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Asked: 3 years ago

Practice Fatality mode, can you practice other fatalities other than your first?

On practice Fatality mode, can you practice other fatalities other than your first? Cause i unlocked new ones and i would love to get them right before playing people just not to perform any, bcs im having troubles wid sub zeros second one.

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So i do them there when they tell me to do the others?
or i select which one i want to do?

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From: AgentX1888 3 years ago

You can practice all fatalities in fatality training. You just do them if you know them. i.e. If your practing Scorpion it will say press forward,down,forward triangle, but you can do his Nether Gates one still by pressing back,forward,back,X touching distance even though it says to do his Split Decision one. No you can't choose one to have it put up on the screen. Also Babalities won't work as they aren't considered a Fatality. You have to practice those in regular fights.

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yup, but you dont get told what it is. once you enter in the "code" it becomes available. like Down Down Down Square

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Just choose the character that you want and do the other fatality. Look at your command list for the other button command and hint on range.

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You can do the second fatality even though it is not shown. you can not do babalities or stage fatalities.

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