• Afternate Costumes

    Beat Story Mode with a character to unlock his/her alternate costume

    Contributed By: TRin12.

  • Extreme Difficulty (Japanese version only)

    Beat the game on hard to unlock the extreme difficulty

    Contributed By: TRin12.

  • Unlockable Character: Nobunaga Oda

    Finish Oichi's Story Mode once, then start again, taking the Green route, following Tenkai when you reach Kobayakawa's stage, and killing Tenkai, and finish the route. After that, go back to any cleared character and look for a short grey alternate route near the end of one of their normal routes. Go down that route and follow the grey path, and clear the Honnoji stage to unlock Nobunaga for play.

    Contributed By: Shadow_AP.

  • Unlockable Characters

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Chosokabe MotochikaClear Sengoku Drama Emaki with Saika Magoichi
    Fuma KotaroClear Sengoku Drama Emaki with Sanada Yukimura
    Honda TadakatsuClear Sengoku Drama Emaki with Shimazu Yoshihiro and Otani Yoshitsugu
    Maeda KeijiClear Sengoku Drama Emaki with Date Masamune
    Mori MotonariClear Sengoku Drama Emaki with Tsuruhime and Chosokabe
    OichiClear Sengoku Drama Emaki with Fuma and Maeda
    Otani YoshitsuguClear Sengoku Drama Emaki with Ishida Mitsunari
    Shimazu YoshihiroClear Sengoku Drama Emaki with Kuroda Kanbe
    TsuruhimeClear Sengoku Drama Emaki with Tokugawa Ieyasu

    Contributed By: TRin12.


  • Unlockable Trophies

    Army AnnihilatorComplete Heroes' Story while defeating over 5,000 enemies.Bronze
    BASARA FanFinish a battle with a BASARA/Ultimate BASARA Art.Bronze
    BASARA FreakComplete Heroes' Story while finishing every battle with BASARA/Ultimate BASARA ArtsBronze
    BeastComplete Heroes' Story with Yoshihiro Shimazu.Bronze
    Beloved GeneralHave "Support Beam" equipped for a whole battleBronze
    Better Than the BestComplete Heroes' Story on Hard while not equipping Accessories on your Default Weapon(1st Weapon)Silver
    Bird of ParadiseComplete Heroes' Story with Magoichi Saica.Bronze
    Bounty HunterKO Every Fugitive with a Single HeroSilver
    Chief of OshuComplete Heroes' Story with Masamune Date.Bronze
    Combo MasterPerform a 2,000 hit combo for the first time.Bronze
    Comeback KidFinish a battle with an Ultimate BASARA Art while your health is low (5,000 health points or less).Bronze
    Complete VictorComplete Heroes' Story with all of the heroes.Bronze
    Considerate CommanderFinish a battle without breaking a single basket.Bronze
    Demon KingComplete Heroes' Story with Nobunaga OdaBronze
    Eastern SaviorComplete Heroes' Story with Ieyasu Tokugawa.Bronze
    FashionistaAcquire Every AccessorySilver
    Fearless ShogunComplete Heroes' Story on Hard difficulty.Bronze
    Frenzied FighterComplete Heroes' Story while performing a combo of 500 hits or higher.Bronze
    Frenzy n00bPerform a 500 hit combo for the first time.Bronze
    Good FriendRecruit Every AllyGold
    Good ParentLevel Up every Hero to their Maximum LevelGold
    Gourmet ShogunFinish a battle after eating 25 rice balls.Bronze
    Hawk EyeFinish a battle with a parry.Bronze
    Hit Count HeroPerform a 10,000 hit combo for the first time.Bronze
    HorsemanFinish a battle on horseback.Bronze
    Humble SamuraiComplete Heroes' Story on Easy difficulty.Bronze
    Hundred Hour HeroPlay for 100 HoursBronze
    Inadequate TacticianComplete Heroes' Story with Kanbe KurodaBronze
    Innocent DreamerComplete Heroes' Story with TsuruhimeBronze
    King of the SeasComplete Heroes' Story with Motochika Chosokabe.Bronze
    Lover of the FightComplete all 38 battles.Bronze
    Man of MoralsComplete Heroes' Story while defeating less than 100 EnemiesSilver
    Mighty SamuraiComplete Heroes' Story with Tadakatsu Honda.Bronze
    MillionaireReach a Balance of 1,000,000 ZennysSilver
    Night WhispererComplete Heroes' Story with Oichi.Bronze
    One Trick SamuraiComplete Heroes' Story while using only Normal Art combos in at least one battleBronze
    One Trick ShogunComplete Heroes' Story while using only BASARA/Ultimate BASARA Arts in at least one battle.Bronze
    Pack RatAcquire every material.Bronze
    Peaceful SoulHave "Sunglasses" equipped for a whole battleBronze
    Proud DaimyoComplete Heroes' Story on Normal difficulty.Bronze
    Samurai HeroAcquire all Trophies in the gamePlatinum
    Seeker of VengeanceComplete Heroes' Story with Mitsunari Ishida.Bronze
    Sideline GeneralHave "Hairs of Encouragement" equipped for a whole battleBronze
    Singing SamuraiHave either "Lute" or "Koto" equipped for a whole battle.Bronze
    Sky WatcherComplete Heroes' Story with Yoshitsugu OtaniBronze
    Slots SamuraiHave "Big Bucks Wallet" equipped for a whole battle.Bronze
    Smooth OperatorComplete Heroes' Story while taking no damage in at least one battle.Bronze
    Spear of Divine RuleComplete Heroes' Story with Yukimura Sanada.Bronze
    Steel Liver SamuraiFinish a battle after drinking 15 drinks.Bronze
    Tactful LeaderComplete Heroes' Story with Motonari MoriBronze
    Treasure HunterAcquire a combination of 24 or more hatena boxes and weapons from one battle.Bronze
    VagabondComplete Heroes' Story with Keiji Maeda.Bronze
    War VetComplete 100 battlesBronze
    Weapon RetailerAcquire Every Weapon in the GameSilver
    Wind RiderComplete Heroes' Story with Kotaro Fuma.Bronze

    Contributed By: TRin12, ShatterStr, DWX131415, and mocha.

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