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Stage fatalities?

How do you get to use the characters stage fatalities????

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Varies on the stage, if the stage has an "uppercut" fatality, you have to be close & hold block then hit the command & let go of block as you are pushing the last button (i.e square, triangle, x, o, r2) and so on for the other fatalities

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What stages have stage fatalities?

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You won't find the commands for the stage fatalities anywhere in the game (except Nightwolf's stage fatality: one of the Challenge Tower levels has you use it). This site has FAQs/Move Lists that list every character's stage fatality. Once you use it in the game, it will be added to that character's move list. The distance says "varies," but I'm pretty sure that it's always touching (although I'm not 100% sure, some stages may have different distances). Also, you can only perform a stage fatality on certain stages: I forget which ones but I know that Subway, Street, and the Pit are 3 of them.

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Dead Pool, Hell, Living forest, The Pit (day & night), Street, and subway has them.

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