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Asked: 3 years ago

Challenge Tower #134?

Hi, I am working on the challenges obviously, but for 134 I believe it is (the one where you have to defeat Kabal with Jax by using four specific throws), I cannot complete it no matter how hard I try because the @#&%ing B&st&rd Kabal will not jump at all. Period. I've wasted multiple hours and tries on this challenge and it's the only one so far I have skipped out of aggravation. Please any help would be awesomely appreciated.

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thanks, I'll give it a shot and see if it'll work... starting to get a little annoyed... LOL...

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From: TheGame50401 3 years ago

Try using the close ground slam to knock him into the air, thats how I had to do it.....

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Another thing you can try that works for just about everyone with an air throw is hitting the throw button immediately after connecting with a jump kick; if it's the Air Gotcha you need though, the close ground pound works, or his Chain of Command combo is a pop-up, so you can do that and catch them with the Air Gotcha.

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yep close ground pound is what I used.

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