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How do I beat Nobunaga?

He keeps coming back to life every time I defeat him. Is there a trick to beating him?

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rando97 answered:

The goal is to take out the Enemy Camps before he "sacrifices" them. You will see an icon on the minimap that is blinking. You have a limited time to reach the camp and destroy it before it disappears and adds an extra life to Nobunaga. He seems to always claim the first camp no matter what so you would have to at least kill him twice. To get an idea on how many lives he has, look at those pillars surrounding him. If they have a black and red flame, that is an extra life. But also remember that the camps in this level can be reclaimed. So if you rush and miss an enemy commander, they may take the camp back and Nobunaga might get another extra life.
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MRLoki3 answered:

The number of times you let him get a camp due to the weird spell is the number of times he's going to ressurect, if you lose 2 camps - 1 from the video and 1 from being slow, he's going to ressurect twice before you can finaly kill him. Note that the last form is a lot harder to beat because he summons a weird red phantom xD
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Ziakel answered:

Despite how many time he comes back. You can try to play as Fuma Kotaro. I found out that his counter(L1+Triangle) follow up with shuriken is the most effective for me. All you have to do is to time it right and having Matsu as an assist helps too. :)
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