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Asked: 3 years ago

Who is the best character?

I like Close Range, easy high damage combos that if i need to string I can. Also i prefer teleporters because of their ability to easily kill spammers. I will not play as Lui Kang or Kung Lao. Also a great thing would be someone who doesn't use a 1+2 move. Thanks in advance.

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Well, Sonya is pretty good, she can get in a 15-20 hit combo if you get a good start when u hit the Xray on your opponent..

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Based on what you've written, I would say Raiden.

He has the fastest Teleport in the game, as well as solid combos (FK, FK, BK, Superman).

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The best character in whole mortal kombat series is lui kang second scorpion i like them so especially which is the main hero of the game

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Sorry people i mean lui kang is the hero of the game

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