Question from kingkrown24

Asked: 3 years ago

Hardest difficulty?

Which character would be most efficient to use for the hardest difficulty on the arcade ladder?

Accepted Answer

From: Kenou23201 3 years ago

Johnny cage, all his combos are easy to do, his red shadow kick deals massive dmg to shao kahn & stops him from throwing that damn hammer at you, his shoulder blocks are easy xray target moves & the jumping shoulder block takes massive dmg from the backflip/shadow uppercut combo, i got it on the 1st try when i first got the game, trying it with liu kang & raiden was hell though....27 tries between the both of them in the story

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I'd use a character that can either stall or freeze the opponent for a few seconds like, Sub-Zero, Cyrax, or even Kabal... I tried that level as soon as I opened it up, I couldn't get past the 1rst round, LoL....

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I used Scorpion to get through the ladder & then Cyrax (Teleport/uppercut combo) to beat

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