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(about) How many alternate costumes does each character have? 1
Any other way to get Pre-order Costumes? 4
Arcade Champion Trophy? 1
Arcade stick ? 2
Are bosses unlockable for arcade tower? 5
Can someone give me a list of all the stages I can perform stage fatality's on? 1
Can you create your own charicter? 3
Created fighter? 1
Cyber Sub Zero alternate costume? 2
DLC preferences? 1
Does anybody wanna share? 2
Does Cyber Sub-Zero have a 2nd costume? 2
Does one mortal kombat pass work on all accounts?... 1
Does Sindel have her crazy hair attacks again? 1
Dose this game have profiles like Armagodon or Deception? 1
Fatalities? 2
Fear Kratos Color Difference? 1
Freddy Krueger...babied? 1
Help Any one stage Fatality proplem ????? 1
Hidden Cursor? 1
Hidden players? 6
How can i unluck? 3
How can you do a babality? 7
How do i do johnny cages pit stage fatality? 1
How do i do kung lao & cyber sub zero babality? 1
How do I enable a stage fatality for Kratos? 3
How do I get the devotion time to go faster? 5
How do I select new outfits for my characters? 2
How do I unlock the stage and babality's for characters? 1
How do you change your "Avatar" on the King of the Hill mode online? 1
How do you gain mastery of a fighter? 1
How do you get cyber sub zeros alternate color? 1
How does one finally unlock stage fatalities? 7
How many fighters will be on the final copy of the game? 4
How much is Dlc ? 1
How much memory? 1
How the? 2
How to change character costumes? 1
how to get Cyber Smoke? 2
Human versions of Cyrax and Sektor + fatalities...? 1
I had paid 50,000 coins at last tower number #300, but the game is not working and stop after i paid... why? 2
I have many questions... please help!? 1
Is shang tsung awful to you? 2
Is there a way to skip the cutscenes in story mode? 1
Is there no VS mode? 3
Kenchi's Finishing moves? 2
Kratos pit fatality not working?? 1
Krypt monster? 8
Missing Fatalty List? 2
Mortal Kombat with no PSN?? 3
My Kung Fu is Strong trophy? 2
No opening video? 2
Playing as Boss Kharacters? 1
Please someone?... 1
Practice Fatality mode, can you practice other fatalities other than your first? 4
Problem With DLC ??? 4
Robots Rule Trophy? 4
Secret Battle conditions? 4
Story Mode Trophy, Does Difficulty Matter? 1
Tag team online? 2
The Worst Manuel Ever? 6
There is no way to see Skarlet status on nekropolis? 1
This Face appeared while i was fighting...? 1
Throwing Encouraged? 1
Ultimate humilation trophy? 2
Unlock Secret Battle Costumes? 1
Voucher activation problem? 1
Web Kode? 1
What are characters saying? (deaf gamer) 2
what does the Sans Power kombat kode do exactly? 1
What is the difference between Quan Chi's Trance and Mesmerize? 1
What types of games can you play with 4 players? 1
When will the DLC items be available.? 2
Where do I find the DLC code for Scorpion? My receipt? 4
Where's Kenshi and the women in red? 1
Which stages have "Stage" Fatalities? 2
Who is the closest to Sindel's fighting style? 1
Why do so many people hate the 3D movement games? 6
Why does Liu Kang die in the cheapest ways lol? 3
Why don't all klassic fatalities work? 3
Will the end stories be comic book style or an animated video? 3
Will the pre-order bonuses be made into dlc? 1
You've Got Style Trophy? 3

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