Question from argouru

Asked: 3 years ago

Kenchi's Finishing moves?

Just got him, but can't figure out how to do any of his other finishing moves. Anyone got them figured out yet?

Accepted Answer

From: kingkrown24 3 years ago

Fatality1- up, down, up, down, R2 (sweep distance)
Fatality2- back, forward, down, forward, triangle (sweep distance)
Stage- down, forward, down, X (close range)
Babality- down, back, down, square (jump distance)

Note: this is for ps3 so I hope this helps & tell everyone! :D

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Submitted Answers


Fatality 1: Up, Down, Up, Down, Block (Sweep Distance)
Fatality 2: Back, Foward, Down, Forward, Triangle (Jump Distance)

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