Question from AnimeKid1089

Asked: 2 years ago

I have many questions... please help!?

1) Is it possible for two players to play as a team against A.I. or other players? Like, can 1st player play as one tag character while 2nd player plays as the other tag character on the same team?

2) Can all 4 people play on the same console?

3) What's this "social messaging" thing for? What does it do? And what does it mean it will post an update when... you know?

4) Don't you think Shao Kahn is cheap? How do I beat him?

Accepted Answer

From: CaioNV 2 years ago

1) Yes, go to 2 player them find something like "tag tower". However, there's no versus mode, you can't chose your opponents

2) Yes, up to 4 players! Just go on "4 players"

4) I don't find Shao Kahn cheap, the thing is, he is a BOSS, normal strategy will fail terribly against him. I oftem dash near him and... Block high. He only has one low attack and only one unblockebale. If you see he will do his low attack, just duck, if he will throw his ublockable hammer, duck, release block and kick. After his attack is blocked, unleash a great combo and repeat.

Sorry but I don't know the answer to question 3, with seens to be the main question there...

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