Question from zhftui

Asked: 3 years ago

How do I enable a stage fatality for Kratos?

I already know that every character has 3 fatalities, i already unlocked kratos's 2nd fatality, but how do i unlock a stage fatality for him? just i tried searching for it on the web but all i get is what the stage fatality looks like on his stage, any help wud b appreciated.

Accepted Answer

From: Klokateer 3 years ago

I had the same prob. it's down, down, down, X at 'touching' range.

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I'm not to sure, but the site I've been using to find fatalities says Kratos' Stage Fatality sequence is Down, Down, Forward X (A for 360), I haven't done this with Kratos yet but all the other fatalities on the site have been right so far

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in my kollectors book its listed as down down forward X and i can back this up as i have done it it works

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