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Asked: 3 years ago


When are we going to skarlet in the eu store exactly please

i know its been delayed because some kind of issus but delayed until which day exactly please ?

Additional details - 3 years ago

Listen i have an eu account and i've got kenshi and rain but why i can't find skarlet yet
i need any reason to belive in but i can't srand sitting without knowing what's goin on

Additional details - 3 years ago

I did like u told me and what i found

1-compatibility pack2
2-compatibility pack3
3-mortal kombat klassic skins pack


Additional details - 3 years ago

I'll try my best but thank sorry if i bothered u out with me

Accepted Answer

From: waschbaerjohann 3 years ago

Errr, seriously, i dont know wtf is going on there.
Seems like they removed her from the store, but that would only be the case if she is isnt available to all users atm.
Create a new psn account, and check if she is available to you. Maybe try out another country (like GB, Austria, whatever) that you already have, and buy her from that account.
And if that doesnt help, ask a friend if he can create a new account, purchase her for you and then give you the account, you should be able to download her from the download history (i assume PSN offers something like that). If he cant, find someone who has another region than you are in (its all about trust here). If that ALSO fails, my last advice would be to contact your costumer support.

If all of this doesnt help you, i am really sorry because i seriously dont how to help you with your problem....

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Skarlet is available since end of June (i think 27th or so) for european store.
If you think of Freddy, he will be coming on tuesday (9th of august), but due to the store being updated on thursdays, it might take until then.

BTW if you are in germany you wont be getting any dlc without having a non-german account.
All DLC are available by now except Freddy who will be next week.

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I alredy have Freddy??

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Guess you got lucky about Freddy...
Listen, i (and a lot of others) have Skarlet for over a month now, i cant think of a reason why she isnt available to you. I dont use PSN so im sorry, but if there is another member here that could confirm her missing from the store now, its probably because someone at PSN or NRS messed up with something again....
When she was avialable, they had to take her off for a couple of days because of something like that, but she was regulary available since then.
If you go Extras-> Downloadable Content (ingame), is there no option to purchase Skarlet to you?
Also, is the compatibility pack 1 available to you?

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