Question from eaoxcrawl

Asked: 3 years ago

How to check Scarlets and Kenshi's Stats?

I was wondering whare or how can I check the stats for Scarlet and Kenshi and the other mystery charectors which are coming soon.? Would there be anything new in the Krypt for those charectors to unlock certain things like maybe the 2nd Fatality? or Extra costume if there is one for them?

Accepted Answer

From: SmokeRulz 3 years ago

For some reason, you can't check their stats. The DLC characters do not appear in the Nekropolis, and nothing has been added to the Krypt for them. I'm thinking this may have been deliberate on the developer's part, but I'm not sure why. They also do not have alternate costumes for some unknown reason.

You can still do their 2nd fatality, Stage fatality, or Babality by simply looking them up online and then doing them in-game. Krypt unlocking is not required for any of that for any character.

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u can check look at their bio's though if u go to somebody else's bio then go to player select it will let u see Skarlet and Kenshi's BIO!

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Yes, soulstone, that's how you see their bio and damage models. But there's no way to check their stats, as the asker wants to see.

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