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Can I Skip level 300 in the tower to unlock Mileena's Fleshpit Costume? Answered 1
Can u unlock classic costumes for any characters besides Scorpion? Answered 3
Character select screen? Answered 3
Costumes? Answered 2
Does anybody want Jade's classic costume?? I'll trade it for another classic costume code. Open 5
Does Kratos have an alternate costume? Answered 7
How can I get Babalities? Answered 9
How can one unlock and use alternate costumes? Answered 6
How do i use kombat codes? Answered 1
How do you unlock Shao Kahn, Goro and Kintaro? Answered 5
How exactly do you get Mileenas third costume? Answered 2
How is that I saw a trailer on game spot featuring shao khan doing a fatalitty? & they say he's not playable?? Answered 9
How to unlock Kratos? Answered 2
I need fast cash? Answered 5
Is there an alt. costume for any of the DLC characters? Open 2
Is there another secret fight? Open 2
Klassic Fatalities? Open 12
Kratos's items in the Krypt? Answered 1
Kratos's Secret fatality and costume? Answered 2
Question about hidden fatalities? Answered 1
Rains Fatality? Open 1
Reptile's 3rd custom ??? Open 1
Retro costumes? Answered 2
Scorpion's classic costume and fatality not working? Answered 3
Secret Characters?! Answered 2
What must I do to get the Kollectibles for each character? Open 1
When is the new DLC coming? Answered 2
Where can I find (fatality)? Answered 3
Where can I find (MK1 alternate costume )? Answered 1
Where can I find Klassic fighters? Open 3
Where can I find other fatalities? Answered 1
Where can I find Quan Chi? Open 1
Where can I find reptile dlc fatality? Open 6
Where can I find Smoke and Kung Lao's costumes? Answered 2
Where can I find the Green beetles? Answered 6
Where can I find THE KRYPT ? Answered 2
Why cant i do any stage fatalities? Open 3
why cant I do cyber sub zero's x-ray move? Answered 2
Why cant I do stage fatalities? Answered 2
Why isn't my sheeva stage fatility working? Answered 1
Strategy Help status answers
A 10-hit scorpion? Answered 2
Anyone wanna compare trophies? Answered 2
Boss babalities help? Answered 7
Challenge #275: Army of what? Easiest way to complete this challenge? Open 2
Change in controls? Open 2
Checking Stats? Answered 1
Cyber Sub-Zero x-ray move? Answered 2
Different ways to use X rays and to avoid being hit? Answered 4
Doesn't Scorpion have his flaming backflip kick? Open 3
Easy Fatalities Option? Answered 2
Fatality help? Open 5
Fatality Problem? Open 1
Finish him Kano? Answered 3
Finish what you start trophy help? Answered 1
Game knows you? Answered 1
Hardest difficulty? Answered 3
How do I perform Skarlet's hidden fatalities? Answered 2
How do you do Kratos's dash cancel technique? Open 1
How do you perform a breaker? Answered 2
How to use this fiery uppercut w/o using enhanced bar? Answered 2
I unlocked 2nd fatalities but they dont work? Answered 14
Is their a way to make bosses do their fatalities? Answered 1
Is there a way to perform a Babality on Goro or Kintaro? Answered 1
Is there anyway to RUN in this game? Answered 1
Johnny cage x-ray? Answered 3
Kung Fu 24hour? Answered 1
Master a fighter? Answered 1
Mastery trophy? Open 7
Noob on baby? Answered 1
Rep & Sub? Answered 3
Scorpian stage fatality? Open 6
Shang tsung help ? Open 2
Shang Tsung Morph List? Open 2
Smoke's shake ability?? Answered 1
Spinal smash? Answered 3
Stage distances? Open 5
Stage fatalities? Open 3
Trouble with Rain's babality? Answered 3
Ultimate Respect points? Open 2
We are many, get ova here? Answered 1
What do the numbers mean on the babalities? Answered 4
What is Kitana's babaility? Answered 5
What is the best situation to successfully impale a sai on the back of the opponent? Open 1
What is the best strategy for combos? Answered 1
What is the best strategy for Smokes Babality? Answered 4
What is the best strategy in using the stance button? Open 2
What is the proven way to perform Scorpion's classic fatality? Answered 1
What's the timing for the 'Enhanced Attacks'? Open 3
Who has the fastest wake up and overhead? Answered 2
Who is the best character? Open 4
X-Rays not working? Answered 3
Technical Help status answers
Anyone having trouble with someone's xray? *spoilers* Answered 1
Anyone knows how to unlocked kratos alternate costume? iam stuck Answered 1
Can I play with my friend back home online on the same tag team? Open 2
Custom Soundtrack?? Open 1
Does anyone else have this problem? Open 1
Does MORTAL KOMBAT 2011 (For PS3) Support 1080P Resolution? Answered 4
Downloaded the update and now i can't get passed the start screen? Answered 2
Freddy Krueger Arcade Help? Answered 1
Friend Leaderboard? Open 1
How can we play properly online? Open 1
How to activate Stereoscopic 3D? Answered 2
How to check Scarlets and Kenshi's Stats? Answered 3
How to use screen codes? Open 2
I can't do a simple combo...? Open 3
I can't get online and the start menu keeps freezing. Please help!!!? Open 2
If I get klassic costumes from american store, will they work with EU-version game? Answered 1
Is the release of this game canceled? Open 3
Kombat Kode not working? Answered 1
My Controller is de-synchronized? Open 1
My DLC Characters Dessapeared???? Open 1
My game keeps freezing? Answered 1
Online not working? Answered 1
Private Match Problem? Answered 1
Second fatality ? Open 1
There are 2 kratos in left and right beneath character menu selection,but i can not select kratos in right side...why? Answered 1
Thought psn was down? Answered 1
Unnable to play online? Open 1
voice chat(PS3)? Answered 1
When? Answered 4
Why does my PS3 keep freezing)? Unanswered 0
Why does my system keeps restarting automatically if i try to update the game? Answered 1
Why does the game keep Freezing while i am logged into PSN? Answered 1
Why does the game keep telling me Error 80710723? Answered 1
Why does the game keep telling me player setting was created by another user? Open 2
Why does the game keep telling me the server is unavailble?? HELP! Open 3
Why have I not gotten the Block This! Trophy? Answered 2
Why is there so many Glitches in the Game? Open 4
YLOD worth for trophy? Answered 4
Other Help status answers
(about) How many alternate costumes does each character have? Answered 1
2nd players Fatalities? Open 1
Any other way to get Pre-order Costumes? Answered 4
Any secret costume's? Open 2
Arcade Champion Trophy? Answered 1
Arcade stick ? Answered 2
Are bosses unlockable for arcade tower? Answered 5
are Friendships in MK again? Open 3
Can someone give me a list of all the stages I can perform stage fatality's on? Answered 1
Can you create your own charicter? Answered 3
Can You Turn Off The Blood And Gore? Open 3
Can you watch the CPU battle itself? Open 2
Cant play online? Open 4
Conditions for secret ladder mode challenges? Open 3
Created fighter? Answered 1
Cyber Sub Zero alternate costume? Answered 2
DLC Character? Open 1
DLC characters? Open 4
DLC preferences? Answered 1
Do you need to buy a fatality before you can use it? Open 2
Does anybody wanna share? Answered 2
Does Cyber Sub-Zero have a 2nd costume? Answered 2
Does one mortal kombat pass work on all accounts?... Answered 1
Does Sindel have her crazy hair attacks again? Answered 1
Does Subzero's slide go under all projectiles? Open 3
Dose this game have profiles like Armagodon or Deception? Answered 1
Even Better way to get MORE koins? Open 4
Fatalities? Answered 2
Fatality????? Open 9
Fear Kratos Color Difference? Answered 1
Freddy bio? Open 1
Freddy Krueger...babied? Answered 1
Help Any one stage Fatality proplem ????? Answered 1
Hidden Cursor? Answered 1
Hidden players? Answered 6
How can i have Scorpion's and Sub-Zero's MK1 costume? Open 3
How can i unluck? Answered 3
How can you do a babality? Answered 7
How do I defeat "Spammers" online? Open 1
How do i do johnny cages pit stage fatality? Answered 1
How do i do kung lao & cyber sub zero babality? Answered 1
How do I enable a stage fatality for Kratos? Answered 3
How do I get the devotion time to go faster? Answered 5
How do I select new outfits for my characters? Answered 2
How do I unlock the stage and babality's for characters? Answered 1
How do u unlock the ??? on Open 2
How do you change your "Avatar" on the King of the Hill mode online? Answered 1
How do you gain mastery of a fighter? Answered 1
How do you get cyber sub zeros alternate color? Answered 1
How does one finally unlock stage fatalities? Answered 7
How many fighters will be on the final copy of the game? Answered 4
How much is Dlc ? Answered 1
How much memory? Answered 1
How the? Answered 2
How to change character costumes? Answered 1
how to get Cyber Smoke? Answered 2
How to unlock two player versus? Open 2
Human versions of Cyrax and Sektor + fatalities...? Answered 1
I cant do any of the special moves ? Open 2
I had paid 50,000 coins at last tower number #300, but the game is not working and stop after i paid... why? Answered 2
I have many questions... please help!? Answered 1
If I download a character with one user account, can I use it with others? Open 1
Is all the classic customs come out for all the characters? Open 5
Is shang tsung awful to you? Answered 2
Is there a list of conditions for xrays? Open 1
Is there a way to skip the cutscenes in story mode? Answered 1
Is there no VS mode? Answered 3
Jades secret fight? Open 3
Kenchi's Finishing moves? Answered 2
Klassic costumes ? Open 1
Klassic Kostumes? Open 1
Know any other Game like MK w/ Fatalities? Open 3
Kombat pass? Open 1
Kratos pit fatality not working?? Answered 1
Krypt monster? Answered 8
Ladder Master Trophy? Open 1
Less coins when playing story mode over again? Open 1
Mastering Characters? Open 2
Mastery - Gain "play time" for 4 fighters at once? Open 1
Missing Fatalty List? Answered 2
Mk HD? Open 2
Mortal Kombat DLC how come not working? Help! Open 2
Mortal Kombat with no PSN?? Answered 3
My Kung Fu is Strong trophy? Answered 2
No opening video? Answered 2
Online Battles? Open 1
Online multiplayers? Open 3
Online not working ? Open 3
Over heating of my system? Open 1
Patch Update?? Open 2
Playable characters? Open 4
Playing as Boss Kharacters? Answered 1
Please someone?... Answered 1
Practice Fatality mode, can you practice other fatalities other than your first? Answered 4
Problem With DLC ??? Answered 4
Robots Rule Trophy? Answered 4
Screwed out of koins???? Open 2
Secret Battle conditions? Answered 4
Should I play any other MK besides MK9? Unanswered 0
Should I play any other MK? Unanswered 0
Sindel hair whip video? Open 3
Story Mode Trophy, Does Difficulty Matter? Answered 1
Stupid PSN? Open 1
Tag team online? Answered 2
The Worst Manuel Ever? Answered 6
There is no way to see Skarlet status on nekropolis? Answered 1
This Face appeared while i was fighting...? Answered 1
This game worth the money? Open 4
Throwing Encouraged? Answered 1
Ultimate humilation trophy? Answered 2
Unlock Secret Battle Costumes? Answered 1
Voucher activation problem? Answered 1
Vs. mode 2nd player moves list? Open 3
Vs. mode problem with fatality? Open 1
Web Kode? Answered 1
What are characters saying? (deaf gamer) Answered 2
What does ???????? Tournament mode do????? Open 1
what does the Sans Power kombat kode do exactly? Answered 1
What is DLC? Open 2
What is the difference between Quan Chi's Trance and Mesmerize? Answered 1
What types of games can you play with 4 players? Answered 1
When Sub-Zero crushes an organ in his X-ray, that organ was the liver, right? Open 3
When will the DLC items be available.? Answered 2
Where do I find the DLC code for Scorpion? My receipt? Answered 4
Where's Kenshi and the women in red? Answered 1
Which stages have "Stage" Fatalities? Answered 2
Who has a teleport if you parry attack? Open 1
Who is the closest to Sindel's fighting style? Answered 1
Why are there 2 Kratos? Open 2
Why do so many people hate the 3D movement games? Answered 6
Why does Liu Kang die in the cheapest ways lol? Answered 3
Why don't all klassic fatalities work? Answered 3
Why isn't Freddy in the Necropolis? Open 3
Will the end stories be comic book style or an animated video? Answered 3
Will the pre-order bonuses be made into dlc? Answered 1
You've Got Style Trophy? Answered 3

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