Question from mistychan

Asked: 3 years ago

Is there no VS mode?

Is there no way to do a single battle with an opponent of ones own choosing? I want to do some matches of my own choosing like in ALL OTHER FIGHTING GAMES. so far the only way i found was practice but you cant actualy finnish a practice match.

Additional details - 3 years ago

Yeah... Smoke Rulz and acealexander702 neither one of you awnsered my question. I said VS mode not multiplayer VS. mode. I mean Single player Vs. mode where you go up against the computer against characters of your choosing, which you can't do in fight mode.

Accepted Answer

From: 000111222333 3 years ago

No there is no way you can do that.... I tried everything

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Uh? Of course there's a Versus Mode. On the main menu, move your cursor up to where it says "1 Player" and move over. L or R should also work. You can fight the CPU in the "Fight" area as well.

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wow, why is this a big problem?! Just go to the top and highlight "1Player" at the main menu or simply push R1/L1, and guess what this Mortal Kombat has a 3 AND 4 PLAYER MODE! So the other fighting games can eat a d***

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