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Asked: 3 years ago

How does one finally unlock stage fatalities?

unlocked most of everyone fatalities (cant find Johnny Cage's secret fatality in the Krypt) but also dont know how or where to unlock stage fatalities. Cant find out how on any other site as well. Anyone out there done it yet and know what to do?

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From: TheGame50401 3 years ago

Johnny Cage's Secret Fatality is in ( DL 79 )...... ANd if you want a good list of Fatality's, go to they have a list of every characters fatality, babality, and stage fatality, but some are not shown on how to do them, but a good number of them are shown...

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Thanks TheGame, got JC's unlocked. Also looking for Kratos' 2nd and I'm golden. looks like stage Fatalities are unlocked in the Challenge tower. Thanks for your input.

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You will only find Extra Costumes and Extra Fatalities in the Krypt

I have been playing non stop and have seen that if you take your character through Ladder Mode and fight one of the 4 hidden characters (Smoke, Reptile, Jade, Noob), before you fight tham you will unlock the stage fatality. Before you fight them, hit start, go to move list and look.

I don't know how to unlock babalities yet. But if you look in Netkropolis and view the stats of each character you'll see you have to master moves etc. I bet once you master all of them you unlock something.

Also, I am 130 or so in the tower, I have performed stage fatalities with some characters but have not unlock them with that character.

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"You will only find Extra Costumes and Extra Fatalities in the Krypt"

False, extra costumes can be gotten by completing arcade ladder with a character.

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Kratos is the only character that you have get the extra costume through Arcade. If you find the Extra Costume Concept in the Krypt, then go to Nekropolis and choose that character it will give you the extra costume.

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Go Print out a copy of all of the alities from IGN or wher ever. As you peform these alities correctly they will unlock and show up in the move list. I only used this for Stage Fatalities and Babalities, and Scorpions 3rd Fatality.

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You need to visit Nekropolis to obtain a costume once you have purchased it from the Krypt. There are four areas in Krypt excluding Nekropolis where you can find all the Krypt items.

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Can you select an answer and close the question out please? Thanks

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