• Hidden King of the Hill Avatar Moves

    Hidden King of the Hill Avatar Moves During theater mode of any King of the Hill match (as a spectator), highlight your avatar and press the "X" button. To bring up the Avatar Move menu. Once the menu is up, preform the desired directional combo.

    #1 PointDown, Up, Triangle
    "$%#&!"Up, Up, Circle
    "FATALITY"Up, Up, Right, Right, square
    "FIGHT!Left, Right, square
    "Finish Him!"Left, Right, Left, Right, triangle
    "HA!"Down, Up, Down, X
    "I'm Not Worthy"Down, Down, triangle
    Big ClapRight, Up, triangle
    CheeseLeft, Up, Down, circle
    Cover FaceLeft, Right, circle
    Devil HornsDown, Up, square
    Diamond UpUp, Down, Left, triangle
    Double Devil Horns Towards Screen.Up, Down, triangle
    Gather IceRight, Right, Right, Left, triangle
    Hold up a Skunkleft, right, up, up X
    HopUp, Up, square
    LighterDown, Down, Up, Up, square
    PointRight, Right, square
    Raiden PoseLeft, Left, Right, Right, square
    Shake HeadLeft, Right, X
    Skunk (Stench)Up, Down, Down, circle
    SleepDown, Down, Down, circle
    Stink WaveRight, Left, circle
    Throw TomatoDown, Down, Down, Up, X

    Contributed By: Encephlon and Malikishtel.

  • Selecting Original / Classic MK Stage Music

    During Player Select, go to the Arena Select Menu, and hit the Start button on the arena music you want to select. You should hear the announcer laugh, which indicates that you have chosen to switch the default stage theme back to it's original arcade tune.

    Contributed By: RTorrez.


  • Vs Screen Codes

    At the versus screen before the match starts, Player 1 enters the first 3 digits while Player 2 enters the last 3.

    Armless KombatP1: 9-1-1 P2: 9-1-1
    Blocking DisabledP1: 0-2-0 P2: 0-2-0
    Breakers DisabledP1: 0-9-0 P2: 0-9-0
    Dark KombatP1: 0-2-2 P2: 0-2-2
    Double DashP1: 3-9-1 P2: 1-9-3
    Dream KombatP1: 2-2-2 P2: 5-5-5
    Enhance Moves DisabledP1: 0-5-1 P2: 1-5-0
    Explosive KombatP1: 2-2-7 P2: 2-2-7
    Foreground Objects DisabledP1: 0-0-1 P2: 0-0-1
    Headless KombatP1: 8-0-8 P2: 8-0-8
    Health RecoveryP1: 0-1-2 P2: 0-1-2
    Hyper FightingP1: 0-9-1 P2: 0-9-1
    Invisible KombatP1: 7-7-0 P2: 7-7-0
    Jumping DisabledP1: 8-3-1 P2: 8-3-1
    Klassic Music Turns on the stage's classic music (from previous MK titles).P1: 1-0-1 P2: 1-0-1
    Kombos DisabledP1: 9-3-1 P2: 9-3-1
    No BloodP1: 9-0-0 P2: 9-0-0
    Player 1 Half HealthP1: 1-1-0 P2: 0-0-0
    Player 1 Quarter HealthP1: 2-2-0 P2: 0-0-0
    Player 2 Half HealthP1: 0-0-0 P2: 1-1-0
    Player 2 Quarter HealthP1: 0-0-0 P2: 2-2-0
    Power Bars DisabledP1: 4-0-4 P2: 4-0-4
    Psycho KombatP1: 7-0-7 P2: 7-0-7
    Quick Uppercut RecoveryP1: 3-0-3 P2: 3-0-3
    Rainbow KombatP1: 2-3-4 P2: 2-3-4
    Random Phrase 1 “Don't defend in a temple corrupted with shadow.”P1: 7-1-7 P2: 3-1-3
    Random Phrase 2 “The krypt walls hold secrets.”P1: 4-4-8 P2: 8-4-4
    Random Phrase 3 “What lurks at the bottom of The Pit?”P1: 1-2-2 P2: 2-2-1
    Random Phrase 4 “?SUNOB YTSAOT”P1: 0-0-9 P2: 0-0-9
    Random Phrase 5 “Who hides in the forest?”P1: 5-5-0 P2: 0-5-5
    Random Phrase 6 “Motaro Transformation?”P1: 0-3-1 P2: 1-3-0
    Random Phrase 7 “She waits for you at the top of the tower…”P1: 2-8-2 P2: 2-8-2
    Random Phrase 8 “Thanks for karing!”P1: 1-2-3 P2: 9-2-6
    Sans PowerP1: 0-4-4 P2: 4-4-0
    Silent KombatP1: 3-0-0 P2: 3-0-0
    Specials DisabledP1: 7-3-1 P2: 7-3-1
    Super RecoveryP1: 1-2-3 P2: 1-2-3
    Throwing DisabledP1: 1-0-0 P2: 1-0-0
    Throwing EncouragedP1: 0-1-0 P2: 0-1-0
    Tournament ModeP1: 1-1-1 P2: 1-1-1
    Unlimited Super MeterP1: 4-6-6 P2: 4-6-6
    Vampire KombatP1: 4-2-4 P2: 4-2-4
    X-Rays DisabledP1: 2-4-2 P2: 2-4-2
    Zombie KombatP1: 6-6-6 P2: 6-6-6

    Contributed By: JAGTxelUM, Toasty316, and Jay FNG Philbrook.


  • Secret Battles

    These secret battles can only be unlocked in Arcade Mode.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Secret "Jade" BattleGet a double flawless victory and perform a fatality on Shang Tsung when battling against him.
    Secret "Noob Saibot" BattleWhen you see Noob in "The Temple" stage's background win that battle without using the R2 (Block) button.
    Secret "Reptile" BattleOn "The Pit 2 (Night)" stage wait until a shadowy figure flies across the moon, then get a double flawless victory and perform a stage fatality.
    Secret "Smoke" BattleOn "The Living Forest" stage wait until Smoke appears behind one of the trees. On that moment press Down + Select repeatedly.

    Contributed By: JAGTxelUM.

  • Unlock Kratos' Fear Costume

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Unlock Kratos Alternate CostumePlay through Ladder Mode and beat Shao Kahn with Kratos to unlock his Fear costume,

    Contributed By: Maelstrom52.

  • Unlockables

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Mileena's Fleshpit Costume (Third costume)Complete the last level (Level 300) of the Challenge Tower.
    Play as Cyber Sub-ZeroComplete Chapter 13 in Story Mode. From then on he will be selectable on the Character Selection screen.
    Play as Quan ChiComplete all chapters in Story Mode. From then on he will be selectable on the Character Selection screen.

    Contributed By: JAGTxelUM.


  • Trophies

    A For EffortComplete Tutorial ModeBronze
    Arcade ChampionComplete Arcade Ladder with All FightersSilver
    Back In Time...Complete Story Mode 100%Silver
    Best...Alternate...Ever!Unlock Mileena's 3rd Alternate CostumeBronze
    Block This!Perform a 10-hit combo with any fighterBronze
    Brotherhood of ShadowDiscover and fight Hidden Kombatant 4 in Arcade LadderBronze
    Cold FusionUnlock Hidden Fighter "Cyber Sub-Zero"Bronze
    Complet-alityPerform 1 of each type of "-ality"Bronze
    Cyber ChallengerComplete 100 Online MatchesBronze
    Dim Mak!Complete all Test Your Strike mini-game challengesBronze
    Don't Jump!Win A Ranked Online Match without jumpingBronze
    e-X-cellent!Successfully land every playable fighter's X-RayBronze
    Fatality!Perform a Fatality!Bronze
    Finish Him?Perform any fighter's hidden finishing moveBronze
    Finish What You Start!Perform a Fatality with all playable fightersSilver
    Halfway There!Complete Story Mode 50%Bronze
    Hide and SeekDiscover and fight Hidden Kombatant 2 in Arcade LadderBronze
    HumiliationGet a Flawless Victory in an Online MatchBronze
    I 'Might' Be the StrongestComplete all Test Your Might mini-game challengesBronze
    I'm Not Dead Yet!Comeback with under 10% health in an Online Ranked MatchSilver
    Ladder MasterComplete Arcade Ladder on max difficulty without using a continueBronze
    License to KillComplete Fatality TrainerBronze
    Luck Be A LadyGet all MK Dragons in Test Your LuckBronze
    My Kung Fu Is StrongGain Mastery of 1 FighterSilver
    My Kung Fu Is StrongerGain Mastery of All FightersGold
    Outstanding!Win 10 Ranked Online Matches in a rowSilver
    Pit MasterDiscover and fight Hidden Kombatant 3 in Arcade LadderBronze
    Platinum TrophyYou've unlocked all Trophies!Platinum
    Quan-TeaseUnlock Hidden Fighter "Quan Chi"Bronze
    Robots Rule!Win Arcade Tag Ladder with robot Sektor and CyraxBronze
    Tag, You're It!Perform and land a Tag ComboBronze
    The CompetitorComplete 200 Versus matches (online OR offline)Silver
    The GrapplerPerform every fighter's forward and backwards throwsBronze
    The Krypt KeeperUnlock 100% of the KryptSilver
    There Can Be Only One!Win 10 king of the hill Matches in a rowSilver
    There Will Be Blood!Spill 10000 pints of bloodSilver
    These Aren't My Glasses!Complete all Test Your Sight mini-game challengesBronze
    Throws Are For ChampsPerform 8 throws in an Online Ranked MatchBronze
    Tough Guy!Win an Online MatchBronze
    Tower ApprenticeComplete 25 Tower missionsBronze
    Tower MasterComplete all Tower missionsSilver
    Turtle!Win both rounds with timer running out in an Online Ranked MatchSilver
    Ultimate HumiliationPerform every fighter's hidden finishing moveSilver
    Ultimate Respect!Earn 2500 Respect Points via king of the hill MatchesBronze
    UndertakerUnlock 50% of the KryptBronze
    Wavenet...Win 100 total Online MatchesSilver
    What Does This Button Do??Complete Arcade Ladder without blocking (allowed to continue)Bronze
    Where's The Arcade?Complete Arcade Ladder with Any FighterBronze
    You Found Me!Discover and fight Hidden Kombatant 1 in Arcade LadderBronze
    You Will Learn Respect!Earn 1000 Respect Points via king of the hill MatchesBronze
    You've Got Style!Unlock all Alternate CostumesSilver

    Contributed By: R351D3NT3V1L4.


  • Boss Character Babalities

    To execute a Babality on a boss character, do the following: Goro/Kintaro: 1) Play at Medium difficulty or higher 2) Lose no matches (individual rounds are ok, but NO continuing!) 3) Perform a Babality on Shang Tsung 4) Do not use the block button at all in the last round of the fight with Goro/Kintaro 5) Babality will automatically activate upon your winning the match Shao Khan 1) Play at Medium difficulty or higher 2) Lose no matches (individual rounds are ok, but NO continuing!) 3) Perform a Babality on ALL characters along the ladder, including Shang Tsung and Goro/Kintaro 4) Do not use the block button at all in the last round of the fight with Shao Khan 5) Babality will automatically activate upon your winning the match

    Contributed By: bcp550.

  • Select alternate colors for characters' costumes

    Highlight the character you want to play as and press "Start." Pressing "X" will give you the original color (for example, Scorpion's standard yellow color) and pressing "Start" again will give you the alternate color (for example, Scorpion's alternate orange color).

    Contributed By: Shaqjuice.

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