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Asked: 3 years ago

What are characters saying? (deaf gamer)

I am a deaf gamer.
Unlike story mode, arcade mode does not have subtitles option. I want to know what characters are saying before the battle or during specific move if there are any.

I really want to know, it seems like they are saying cool lines.

I don't see any transcript out there for this.

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From: griglager 3 years ago

Liu Kang - Show me what you can do
Cyrax - Safties disabled; target mode engaged.
Sindel - You are pathetic and weak
Kabal - Let's see what you're made of
Sonya - I guess I'll have to do this the hard way
Scorpion - Vengence will be mine
Kung Lao - For the Shaolin!
Sheeva - For the Shokan
Sektor - I will show no mercy
Cyber Sub Zero - you are not so fearsome.
Shang Tsung - Your Soul Is Mine
Kitana - You will lean respect
Mileena - Let's dance!
Jade - This will be ease
Smoke - Where there is smoke, there is fire!
Raiden - Thunder Take you
Quan Chi - you will serve me in the Netherrealm!
Noob - Fear me
Johnny Cage - I make this look easy
Jax - Bring it!

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It's pretty standard stuff like:
Kratos: You will not see the end of this day.
Stryker: Police brutality, coming up!
Sub-Zero: This fight will be your last!
Sheeva: You will learn respect!
Sindel: You are pathetic and weak!
Nightwolf: Ancestors give me strength.
Ermac: We are many, you are but one

It's the same line every time and other than Scorpions "Get over here/Come here" with the spear move characters just say gibberish when doing moves.

Shao Kahn says "It's official... You suck" and similar things during his taunts.

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