Question from Andriod1980

Asked: 3 years ago

What is the best strategy for Smokes Babality?

Can any one please tell me how to perform Smokes Babality for the playstation 3? The code that I have is "down, back, down, forward, down." I cant perform it no matter what I do.

Additional details - 3 years ago

I cant perform Smokes Babality on any stage. I can perform his fatilitys, and stage, just not the Babality.

Accepted Answer

From: waschbaerjohann 3 years ago

First of all: his correct input is DOWN, BACK, DOWN, FORWARD, DOWN.

Now, babalities are between jump distance and full screen, meaning a step back is more likeley to help than a step forward after a jump away. There are ppl who say it wont work if you block in the winning round, that you cant use xray in the winning round, or that you have to have a certain amount of health when performing it. None of that has been confirmed a 100% yet. Besides, these "rule(s)" only apply in player matches, meaning in ladder mode you can pull of a babality anytime it says finish him.

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Babalities can only be performed from Jump distance.

Also, are you doing this in Fatality Tutorial? If so, it will not work.

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First: "touch" the oponent.
Second: jump back.
Then do a little step Forward,
and try to press the combination in medium speed..
not too slow and not too fast.
(Important: Babality doesn't work in Fatality Tutorial)
Hope I helped.

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I forgot to mention this in my last post. You can only perform a Babality if you win your last round without blocking.

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