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If it's been years since an earthrealm warriors got to goro, why does earthrealm still exist?

I thought they were fighting for the fate of earthrealm every tournament?

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SmokeRulz answered:

Not quite. It's established that Outworld needs to win 10 Mortal Kombats in a row in order to be granted permission to fully absorb Earthrealm. I'm not sure if they do a tournament every single year, but when this game (and the old MK1) starts, Outworld has won 9 in a row, dating back to when Goro killed the original Kung Lao. This tournament would be the 10th in a row, but Liu Kang spoils all of that and ruins Kahn's plans. The next tournament they do (based off of MK2) is from Shao Kahn's own proposal for a one-tournament winner-take-all deal.
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machao1394 answered:

Exactly what Smoke Rulz said, but the tournament is held every 500 years.
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