided additional details:

I've got the trophy now, i used the jump punch followed by the uppercut method with scorpion, i can confirm that apparently he doesnt have to be in his normal form as shang was in scorpions form when i did a fatality and i still got the hidden jade battle, not sure why some people havent been getting it whilst he isnt in his form, you might not have pulled off enough fatalities leading up to his fight??


kingkrown24 answered:

It's really quite simple, they even have a YouTube vid on it check my channel to find it. It's my name, but to put it short make sure you set it to 30 sec & beginner lvl cause you just want the trophy right? So getting a challenge from jade shouldn't matter cause she's hard enough unless you know how to play with whomever your good with. Just jump towards him, triangle then uppercut & repeat this since he rarely blocks & just wants to hit you. But if he does just go all out till it tell you to finish him then just go to pick your character & since you went to the finish him screen it doesn't count as a loss & I found this strategy easier with Ermac or Scorpion.
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waschbaerjohann answered:

I used Sektor for this one, hitting him with a big combo (40%) two times, then finished him with a teleport+ uppercut. He doesnt block, hes an easy target. BUT: He doesnt have to be in his normal form, as ive finished him while he was Jax and i still got to Jade.
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