Question from kingkrown24

Asked: 3 years ago

Game knows you?

When I first played story & arcade ladder the guys were too easy but now that I replay it the coms block way too much & I know I didn't change the difficulty, does the game know your getting better hence the noobism in the cpu's?

Accepted Answer

From: pspistheking 3 years ago

It's not like the game know that are you improving your gameplay skills and turn more difficult, fitting to you.Is more like ,not the game because its just a blu-ray disc and no more data can be added,but to be more exactly, your PS3 is learning from you, to be more difficult to be beaten,it's a s simple as the game have a command that says to be not beaten in certain percents according to difficult level.This is no new topic.I remember since Mortal Kombat 2 SNES,the first time I played it I reached Shao Khan at first try,but after that the game turned impossible to me.But fortunately this MK difficult is still playable.

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