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How do you get cyber sub zeros alternate color?

For any other character all you have to do is hit start while selecting their costume to get their alternate color but this does not work for cyber sub zero. does anybody know how to actually use his secondary color with out fighting himself?

Accepted Answer

SmokeRulz answered:

Hm, I was not aware of that 2P color trick when selecting their costumes. I like that they put that in there.

Regardless, I think the answer is that you cannot voluntarily pick to be Cyber Sub-Zero's 2P color when playing on your own. Since he does not have an alternate costume in the game, pressing Start on his portrait does not open up costume select, it just picks him with his normal costume/color. Being able to press Start when selecting a costume assumes you can even open up costume select in the first place. Since you can't do it with him, then you can't be his 2P color without actually picking him as 2P in a mirror match.
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