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Where can I find other fatalities?

I just bought the game and noticed that people had only on fatality and the others were locked so how do i unlock those which are locked? Also whats a babality? My friend said its when u turn em into a baby but i dont believe him. Thirdly, why doesnt noob have ninja stars in this game???:(

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waschbaerjohann answered:

1) You unlock the 2nd fatality for every fighter in the krypt. NORMALLY. You can also go to the fatality tutorial and perform them there, if you know the button combinations, they will be unlocked this way.
2) Your friend is right, instead of killing the opponent, he gets turned into a baby instead. But you can only unlock these (plus the stage fatalities) if you perform them in a versus/ladder fight.
3) Noob did not have ninja stars in the first games where he originated from, and this should be a "old-school-mk", so they took them away.

Look around here for faqs/move lists, they have the button combinations listed.
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