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How do I fight hidden jade in ladder?

I"m having trouble finding jade's secret battle. I've gotten through the tower without losing any rounds, got the double flawless on Shang Tsung, and performed both fatalities on him. All on Beginner and the game takes straight to Goro/Kintaro. Can anyone tell me what I"m doing wrong. Do breakers count as a hit even though I get the flawless after the match, or does Shang have to be Shang and not someone else when the round is over or when performing the fatality

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waschbaerjohann answered:

1) Difficulty of your choice
2) Never loose
3) Get as much finishers on your way to Shang as you can (try at least to perform the 4 finishers of your char once)
4) Double flawless + FATALITY on Shang Tsung

If you do this, you WILL fight Jade.

There are certain details on #3 that arent exactly clear to this point, but it wont hurt to finish your opponents. All i know is that finishers on regular opponents somehow affect Jades appearance.
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SmokeRulz answered:

You may need to do it on Medium difficulty or higher, much like when you attempt to Babality the bosses. Breakers shouldn't count as hits, and I don't think it matters if Shang is transformed or not.
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Silver_Dragon_ answered:

I did it on the easiest difficulty. The game took me to Goro's Lair, but then Jade appeared at the start of the next round and I fought her before Goro. So I fought Jade in Goro's Lair. Hope this helps.
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