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2nd players Fatalities? Open 1
Any secret costume's? Open 2
are Friendships in MK again? Open 3
Can You Turn Off The Blood And Gore? Open 3
Can you watch the CPU battle itself? Open 2
Cant play online? Open 4
Conditions for secret ladder mode challenges? Open 3
DLC Character? Open 1
DLC characters? Open 4
Do you need to buy a fatality before you can use it? Open 2
Does Subzero's slide go under all projectiles? Open 3
Even Better way to get MORE koins? Open 4
Fatality????? Open 9
Freddy bio? Open 1
How can i have Scorpion's and Sub-Zero's MK1 costume? Open 3
How do I defeat "Spammers" online? Open 1
How do u unlock the ??? on Open 2
How to unlock two player versus? Open 2
I cant do any of the special moves ? Open 2
If I download a character with one user account, can I use it with others? Open 1
Is all the classic customs come out for all the characters? Open 5
Is there a list of conditions for xrays? Open 1
Jades secret fight? Open 3
Klassic costumes ? Open 1
Klassic Kostumes? Open 1
Know any other Game like MK w/ Fatalities? Open 3
Kombat pass? Open 1
Ladder Master Trophy? Open 1
Less coins when playing story mode over again? Open 1
Mastering Characters? Open 2
Mastery - Gain "play time" for 4 fighters at once? Open 1
Mk HD? Open 2
Mortal Kombat DLC how come not working? Help! Open 2
Online Battles? Open 1
Online multiplayers? Open 3
Online not working ? Open 3
Over heating of my system? Open 1
Patch Update?? Open 2
Playable characters? Open 4
Screwed out of koins???? Open 2
Sindel hair whip video? Open 3
Stupid PSN? Open 1
This game worth the money? Open 4
Vs. mode 2nd player moves list? Open 3
Vs. mode problem with fatality? Open 1
What does ???????? Tournament mode do????? Open 1
What is DLC? Open 2
When Sub-Zero crushes an organ in his X-ray, that organ was the liver, right? Open 3
Who has a teleport if you parry attack? Open 1
Why are there 2 Kratos? Open 2
Why isn't Freddy in the Necropolis? Open 3

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