FAQ/Move List by draewon

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Skill List and Gameplay Guide 
Written By Draewon/Wodash

version 2.1


I. Introduction
II. version history

1. Gameplay Basics
   1a. Controls
   1b. In-game mechanics and terms
   1c. Elemental properties
   1d. The Clashing System
   1e. Multiplayer Features

2. Character's Move List
   2.1 Tokugawa Ieyasu
   2.2 Ishida Mitsunari
   2.3 Date Masamune
   2.4 Sanada Yukimura
   2.5 Saika Magoichi
   2.6 Kuroda Kanbei
   2.7 Tsuruhime
   2.8 Otani Yoshitsugu
   2.9 Maeda Keiji
   2.10 Shimazu Yoshihiro
   2.11 Chosokabe Motochika
   2.12 Fuuma Kotaro
   2.13 Mouri Motonari
   2.14 Honda Tadakatsu
   2.15 Oichi
   2.16 Oda Nobunaga
3. Contact
4. Acknowledgements and Thanks
5. Legal 

I. Introduction

Hullo and good day to you all,welcome to my Sengoku Basara 3 Skill List and 
Gameplay Guide 

This guide covers most,if not all gameplay aspects that you need to know in 
order to get a hang of the game,or at least stops you from dying all 
the time.

Since this is based off the JP version of the game it will have a complete 
list of romanized names for all of the skills in the game,it will also have 
their english translations,BUT,it won't reflect the names on the US version 
of the game.

It will also have some explanation of what they do, what properties they have 
and level up features,unlike the previous installments there's not much 
customization/setups here,mainly because you can bring 90% of your moves 
all at once,so i won't mention any skill setups unless its very good.

Also please pardon my English,if there's any mistakes in grammar and such,just
understand that Masamune is the one to blame,since his bad engrish rubs on me 
after a while >.<

II. Version History

0.9: the first draft,covered gameplay basics and character's move list up to 
Ishida Mitsunari

1.0: added character's move list up to Saika Magiochi

1.1: added character's move list up to Tsuruhime

1.2: added character's move list up to Maeda Keiji

1.4: added character's move list up to Fuuma Kotaro,added more notes to 
Magoichi's assault rifle moveset and all of Yoshitsugu's Skills

1.7: added character's move list up to Honda Tadakatsu,corrected several 
typos in the guide,and added a note about clashing in the clashing section

2.0: added character's move list up to Oda Nobunaga,finished the character
movelist section,the guide is mostly completed

since SB3:utage/PARTY is going to be released soon,i will discontinue the 
updating of this guide until i got a clearer info whether the SB3 gameplays 
and characters are still relevant on that game as well or not

if the answer is yes,then i will modify this guide to include additional SB3U
contents and stop updating the SB3 one

if the answer is no,i'll probably finish the bodyguard moveset for each 
character on this guide and then make a separate guide for SB3U

2.1:added some more tidbits about gameplay and fixed most of the typos

2.2:added additional moves and notes for ieyasu,mitsunari,yukimura,and fuuma 
corrected several bits about nobugaga and yoshitsugu


1. Gameplay Basics


Written in here is the list of controls for the game and terms used in 
the guide,if you already know about all these,then go ahead and skip 
these parts

1a. Controls
For this guide, I'm using the basic buttons setup the game had for PS3,

which is:

Square: Normal attacks,also called S-string
Triangle: Special skill#1
Triangle while jumping:heavy aerial attack
Direction+triangle:Special skill#2
Triangle+L1:Special skill#4
Circle: Basara attack
X: Jump

R1: Special skill#3
R2: Secret skill
L1: Guard/Parry/Dodge/Reset camera
L2: Sengoku Drive/hero time/slo mo boost

D-Pad&Left analog stick:move characters around,after a while they will "dash" 
and run faster than normal

Right analog stick:manual camera control

Start: Pause game
Select: Taunt/Bodyguard command

Note that this can be changed in the options menu.

pro tip: swap triangle with R1,this will be a GREAT help for several 
characters and will nevertheless help other characters too,plus you'll get 
access to special#4 easier/smoother by pressing L1+R1 instead of L1+triangle

1b. In-game mechanics and terms

Special Skill: The ones being explained in this guide.you will at first have 
two of them by default and will get two more during level ups

Secret Skill:similar to special skill but you can only choose one of three 
selectable skills,you will have none at first and will gain them by
levelling up

both skill types sometimes have "levels" attached to them meaning that you 
can gain a more powerful version of them later on,you can't level them up 
manually though,it happens automatically,so don't bother using it 24/7 hoping
it'll get stronger by the end of the stage

a rough estimation of skill unlocking would be something like this

3rd normal skill - lvl 5.
4th normal skill - lvl 10.
1st secret skill - lvl 20.
2nd secret skill - lvl 30.
3rd secret skill - lvl 40.

inbetween those levels you might get upgrades for certain skills instead of 
new ones and some can get their secret skills faster than others.

Basara attack: A special attack activated with the circle button. In order to 
use it, you must fill the Basara gauge,the blue bar located below the 
Life gauge. 

While the characters is performing his or her Basara Skill,he/she becomes 

you can also activate the attack in midair, doing so will make your character
automatically land(even whle attacked) and perform the Basara attack,you are
also invulnerable throughout the landing process.

Activating your Basara attack while in Sengoku Drive results in a Extreme 
Basara attack that deals more damage

Basara gauge can also be used when riding a horse as a speed boost,unlike 
Basara attack,you don't need a completely full gauge to activate it

They also have some particularities:

-the length of a Basara gauge differs from one character to the other,
this does not mean that the ones that has a longer gauge has a more powerful 
Basara or vice versa,but its an indicator of which character is more 
proficient with a horse,since longer gauge means longer possible horse boost

-The enemies can't block but can (and will try to) dodge your Basara Attacks,
and even better,they can't parry your Basara attacks for some strange reason

-The CPU bosses have their own BASARA gauge to fill, once filled they may opt 
to use their BASARA attack,this however,can only happen for once throughout 
the stage,after they perform it they won't do it again even if their gauge is
filled the second time,and most of them can be blocked or even parried,
making their attacks short lived

-Bosses Basara attacks CANNOT be interrupted by your Basara attack,
instead you and your enemy will clash(note this is diferent from the "clash" 
mechanics on the later section,this one just clashes normally without the 
button prompt),this will deal a sliver of damage to the boss over time but
not to you,it is possible to kill a major boss during his Basara but it needs 
them to be at very critical health

-However,an ultimate BASARA attack CAN hit an enemy out of their BASARA 

-Basara Assist:when you activate your Basara attack,you have a bodyguard near
you and their icon is flashing yellow/gold then they will perform their Basara
Assist allong with you,this will do two thing at once:

1.they will give you a stat boost/healing(depending on their bodyguard type) 
2.they will perform a signature special attack/combo,note that this is NOT 
their Basara attack,so don't expect them to help you clean a map using 
this feature

once you performed this,you won't be able to use it again for a while,
the bodyguard needs a few seconds to "recharge"

Sengoku Drive (or Hero Time): A special mode you can enter by pressing the L2
button,which makes your character almost invincible and powers ups all of 
his/her moves.the most prominent feature being that time is slowed down and
only you move at normal speed 

-it also lets you to connect all of your Basara attack hits easily towards 
a target,several character's BASARA attack is hard to focus their attacks on 
a single opponent when its not the drive/ultimate version

-the final,and almost unnoticeable feature is the startup shockwave,this move 
cancels everything your enemy is doing prior to your drive activation,
including BASARA attacks!,this is the only other way to stop the enemy's 
BASARA attack aside from parrying

-to use the drive you need to rack on KO counts,each enemy will add a little
of the gauge,also,conquering a base and defeating a boss will instantly fill 
about 1/4 of the gauge.

Auto Dash:keep running in any direction for a while and you will 
automatically dash,this increases your overall mobility and your jump 
distance,certain characters also have a specific attack which are only doable 
while dashing

Manual Dash:double tap any direction twice to instantly dash towards said 
direction,keep to stick held to run,it has all the properties of auto dash 
and one more:some of the character's moves and recovery frames can be 
canceled by dashing,and thus creates more opportunity to combo afterwards,
this is called "dash canceling"

Guard: Holding the L1 button makes your character guard. While guarding,
you avoid most of the enemy's attacks,except for bombs. If you take too many
hits while in this state, your defense crumbles and you'll be damaged 

Dodge: Moving the control stick while guardding makes your character do an 
evasive jump or roll. This can be made in any of the four directions.you 
cannot be hit when doing this but can be hit while recovering from it,
and each character's dodge are different,several characters have more 
invincibility frames than others,while some others recover faster.

Parry: By pressing the L1 button at the exact time an enemy attacks you,
you'll parry. When you do so, the screen will flash and the enemy will
bounce back and receive damage, becoming completely vulnerable for a while.

-Higher ranking enemies CAN (and will very often) parry your attacks,
but not your Basara attack. 

Note that you can also parry arrows,bullets(from soldiers,these two will be 
reflected back to the shooter,usually killing them) and other projectile
attacks(like playable character projectiles,this will be negated instead of
reflected),and even Basara attacks!,also you can now parry in MIDAIR,its
harder to do since you cannot air guard,only parry.

Special note about dodge and guard:there's an option in the game setting 
to toggle priorities between these two features(you can also do this in the
mid stage pause menu),whether you want the dodge to be prioritize or the 
guard,while it sound trivial at first this is actually VERY important in your 
playstyle,here's what they do

-Prioritize guard:whenever you press L1 you will instantly guard whenever
possible,stopping any action you've done,this is good for emergencies such as
when a boss suddenly activates his Basara attack when you least expect it,
most likely this will parry their attack.

-Prioritize dodge:you won't instantly guard whenever you press L1,but will
instantly dodge when you press dir+L1,only by selecting this option gives you 
access to the "dodge cancel" feature,which enables you to cut the recovery of 
certain moves and continue attacking as you please,the moves that could be
cancelled by this maneuver is DIFFERENT that those of "dash cancel",so having 
them both available will up your offense greatly.

Taunt: Pressing the select button makes your character provoke nearby enemies
and can actually piss them off, bosses will be more aggressive and have their
attack increased,normal soldiers will attack at will. 

-The payoff is that,if you sucessfully do a taunt near any enemy, your Basara 
gauge will fill as well(emphasis on SUCCESSFULLY,meaning you must finish the 
taunt unharmed in order to actually gain free Basara gauge),the amount 
it fills depends on how close your enemies are,how many are they,and whether
a boss character is also around,the closer they are the more you will gain
gauge(and most likely get killed by them,LOL)

-this also commands your bodyguard to do their assist command if they are near
you,you don't need to taunt to use this feature,pressing select anytime,
even when you're down or jumping will still make them do the command

some characters have special use of their taunts,this will be elaborated more
in the skill section

1c. Elemental Properties

Sengoku BASARA series had always been known for their flashy elemental 
weapons,which triggers their elemental effects at every single hit of any 
attacks you do,sadly in SB3 the effects had been somewhat tweaked,

its not that bad,but its less flashy that it was in its prequels,
instead of activating on every hit, the elements will only have about 
10% chance of activating now, which can be increased using certain items

there are a total of six possible elements with different effects,They are:

Light: deals 1500 damage and Stuns for 2 seconds,against bosses only the 
extra damage is applied,they cannot be stunned

Ice  : deals 1800 damage and Stun/freezes for 1 second,this is the only 
"stun/restrain" status effect that can affect bosses,the ice will break if
you hit them though

Fire : deals 2000 damage Sets on fire for 5 seconds which does continuous
damage on a target

Lightning: deals 2000 damage and Stuns for 2 seconds, and can electrocute
soldiers near the elemental attack when its triggered,the stun doesnt work
against bosses

Dark: deals 2000 damage,instantly kill soldiers/extra damage against bosses
and absorbs life from them

Wind: deals 2500 damage and Stuns for 1 second(makes them spin while foating
in place like a ballerina),adds an additional 3 hits towards your combo 
counter,stun doesnt work against bosses 

Elemental properties of weapons and skills are shown trough icons near 
the weapon's picture,they're fairly easy to recognize.

1d. The Clashing System

New to the Sengoku Basara series but not so new in the beat em up/hack and
slash/swordfighting genre is the weapon clash sistem.

Basically,when you and a boss attacks at the same time using your normal
attacks you will "clash" with each other,both of you will bounce back a bit,
doing this 3 times in a row will trigger actually weapon clash battle.

When this triggers the camera will most likely spin around both of your
character and a "tug of war" gauge appears in the center of the screen,mash 
the normal attack button fill your gauge and beat tne enemy,note that harder
difficulties equals more mashing to win and higher chance of losing the clash

During this session three things will happen:

-while you're clashing with the boss both of you will emit shockwaves,this 
will damage surrounding enemies and counts as a combo(a trivia,the concept
of this had existed since sengoku Basara 2)

-if you win a clash the enemy will lose a chunk of his lifebar by percentage,
meaning that you will always do the same visible damage to all of the bosses,
your attack power and their defense doesnt matter,which means it could be 
insignificant if you win against a boss with fragile defense but its a 
godsend against bosses with a lot of health and tons of defense 

-aside from the bonus damage,the boss will be stunned for quite a long while
if you win a clash,you can do all sorts of combos,escape,or just taunt him
during this moment,some character's slower attacks are also useable without
worry while the boss is at this state

of course,all that is if you win the clash,if you lose the same thing could
happen to you instead,which is very bad....

As i experimented so far,i conclude that you can only (do a successful) 
weapon clash once with a boss,after that you won't be able to clash with them
again,i guess this is to prevent winning the fight easily by just clashing 
over and over again,if the boss "respawns/revives" however,you can clash 
with them again

addendum:it is said that you can initiate a clash again after a successful 
one when a few minutes passed,i have yet to confirm this myself,however.

1e. 2P Multiplayer Features

First introduced in Sengoku Basara 2 HEROES in a very limited form,Capcom had 
been quite slow in implementing multiplayer into the series,

Sengoku Basara 3 thankfully still included the multiplayer feature in the 
game,as with previous games there are benefits and disadvantages/limitations 
when using multiplayer,here are some them.

+multiplayer is available offline,which means its not an online exclusive
feature,unlike several other games like resident evil5 or ninja gaiden sigma2

+it implements a "revive" system,each time one of the character dies the game
is not over yet as long as the other is stil alive,the KO'ed character 
will emit a light ring and starts to regain his lifebar back,if the other 
player enters the ring,it will refill even faster,once its full the character
will be revived

this feature can break the game sometimes since even if you don't have a 
friend to play with you can just leave the other character somewhere safe and
fight your way without worry of losing the stage

+there is no slowdown in multiplayer and enemy spawn is still plentiful

+both players share the same combo counter,with proper character placement 
you can rack insane ammounts of hits together,teamwork is everything!

also,when a character activates Boost the other character can enjoy the 
benefits too(i.e they are not slowed down),which leads to even easier time to 
maintain high combo counts,especially if you alternate using boosts if one of 
you ran out of it

-your EXP multiplier is halfed evenly when you play multiplayer,for example 
when playing normal difficulty alone the EXP multiplier is 1,5 while on 
multiplayer each of the character will get 0,7 instead,

if you play multiplayer all the time when the characters are still low 
leveled then their individual development will be WAY slower than when you 
are playing solo,you might need a lot of multiplayer playthroughs just to 
unlock all of the skills for one character

-weapon collection is also tedious since you since you dont share weapons
and have to collect them yourselves,in SB3 weapons are only dropped by bosses 
and there's usually only one boss in a stage and sometimes two,so its hard to 
get good weapons for both of the characters at the same time

-the merged combo count is a double edged feature,especially if one of you
is unskilled or got careless,if any of you got hit while comboing then the 
counter will drop to zero again,so yeah,double combo gain but double the risk

-The weapon clash system is disabled in multiplayer,this makes several skills
hard to use and damaging tough bosses a bit harder

-you cannot bring bodyguards with you on multiplayer

-you cannot encounter "wanted men" in multiplayer,even if you can it'll be 
very hard to find since you cannot bring hattori hanzou with you

-there are no vertical split screen option,for widescreen users the 
horizontal split screen will make the characters look very small,
unless you have a very large TV


2. Character Move Lists


Keys for reading the list:


-Innate/hidden/bonus abilities:special things that a character has from 
the get go and is not a part of either normal skills or secret skills

-Romanized name of the skill (skill name translation)
-Description/translation of What the skill does
-Notes:my notes about said skill

-lists their command assist and their Basara assist when they are selected
 as bodyguards(in progress)

2.1 Tokugawa Ieyasu


a.Has the ability to charge almost all of his attacks,increasing their power,
number of hits,range and sometimes attack propeties,the chargeable attacks
are as listed:

-his whole S string/normal combo
-his jumping S string(instead of a stronger punch ieyasu will do more attack
 moves when you hold the button 3 times,he'll do a 5~6 punch combo instead of
 the normal 3 punch air attack)
-his jumping heavy attack
-his dash attack
-Koga Genten
-Yogan Wari
-Aoi no Kiwami(lv up version only)
-Taishin Banjaku(lv up version only)
-Kizuna Ichigan(charging the attack will make the spear land further away,
no difference in damage)

b.able to perform a dash attack,the attack can be chained directly into his
normal combo without any delay

c.does a shortened combo when you do a dodge and attack right afterwards,the 
ending is similar to the normal S string and can be dodge cancelled into the 
dodge combo again infinitely,the attack itself is also chargeable

d.has two different taunts:

-the first time you taunt ieyasu will put his hood on,its fast but doesnt
 gain much Basara gauge,while his hood is on all of ieyasu's attacks can
 charge significantly faster,but many things can make the hood fall off,
 like getting hit by an enemy or jumping

-the second taunt takes a lot longer to finish,and is only doable if you
 taunt while ieyasu's hood is on,this has no special property and is
 a regular taunt

e.having his personal item set equipped will have ieyasu's hood attached
permanently to his head,this means your charge attacks will have a permanent 
boost in charging speed,but is it worth it for trading 4 slots of whatever 
item you've used before? you decide


Koga Genten (General of the North Sky)

Holding the button down lets you control the distance. If it's charged, 
it knocks enemies in the air.

note:first hit will stun all human bosses aside from nobunaga's alternate 
form,tadakatsu,and yoshitsugu,stopping at the body blow part is a great 
setup for ieyasu's slower skills to connect

Tentozuki (Sun's Thrust)

A straight punch forward. Holding the button down changes its power and 
area of effect. It's possible to charge it even while moving and attacking.

It's also possible to use it at the end of the Basara attack.
(at MAX, if you charge it for circa 3 minutes its attack becomes 10x)

note:1st level of charge lets out a shockwave after the punch,2nd level makes 
ieyasu do 2 lv1 charges,using it right after the last punch of his 
Basara attack counts as a BASARA finish if you kill a boss with it

a great way to utilize this is by changing your button confing and swap 
triangle with R1,that way you can charge this skill with R1 and do anything 
else without trouble(as opposed to the default triangle)

in order to get full hits of the Basara version of the lv2 charge on a single 
target possible,you need to use it at the end of the extreme Basara attack,
using it on a normal Basara will not yield maximum result since the enemy 
will be blown away before all hits connect,

using the 3 minutes charge at the end of an ultimate BASARA attacks are 
usually overkill for most bosses due to the powerup stacking with extreme
BASARA attack up 

Yogan Wari (Magma Rock Splitter)

Ieyasu punches the ground and creates a shockwave. Holding the button down 
changes its power and area of effect.

note:unless you're wearing the hood don't bother charging it,it'll take too 
long and you'll get hit instead

Toufuu no Ranbu (Eastern Wind's Wild Dance)

A flurry of punches on a wide range. You can add more hits with the normal 
combo button.

It can be performed in midair but the additional hits(mash square) is only 
doable if the initial hits connects(credits to runarraw for pointing this 

note:successful hits will juggle the enemies around if they can be juggled

the attacks starts up slow but will gain speed along the way,at level up it 
will gain more hits and faster attacks

seeing that ieyasu doesnt have auto air followup moves,the best way to 
connect with the air version is to do a simple ground version (no button mash) 
which will lift the enemy upwards and quickly follow with a jumping charged S 
string(2 presses),cancel into toufuu no ranbu afterwards

Secret Skills

Aoi no Kiwami (The Hollyhock's Apex)

A hollyhock emblem appears at Ieyasu's feet, and throws enemies upwards. 
It can be charged and grows in AoE after level up.

note:maximum charge will instantly kill a pack of soilders surrounding you,
best used while you are under the effects of sengoku drive,can lead to 
infinite slo mo time if you can keep finding a group of grunts to hit 
this with,one of the easiest attacks you can abuse to get 99999 hits combo

Taishin Banjaku (A sturdy heart like a boulder)

Ieyasu performs a series of headbutts. After level up it can be charged and 
more hits can be added. The headbutts can be charged, but if you do it too 
many times Ieyasu's head will hurt. (But if you charge the 2nd hit and start 
mashing when the light effect appears, you can let charged headbutts go 
without charging and Ieyasu's head won't hurt either. 

Basically, the strongest non-instant death skill in the game)

note:charged headbutts breaks guards instantly but is prone to enemy parries,
you usually go dizzy after the 6th charged headbutt so stop charging and just 
mash the button after you used the 5th headbutt for safety and maximum 
effectiveness,if your Tentozuki extreme Basara attack failed to kill a boss 
then this attack will guaranteed to finish them for you

Kizuna Ichigan (Bonds' wish)

Ieyasu throws Tadakatsu's spear forward. The thrown spear drills a hole into 
the ground where it lands, attracting nearby enemies. After level up 
a tornado is generated, and the AoE expands.

note:the tornado draws nearby soldiers towards the spear

2.2 Ishida Mitsunari



Has the ability to perform setsuna,a followup teleport that automaticaly 
tracks the last target you've hit with a skill and make you appear right in 
front of them(it priorities higher ranking enemies and bosses),most of the 
skills performed while doing this will instantly come out without any delay,
with the right skill and timing,you can make an endless setsuna loop

to perform setsuna you need to hold triangle/1st skill button at the correct 
timing after you've performed a skill,this is the list of skills that you can 
perform setsuna out off:

-Strong air attack(credits to runarraw for hinting about this)

b.Multiple strikes 

any normal attacks/S string performed by mitsunari is actually double the 
amount that is visible to our eye,in order to "see" this,you need to delay 
your next attack for a bit,when done correctly you should see your victims 
hit by an invisible blade just after your own attacks hit them

this feature works with mitsunari's whole S string,including the finisher,
the catch is,the finisher's additional hits only occur after mitsunari 
sheathes his blade,which usually cancels your combo count,but the 
additional damage done by it is quite high,and is also an awesome way to 
finish a boss

the timings for each delay differs from one set of attack to the other,the
first 3 hits being the hardest to do successfuly,while the next set of 
attacks(where mitsunari keeps sheating his sword quickly) are much easier 
to do,the timing for the finisher has already been elaborated above

c.The golden lance "cody" trick

Failing to time the delay of his first strike usually ends up with a 
"S string reset" which makes mitsunari does a quick sucession of the first 
attack in his combo string

Using 6 golden lances and the fact that one slice does 2 hits when you delay 
it,you can permanently stagger most of the bosses by purposely mistiming your
delayed hits,which deals massive damage to boot,it can only be broken by a 
BASARA attack(which you should counter in kind with your own ultimate BASARA)

the trick is named as it was because its made famous by cody players in the 
first Final Fight game,also done by capcom.

d.when using his joke weapon mitsunari will do a slightly different taunt 
than usual,doing this after you managed to kill a stage boss is an awesome 
way to show them who's boss in the warring states period>.<


Danzai (Conviction)

A Iai blow accompanied by a jump.

note:this is the easiest skill to use setsuna ,just keep holding the button 
and you'll instantly follow your target upwards,

while mitsunari doesnt have a lenghty air combo or air special attacks,it 
doesnt mean that the setsuna followup is useless,the air strong attack(which 
smacks the enemy downwards) can also be followed with setsuna,which instantly 
teleports mitsunari downwards

this in turn enables him to either do his S string again,or perform any of 
his skills without lag for more advanced combos

Goukyuu (Lamentation)

Enemies in front are swept. Pressing the skill button during movement 
activates the skill at your desired position.

note:the attack itself is a bit useless since it does so so damage and has a 
big lag at the end,the trick is you can cancel the move with any other attack 
of your choice,most attacks that is canceled from this move will instantly 
come out without any startup,the list of the no startup attacks are the same 
with setsuna

incidentally,you cannot perform a setsuna after this move.

you can,perform goukyuu in quick successions by canceling it with a quick 
normal attack and doing it again right after it,this in turn is stated to be 
a much better way of transportation for mitsunari.

Zankai (Grieving)

A storm of Iai slashes carves up the air in front. If you charge it, the 
first strike will stop the enemies in their tracks before launching the 
Iai storm.

note:this is another skill that is very easy to activate setsuna with,
by default you just need to hold triangle and mash R1 in order to perform 
a Zankai>Setsuna>Zankai loop,its even easier if you swap triangle with R1 at 
the config menu

Ukkutsu (Anguish)

A high-speed skill that slashes enemies in a half-moon motion. Using it after 
Setsuna (his high-speed tracking motion) is advised.

note:the hardest and yet the most rewarding skill to use a setsuna loop,
mainly because this move has a heavy startup that can be eliminated by 
cancelling out from Goukyuu or Setsuna,

the good and the bad thing is that this move has almost no recovery at all,
which is good since it doesnt leave you open,but its also very hard to time a 
setsuna loop with due to the speed of the move..

Secret Skills

Zanmetsu (Execution)

Huge pillar of energy emitted forward in a straight line. The direction can 
be changed before it's shot. After level up it will throw the enemies in 
the air,and you can follow up with Setsuna. If you throw it at one of the 
huge machines (the Horned Mole or Akatsukimaru) it will hit their weak point
even when shot from the front.

note:much like a projectile danzai since you will end up in midair if you use 
setsuna,as such all of danzai's notes also apply here

Zanshu (Decapitation)

Mitsunari pokes forward with the hilt of his sword,when the attack connects,
the enemy is downed and his neck slashed.After level up attack power goes up.

It doesn't connect against base captains, Yoshitsugu, Tadakatsu and the war 

Using it to defeat the visitors (the special NPC that yield permanent 
bonuses) and Kanbei-Yoshihiro (at the Hetsugigawa 3 heroes stage) for some 
reason marks them as "not killed" In Hetsugigawa you can't proceed, 
and the visitor doesn't yield you anything, so it's better to avoid it in 
these cases.

note:the skill breaks enemy guard when blocked normally,you can proceed to 
attack by canceling into other skills when this happens,it still can be 
parried however,the skill also does not work against nobunaga with his 
Hametsu no Shoudo active

when the skill connects mitsunari will emit a dark field around him which 
damages and repel soldiers and non super armor enemies away in order to 
prevent them from interrupting the attack,mitsunari himself is not invincible 
however,any kinds of attack can hit him out of the attack if it managed to 
touch him,like projectiles or enemies that cannot be staggered by the field

Kyoukou (Dread)

Special high-speed movement skill. While activated Mitsunari keeps advancing.
After level up activation time extends. While it's active you can attack with
the normal combo button, and whenever you hit something speed increases. 

At highest speed you can damage enemies just by touching them, break boxes,
and are faster than the horse. 

While it's active you cannot use trampolines or gliders. 

It ends when (about two?) minutes passes, you are hit, press the skill/secret 
skill button or fail to hit anything when Mitsunari is in walking mode. 
During this skill you can hit allies too. 

Equipping the personal item removes the time limit, makes you start at max 
speed and not lose speed even if you miss with the s-string.

note:quite useless since its a very slow skill and is not compatible with 
any of his other skills,including setsuna

when the skill ends(whether due to time out or manually through the skill 
button),mitsunari will perform a twirling jump and slams his sword to the 
ground,the jump does multiple hits upon connecting,while the sword slam 
creates a huge shockwave that does heavy damage.

2.3 Date Masamune


a.Rokusouryuu stance

Masamune possesses a unique second moveset called the rokusouryuu
(six claws/sword stance),under this mode/stance almost all of his attacks 
changes properties(hits,power,speed,range),look in "War Dance" for more 

Masamune has various ways to activate his second moveset:

-through his Basara attack:you will be in the six claws mode for a short 
period at the end of your Basara attack,this is the earliest way to access 
his six sword moves

-through the secret skill "War Dance":you can manually activate and 
deactivate the skill,but it uses up a skill slot,its still time limited but 
it lasts longer than the former method,especially at lv max

-through his personal item set:this will lock you permanently in six swords 
mode,this is more of a handicap rather than an advantadge since you can't 
cancel the skill and thus is defenseless against attacks,plus it takes away
4 item slots to use,powering you down significantly

b.about 90% of Masamune's attacks can be dash canceled at certain points,
this enables you to create your own chain of combos and keep pressuring a 
target or move to another place while keep attacking the surrounding enemies,
maintaining a high combo count without pause

some of his attacks can also be freely canceled with any other skills he has,
these features applies mostly for the six claws versions of the attacks 
however,the list of free cancelable attacks is as follows:

-crazy storm/stream(cancelable at any point of the attack)
-magnum strike(six swords only,cancelable after the first lunge forward)

c.his joke weapon is a set of lightsabers....with motorcylce mufflers as the 
scabbards,when you think his anime horse was weird enough,masamune becomes a 
human bike in this installation with the weapon equipped

simply put,performing a dash-run with the joke weapon equipped will make 
masamune run much faster than a normal dash,with amusing special effects....


One sword version (Six Swords Version)

Jet-X (X-Bolt)

A X-shaped knock-away skill.Adds 2 extra slices before the "X" in 
Six-Sword mode. If you dash you can skip the lag after it ends.

note:pretty much underused in previous games,the normal version is still a bit
so so but the dash cancel feature and the six claw version makes it worthwhile 
to mix in your combos,good when there's a lot of crowd around you

best used to end combos or other skills like magnum strike or crazy stream

Death Fang (Death Bite)

Does a simple uppercut with 3 swords,juggles all that got hit by it

Keep the button pressed to follow enemies to the air. Mash square for more 
hits. In Six-Sword mode,its adds an additional overhead slash before the 

note:"Mash square for more hits" means pressing square after the initial hit
will make masamune perform a crowd clearing ground combo with 3 swords,
best done if your initial atack misses its target

holding the skill button in six claw mode will make masamune spin upwards 
which deals a lot of hits that often triggers his elemental weapon effects,
very powerful for duels,you can then follow up with air combos or a heavy 
air attack

Magnum Step (Magnum Strike)

Long range forward rush skill. In Six-Sword mode it becomes a left-> right 
2-part hit, and the 2nd hit can be canceled in other skills. Very useful 
against base captains. The lag after it ends can be dash canceled away.

note:on immobile targets,using the normal version+dash cancel is way faster
and more powerful than the six sword version

this is masamune's bread&butter in chaining a lot of combos,use the six sword 
version+dash cancel to travel to another crowd while still "dragging" the 
existing ones when you almost ran out of mooks to hit

Crazy Storm (Crazy Stream)

Does a multitude of slices using 4 swords while standing still,in Six-Sword 
mode it changes into a "waving" slice with all six swords that covers a wide 
180* arc in front of Masamune

A wide-ranged multi-hit skill. Mash square for extra hits.

note:enemies hit by crazy storm will still stand(unless they were airborne 
when they got hit) while enemies hit by crazy stream will be automatically 
juggled midair(if possible) during the whole attack,

crazy storm has constant speed throughout the attack while crazy stream 
starts slowly and picks up speed as you mash the square button 

Secret Skills

Hell Dragon

A long-range electricity beam is shot forward. Charging it increases hits and

note:Hell Dragon will automatically fire the fully charged version when done 
in six claws mode(cannot be charged),a bit slower than the non charged hell 
dragon but faster than if you used the manual charge

obviously you need to use the Basara attack extra effect or masamune's 
personal item set in order to use the six sword version of hell dragon

War Dance

Masamune changes into Six-Sword mode, changing his s-string and skills. 

You can't guard, defense goes down, but being knocked away gets a little 

It also can be activated in midair. Press the secret skill button during 
its activation to revert back to One-Sword mode. Activate it in midair to 
avoid any lag.

note:each skill level up will prolong the duration of skill,it is possible to 
perform an aerial combo right after you activate war dance in midair


One-hit kill skill requiring a huge charging time. Unleashing it 6 seconds 
after activating it lets you release its full power (when the sword sparkles) 
At Max power it can finish off even machines and NPCs in one hit.

2.4 Sanada Yukimura


a.Senryo Hanabi (Amazing Fireworks)

Enemies are blown away with a strike, using all one's strength.to perform 
hold the normal attack/square button for at least 1 second

a hidden skill which comes from the previous game,it no longer have the extra
swipes and just the poweful punch,it it also lacks charge level "blink" and
only guard breaks at full power,no longer unblockable,it still does decent 
damage if it connects however.

b.able to follow up certain skills with a dashing attack,the dashing attack 
can be chained into the normal attack combo instantly,to perform it press the
normal attack button/square just as the skill ended

c.able to do a dashing/running attack,this is basically the "manual" version 
of said ability above,to perform this just do a normal attack during a 
dash/run,you can create the same effect of the ability above by using this 
move to dash cancel your skills

d.his joke weapon has a strange ability to "ignite" itself when you perform a
combo of over 50 hits,when ignited your attacks will deal fire damage 100% of
the time for a short while,

after that the fire will die and you won't be able to light it again until:
-you perform a BASARA attack,which will instantly give you a fresh pair of 
-a few moments passed(about one~two minutes?),you will then automatically get 
a fresh pair.....of matches?
-you perform a special taunt by mashing square when taunting,this will make 
you perform more squats and at the end,light up the matches
-successfully perform the secret skill "nekketsu daifunka"

doing "nekketsu daifunka while the matches are lit will shoot an explosion 
upwards(credits to runarraw for pointing this out)


Hibashiri (Fire Run)

A forward sweep skill. Keeping the button pressed changes the distance.

note:great for closing distances during boss fights and breaking through 
barricades,use dash cancel/poke followup to do this in rapid successions.

Daisharin (Great Wheel)

A double uppercut using each spear

Keep the button pressed to follow your target to the air.

note:standard classic skill,it doesnt shine much because Koen does about 
the same thing and is MUCH stonger and versatile,its good until you have koen

Rekka > Dairekka (Ardent Flames > Great Ardent Flames)

A skill consisting in multiple forward thrusts. It can be activated in midair
and mashing square makes Rekka turn into Dairekka. Mashing square during 
Dairekka can increase the hits by a large amount,there's no limit to the 
number of hits you can perform so it depends on you finger stamina mostly.

It requires less button presses to continue,and thus boasts more power than
Gurenkyaku > Daigurenkyaku.

note:only the ground version is able to turn into dairekka,the air version 
ends abruptly with a dashing poke after yukimura lands.this in turn can be
chained with any other ground attacks

dairekka makes yukimura "slide" forward slowly when you perform it,you can 
alter the direction of the attack by using guard+directional buttons 
multiple times

Hououraku (Phoenix Swoop)

Yukimura spins both spears on the side and smacks the ground after jumping. 
It can be activated in midair too,it also pulls in enemies from the sides.
(ground version only)

note:both version do massive damage IF the spinning spear and the spear slam
connects on the same target,something that can be achieved quite easily by 
juggling the enemy and using the airborne version

so in the end,on bosses the air version has more damage potential than the
ground version,especially if you equip the air combo booster item

Secret Skills

Gurenkyaku > Daigurenkyaku (Crimson Lotus Kick > Great Crimson Lotus Kick)

Yukimura stabs both spears to the ground,the animation deals small damage,
you can do one of the two things during this stance

-pressing Square button performs a spinning kick move,

-pressing the triangle button performs a somersault kick that juggles.

Mashing the square button adds hits and changes it into Great CLK. 

The possible number of hits is limitless. Its range is wider than
Rekka, and it can pierce strong guards more easily.

note:yukimura is mobile when daigurenkyau is activated,you can control his
movements freely during the attack

also,you REALLY need strong fingers/thumbs to maintain GCLK constantly

Kouen (Tiger Flames)

Yukimura performs 3 series of attack that ends with a flaming uppercut

Max 3 hits (push the square button 2 times). Powerful and quick, It can hit 
downed opponents too. Kouen-> Hououraku is Yukimura's quickest & most 
powerful combo.Use Kouen -> Rekka against enemies that can't float in midair.

note:you can charge the attack but it only increases yukimura's reach 
slightly,no damage or property change is visible

Nekketsu Daifunka (Hot Blooded Great Eruption)

Attack & Defense go up temporarily, and Yukimura is constantly dashing. It is
canceled when activating the Basara skill, a sword clash and falling in red 
health zone (it also can't be activated while health is in the red zone).

Using his personal item makes it permanent, but health gradually decreases.

note:the startup animation is actually an attack and can damage enemies 
that is really close to you

mash the square button during the startup to make yukimura charge the skill 
in a different manner(forming his trademark "ten ha zessou"?),and the fiery 
glow will burn brighter than just let alone normally,the effects are much 
stronger in this state and his joke weapon will last a bit longer when 

2.5 Saika Magoichi


a.Weapon Shift

Magoichi is able to shift weapons in real time using one of the three main 
weapon skill.

Once you used one of the three main skills you will use that weapon's moveset 
until you used one of the other two skill.

The weapons that you can wield in you normal movesets are:

-handgun:fast,decent firing rate,lacks crowd control ability,using square on 
the air enables you to fire 3 times before magoichi throws the gun away

this is your default moveset,its also activated by using the skill 
"Soudan - Jobitaki"

-shotgun:same mobility as the handgun,slowest firing rate,good crowd control 
ability,pressing square on the air will fire a 180* spread shot downwards

its activated by using the skill "Shoudan - Kurotsugumi"

-assault rifle:cannot move around while firing,hold square to fire and the
directional button/analog to aim,the best rate of fire,the bullets pierces 
through enemies,pressing square in the air will make magoichi spin upside 
down while firing a short salvo

it needs reloading after a full ground salvo,the lag can be cancelled by 

the shots fired using this weapon pierces enemies and gains BASARA at a 
very fast rate,as magoichi posseses one of the shortest BASARA gauge and 
arguably one of the most powerful in the game,it is common to spam a lot of 
BASARA attacks in a very crowded map when using this weapon

its activated by using the skill "Rendan - Sankouchou"

b.Charged Shots

Magoichi can perform charged shots with two out of three wain weapons,hold 
square until the gun glows and release to fire,you can do this in the ground 
and midair.

-the handgun releases a powerful shot that explodes after a while,the 
explosion deals massive damage,magoichi throws the gun backwards after the 
shot,the gun can hit enemies nearby and will make them dizzy,the animation 
can be skipped by rolling

-the shotgun will release a powerful blast that has more range and power than
those of a normal shot,magiochi will reload the shotgun after the shot,
roll/evade to skip the lag

-the air version of both charged shots have no lag after it

c.the golden lance setup

for the handgun you can repatedly use the first animation of your attack by 
delaying the second square press for a bit.

this fact paired with the "golden lance" item can make magoichi a very 
powerful character,the item also significantly boost the(already powerful)
damage dealt by charge shots

d.Ultimate Build?

her personal item set makes her handgun shots fire homing missiles(?!)
instead of the usual bullets,charged shots fires a salvo of 4 homing missiles

Paired with the "golden lance",this basically turns magoichi into a walking 
cheat code due to its versatility and power,i suggest to not use this setup 
too early since it takes away the challenge from the whole game.


Soudan - Jobitaki (Twin Bullet - Redstart)

A forward rush skill whose distance depends on how long you press the skill 
button. Press square button rapidly right after the first shot to fire 
additional stream of bullets which ends with magoichi throwing both handguns 
backwards,which will stun anyone hit by it

Using this skill while holding other weapons will make you switch to handguns 
as the primary weapon

note:in order to access the 2nd part of the move you need to hold the skill 
button until magoichi shoots with two guns,mashing the square button too 
early will not do anything

on the earliest level you can't mash the attack so just holding the skill 
button suffices to do both parts,but on higher levels you will only do 
minimal number of shots if you just hold the skill button
(credits to runarraw for pointing about holding the skill button bit)

on level up you can follow up with more shots during the second phase of
the attack

you can dash cancel the first phase of the attack

Shoudan - Kurotsugumi (Shock Bullet - Thrush)

Magoichi advances while shooting with a shotgun while spining 360*. Press 
square button rapidly right after the first shot to perform additional spinning
shots that ends with a jumping shotgun spread

Using this skill while holding other weapons will make you switch to shotgun 
as the primary weapon

Kadan - Hirenjaku (Fire Bullet - Waxwing)

Several grenades are thrown forward. After level up the number of grenades 
increases. The number increases with taunting (8 grenades is the max) 
If you keep the skill button pressed the explosion time changes, 
and the greandes bounce around on the ground.

note:the higher the skill level the less taunt you need to give the skill 
8 grenades,the taunt will "flash" when you reached the maximum charge

you can hold the skill button and quickly fire your gun(square) to detonate the 
grenades midair,when hit by the explosion,most human characters will crumble 
slowly to the floor,enabling additional hits or charging a slow weapon safely

Rendan - Sankouchou (Consecutive Bullet - Paradise Flycatcher)

Enemies are kicked in midair and shot with a machinegun. Keep the button 
pressed for a followup attack. The follow-up attack's direction can be 
changed slightly using directional buttons.

Using this skill while holding other weapons will make you switch to assault 
rifle as the primary weapon

Secret Skills

Sodan - Kawasemi (Aimed Bullet - Kingfisher)

Homing rockets are shot in front. After level up you can move the aim as long
as you keep the button pressed.

note:if you don't aim manually then the rockets will lock on to the nearest 
targets available

if you can manage to hit a boss with all of the rockets in one salvo you can 
deal tremedous damage to them,if not outright kill them

Setsudan - Kaitsuburu (Planted Bullet - Grebe)

A line of fire is created. Make it advance by holding the button, 
and change its direction with the directional keys. 

If enemies touch it (before it ignites) they will stop in their tracks. 

After level up the lines of fire increase in number.

note:pressing taunt detonates the explosives sooner

Endan - Yatagarasu (Support Bullet - Yatagarasu)

The Saika unit provides support fire. 
Pressing the secret skill button again changes the shooting's direction.
After level up its active time lengthens. 
Every time you push the secret skill button the shooting pattern changes,
It ends with a shot from a cannon.

2.6 Kuroda Kanbei 


a.Giant Swing and minor attacks special properties

-Kanbei can perform a special spinning attack by holding the square button at 
any point during his S string aside from the finishing hit.The giant swing 
will eventually make kanbei dizzy due at the end of the move,which can be 
avoided by roll canceling a few swing before the last one

The transition between the normal attack animation and the giant swing 
differs depending on which move you started to hold the square button at,some 
are instant while some have great lag before the swing actually starts.

-Kanbei's air square attak makes him kick the ball downwards,which increases 
the height of his jump slightly,coupled with the dash jump this enables 
kanbei to reach certain high places with ease without the need to use the
actual "road" to get there

-Kanbei's air triangle attack can be powered up by holding the triangle 
button in midair,this makes kanbei plant his iron ball on the ground while 
spinning,dealing multiple hits

b.Chain Skills

Kanbei can literally chain his skills flawlessly in certain orders,some needs
to be used after specific square combo while others needs to be performed 
right after another skill is used,i will elaborate on this on the next update

c.Roll Cancel

While several other characters also have the ability to do this,kanbei is an
exception,because almost every skill that he have can be roll canceled to 
skip the recovery animation and continue attacking

his personal item set sets bombs during these rolls in order to increase the 
his offensive ability,its not very useful,but its a fun gimmick to try once 
in a while

d.Iron Body

Kanbei can slightly damage enemies and break boxes just by touching them 
while dashing,he's also slightly harder to juggle when hit by a juggle 
attack and will land faster


Yakudama Tosshin (Calamity Ball Charge)

The iron ball is kicked up in front. Holding the button changes it into a 
spinning dropkick. 

Activating it after dashing or rolling makes the initial animation a
little faster.

Yakudama Keri (Calamity Ball Kick)

The iron ball is kicked upwards. Hold the button to smash it back on the 
ground. After it ends it is advisable to connect it into Calamity Ball Charge
or Reckless Ball.

Yakuatari (Venting Calamity)

Kanbei hits the ball causing shockwaves around him. The AoE is huge, even 
widerthan what it seems.

After the 3rd-4th hit it can be canceled into the s-string,roll,or other 

The 4th hit gathers enemies in front,thus it's better to cancel into 
the s-string/other skills at this moment.

Mettayatama (Reckless Ball)

Kanbei uses the ball to smack enemies in front.More hits possible by mashing
the square button.After level up the number of additional hits increases.

Secret Skills

Anagura Otoshi (Cellar Drop)

Kanbei will fling his ball and chain forward,if it connects he will grab 
(one of) the enemy, does a few suplexes and finishes with a spinning 
piledriver,the move usually prioritize grabbable bosses when a lot of enemies 
got hit by this move.

Pushing the square button when the foe is smashed on the ground increases 
the hits by 1.Maximum additional suplexes is 10 times.

The suplex doesn't work against Tadakatsu,Yoshitsugu,Nobunaga+last skill,
machines and animals. 

If no throwable enemies are around,a whirlwind is caused,which blocks enemy 
movement for a while and deals multiple hits.No lag at all for Kanbei,
so it's easy to attack enemies trapped in the whirlwind or just spam the 
whirlwind over and over again.

note:also known as the "Final Atomic Buster",the move will cause shockwaves 
during each suplex which deals damage to surrounding enemies,the timing to 
perform the followups gets faster after every supplex,to get a precise timing 
just look at the "flashes" that appears during each suplex

Wazawai Tenjite (Misfortune turning into Blessing)

A skill that allows Kanbei to move with his ball. While spinning you can 
attack and do a little jump with the square button,or accelerate with 
the triangle button. 

note:also known as "sonic mode"

there are two tiers of speed while you are on this state

-slow,which is easier to maneuver,and attack enemies,you are in this state 
by default,and will gain speed overtime,to decrease speed,use the square 
button(you can also alter your direction while midair),which decrease the 
speed by a bit,or X button,which decreases the speed greatly

if you hit a wall while in this speed you will just be redirected to 
somewhere else and will start to gain speed

if you slow down too much then the skill will be canceled/stopped

-fast,much faster and hard to control,you will be in this state after a while 
passed without slowing down,bouncing off walls while in slow speed or 
pressing the triangle button,which instantly puts you in this state.

if you hit a wall during this level of speed you will be slammed against it,
which ends the skill abruptly and is vulnerable to enemy attacks

Yaku ha Michidzure (Calamity calls for companions)

A bomb falls on Kanbei's head, and the ensuing explosions hit surrounding 
enemies,and will launch kanbei skywards,and soon lands with a huge explosion 
which deals heavy damage anyone hit by it 

After the bomb falls,enemy movement is temporarily blocked, so it's not 
easy to be disrupted,after the first explosion you can change the direction 
in midair.

note:the "flying" animation of kanbei deals multiple hits,and if you could 
connect all of the attacks(initial explosion,flying animation,and landing)
into a single target then it will recieve massive damage.

But of course doing so is quite hard to do and is quite impractical.

2.7 Tsuruhime


a.Charged Arrows

a multitude of tsuruhime's bow skills can be charged,however,the mechanics 
differs to that of other characters,in order to get the maximum power you 
need to release the button right when the arrow flashes,if you keep holding 
the button the charge will repeat itself until you release it.

Releasing the button at any other point of the charge wil just fire the 
normal version of the skill.

The chargeable skills are:

-Itobari no Ya (Threadbind Arrow)
-Ichi no Neraiya (First Aim Arrow)
-Nayuta Issen (Tera Flash)

b.Delayed Shots

Tsuruhime's S string have different outcomes when you delay the 3rd shot and
the last shot by a bit,instead of shooting one arrow she will release several
salvos of arrows,Devil May Cry players should've been accustomed by this 
mechanic already

c.if you managed to hit an enemy with the triangle attack while midair you 
will bounce upwards once again(which is steerable),you can keep doing this as 
long as there's enemies to hit,mario,anyone?


Itobari no Ya (Threadbind Arrow)

Arrows are thrown upwards, and the enemies they hit when falling have their 
movements sealed temporarily. Activating it when the arrow sparkles makes the 
sealed movement time get longer. 

Ichi no Neraiya (First Aim Arrow)

An arrow is shot straight in front. Hold the button and you can move left or 
right, while changing the aim up or down. 

Shoot it when the arrow sparkles for added collateral damage.

Araya no Kawashiya (Parrying Pico Arrows)

Five arrows are shot forward while jumping backwards. The jump's direction 
can be controlled with the stick. Tsuruhime is invincible while jumping. 

The animation after this skill can be cut by canceling in other skills.

Nayuta Issen (Tera Flash)

A big arrow is shot forward, attracting enemies around it. Releasing it 
when the arrow sparkles makes for more hits & damage. 
But if you miss the right timing the recovery lag gets longer.

If you shoot it without charging there's no lag but no added power-hits either.

note:this skill will push bosses far away while doing multiple hits and 
pierce through machines

using the charged version against Tadakatsu and Muneshige is one of the 
easiest way to beat them since it pushes them far away while doing heavy 
damage,enabling you to ready another shot when they recover from it and 
repeat it all over again.

Secret Skills

Muryou no Ya (Limitless Arrow)

Several arrows float near Tsuruhime for a set amount of time. After level up 
this time gets longer. 

While they are active they protect Tsuruhime from any damage once.

Here's how it affects her gameplay:

S-string: All single hits become multiple/spread shots
Midair strong attack: When you land the floating arrows are shot in 360* 
Taunt: The arrows are shot in a straight line in front one after the other.
Threadbind Arrow: More arrows & hits,but no more movement sealing.Enemies 
are also gathered in one place.
First Aim Arrow: The arrows line up and are shot all together
Parrying Pico Arrows: The arrows spin and can hit enemies.
Tera Flash: Attack power up and bigger hitbox for the arrow.

After the s-string and Parrying Pico arrows the floating arrows remain,
but after the midair attack and the taunt they disappear. 

With the other skills,if you get the timing right the arrows are replenished. 

note:when paired with the S-string's initial shot,and the golden lance item,
you can create a powerful,yet boring build by just using the initial spread 
shot on the S string over and over again.

Also,its not as powerful as magoichi's version of this setup

Seisou Kiraraya (Purifying Mica Arrow)

Tsuruhime will draw a big heart using her arrow and after that will fire it 
forward,it has a wide AOE and most non boss soldiers will be charmed when hit.

They will then cheer for Tsuruhime,and her Basara gauge will automatically 
The more units (allies included) you hit,the faster you can fill the gauge.

note:this skill will make tsuruhime pretty much invincible,provided there's a 
steady supply of grunts to charm,as long as you don't kill your "followers" 
your BASARA gauge will keep filling like crazy,even during BASARA attacks!,on 
Sekigahara intrusion this is THE skill of choice.

Also,taunting after you charm poeple with this skill will make them explode(!)
this does little damage and will end the charm status on them

Fukashigiya (Miraculous Arrow)

Tsuruhime takes out a giant soap bubble stick and swing it once,
enemies hit by it are wrapped in soap bubbles,and float upwards.

Hold the button down for more reach (but it doesn't change much). 

Taunt with trapped enemies present and the bubbles will pop. 

note:more of a fun skill,its practically useless on a serious combat,makes a 
fun combo with magoichi's rocket launcher in multiplayer however.

Also,Tsuruhime's personal item set creates the same effect by dashing past 
enemies while the item set equipped,the bubble cover will dissipate after a 
while but will be back again after you perform a BASARA attack.

2.8 Otani Yoshitsugu


a.Cursed Body

contracting a deadly contagious disease on its era,not many people are eager 
to touch yoshitsugu directly,this may explain why in-game model of yoshitsugu 
is immune to all kinds of "throw" attacks

the list of attacks that yoshitsugu is immune to is as listed:

-Mitsunari's Zanshu/Decapitation
-Kanbei's Anagura Otoshi/Suplex (but the tornado part can still hurt 
-all versions of Kotaro's Tsui/izuna drop and Chou (Leap) followups(the first 
part of the move still damages yoshitsugu normaly)
-Oichi's Kudake Hi no Yume (but the hand slam still damages yoshitsugu)

b.curse mark

almost all of yoshitsugu's skills and attacks has the ability to create a
barrier of sorts,any enemies in the vicinity of said barrier will be "marked"
for a set duration,during which yoshitsugu's bead attacks will deal 
additional effects to them

here are the attacks/skills that creates barriers when you hold certain 
buttons during the skill activation:

-S-string:hold the S-string/square button at any part of the attack to erect
a large barrier right in front of yoshitsugu,while holding you can move 
freely and the duration of the barrier is indefinite/as long as you hold it

-Modoruna Chinsei:Holding down the skill button after the skill ends 
creates a huge barrier field

-Ugatsuna Hachiyo:Creates a mid-size barrier field after the skill if you 
keep holding the skill button,it will only last for a while before yoshitsugu
starts firing again.

-Chiruna Tenga:Hold down the skill button,and at the same time as the spheres 
scatters a barrier field is formed in front.

-Hazeruna Ketu:Hold the skill button down to create a huge barrier field in 

-Sekuna Hokoboshi:Holding down the S-string/Square button creates a very small 
barrier field in front,it last only for a very short while.

-Chikaruna Suibou:this skill automatically marks all visible targets onscreen 
when its used.

Having his Personal Item set equipped will add 3 extra hits on marked enemies
but whether this additional hits is worth the 4 slot loss is up to you to 


Holding the skill 1 button(default is triangle) while jumping will make 
yoshitsugu float in place while firing a cone shaped ray to the ground that 
sucks nearby enemies towards him and make them float upwards until you 
release the button or a moment is passed,during which yoshitsugu will slam
his palanquin down with full force.


Modoruna Chinsei (Saturn Returns)

Several spheres are thrown at mid-distance. The enemies they hit are drawn 

If the enemies are marked blue spheres are generated, which also have
drawing properties. 

note:very useful for both duelling and crowd control,this does decent damage  
if there's only one marked person when you used the skill

Ugatsuna Hachiyo (The Eighth Day* Proceeds)(It is a branch of Thai astrology)

Single long distance strike. You can shoot the spheres behind Yoshitsugu's 
back, and move while doing it. 

With the mark on,homing blue spheres that can make enemies float in midair is 
fired along with the normal forward projectiles. 

note:Yoshitsugu's bread and butter skill for most of the battles,you can 
simply strafe the battlefield and clear most maps unscathed using this skill

The only bad thing about this skill is that its slow enough for the bosses 
to avoid and approach you,with that said,you better stick to other skills 
when fighting a boss unless you're playing multiplayer and is on a supporting 
role,which makes this skill truly awesome since you can let someone tank for 

Chiruna Tenga (Galaxy Scatters)

The spheres spin and then shot in a spreading fashion. More hits to marked 

note:another crowd control skill,this one looks cool but the startup is quite 
slow,so make sure there's no one close when you perform this

Hazeruna Ketu (Ketu* Bursts) (the shadow planet in Hindu mythology)

Yoshitsugu spins the speres very fast at his sides, gathering enemies,
which are then brought upwards and scattered away with the spheres. 

If the foes are marked they are blasted away regardless of their distance.

note:yet another crowd control skill,this one hits everyone near you so its 
best performed when you're swarmed,but don't get swarmed all the time since 
you'll bound to get hit if you keep fighting in close range

Secret Skills

Sekuna Hokoboshi (Spear Comet* Hastens) (It is a type of comet whose tail is 
shaped like a Hoko, an old style of two-bladed spear.)

High speed movement using the spheres as wheels. Speed goes up with the 
s-string button and down with the skill button. The engine stops with the 
secret skill button. Jumping is possible. If the foe is marked, the blue 
spheres cause additional hits. 

note:a.k.a "gyoubumobile",pressing/holding the skill button while turning 
will make the "car" drift,after which it will drastically gain speed

this skill is essential if you want to travel places fast,the mark bead 
support attack is definitely the best on this skill,its a very fast salvos 
of homing beads,too bad the mark field is very small and the speed of the 
skill is quite hard to control in actual combat,but using this skill you can 
easily defeat both masamune and kojuuro in their own map/game

Chikaruna Suibou (Awn Comet Empowers*) 

The spheres are inserted in Yoshitsugu's body, raising their attack. 
All enemies in the field of view are marked. It takes half energy at Lv. 30, 
1/3 at lv. 40 and 1/5 at level 50.

note:dangerous to use at lower levels,this becomes a godsend when you got it 
maxed out,its massively increases Otani's attack power while at the same time 
marks everyone onscreen automatically

when you aren't using the first secret skill you should be using this one 
instead,mainly because Yoshitsugu lacks a "killer" skill at his disposal 
since the majority of his skills are aimed towards massive crowd control 

Numaruna Amatsu Mikaboshi* (The August Star of Heaven Swamps) 

A wide-range attack on the ground while floating in midair. A enemy-sucking 
swamp is formed in front. 

In marked mode, light bullets from the swamp strike the foes. Using the jump 
strong attack while this skill is active removes its damaging effect.

note:a fun skill,especially for multiplayer mash ups,but otherwise its pales 
in comparison to the other two skills

2.9 Maeda Keiji


a.Special taunt & BASARA atack

taunting succesfully adds one extra spin to the last part of Keiji's BASARA 
attack,there's no limit to how many extra spin attacks Keiji can perform

note:before everyone thinks this is an utterly broken skill,there are 
setbacks that prevents it from being very abusable,which are:

-his taunt animation is the longest in the game,very impractical to use mid 

-compared to previous games,the BASARA attacks in this game have been scaled 
down in damage,including keiji's,which means unless you add a LOT of extra 
spins,it won't be much different than a normal BASARA attack

-keiji no longer have his old personal item,which allows him to force generic
soldier&officers to dance along with him when he taunts,which makes the 
taunt somewhat safer to do mid battle back then

b.Ultimate cancel attribute

Since his debut in SB2 keiji's trademark ability is the ability to cancel 
almost everything he does into the skill "Koi no Kakehiki",which have varying 
results depending of what move/action keiji canceled into.

This trait is also present on this game and offers even more variations and 
flexibility,for more details,check the "Koi no Kakehiki" skill section


Koi Tsudzuri (Love Composition)

Keiji swings his oversized sword left and right multiple times. 

After level up,more hits possible by mashing the s-string/square button.

note:see "love tactics" for this skill's special ability

Koi no Kakehiki (Love Tactics)

The outcome of this skill depends on which skill/movement you cancel it from. 

Unusable in midair and while riding the horse.

Here's the details of the skill:

-When used standalone it is a set of special moves that needs precise timing
("just inputs") that loops endlesly if you managed to do it fluently,in order
to do the followups succesfully press the skill button right when the 
"flower icon" appears on the screen.

The order of attacks goes like this:
1.Flower toss
3.spinning blade toss
4.overhead kick
5.spinning foward slash
6.double kick
7.overhead scabbard toss
8.loops back to flower toss 

-when used along with the S-string it will perform a specific move depending
on how many normal attacks you do before you press the skill button.

For example,after you attack twice with the S string and press the skill 
button,keiji will perform the spinning blade toss,which is move #3 in the 
list,if you attack three times before using the skill it will perform the 
overhead kick,which is #4 in the list

-when used during Koi Tsudzuri,it will have a special followup where keiji 
flings the opponent upwards and slashes them multiple times in midair,in 
the previous games this was a standalone skill called "Ukiyo no Koi"

you need to mash the square button after the initial slice to perform this 
additional attack

-When you use it early while doing oshi no itte he will trip and slide 
face-down,this does a multiple hits,great damage and high chance to activate
element effects,it also has a high chance of guard breaking,the catch is the 
recovery lag is horrible and will leave you open for a long while.

If you do it late,keiji will perform an overhead pole kick which can be 
followed up with the next love tactics move,for some unknown reason,the next
followup can sometimes change into the oshi no itte again

-when you use it during hitomebore before he slams he will place the blade 
upside down and falls down in front of him,damaging anyone is front,more 
of a joke move without much practical use...

-when you use it to cancel yumegokochi,keiji does a breakdance kick that 
does multiple hits and decent damage all around him

-during Koibumi Okuri you can use it to refuse undesirable presents from 
Yumekichi (the bomb or the slowing jar)

-you can use it to cancel your BASARA attack during any point of the attack,
keiji will perform a powerful bodycheck when you do this

canceling his BASARA attack is best done after the last hit unless you are 
feeling generous or just want to mess around,also,its almost impossible to 
hit with the bodycheck during the last slice of the BASARA attack unless its 
the ultimate BASARA version

-once for each battle,you can cheat death by using the skill just before 
keiji's death animation completes,this will revive you with a sliver of health 

note:do NOT mash the skill button to perform the skill followups,it will most
likely fail instead,the flower icon prompts are slow enough to do the followups 

Oshi no Itte (Pressing Forward)

A forward charge skill that knocks enemies in the air. 

Hold the button down for a follow-up midair attack.

note:you can add additional attacks while in midair by pressing the square 

Hitomebore (Love at First Sight)

Keiji puts back his sword in the sheath and smacks the ground with the weapon 
in scarlet spear mode. Once it hits the enemies you can add more hits with 
the s-string button.

note:the skill can keep going as long as you have enemies to hit,it will stop 
once you ran out of things to hit

Secret Skills

Yumegokochi (Almost dreaming)

Mash the s-string after it activates to recover health. 
After level up you'll recover health much faster.

note:this is the essential skill for "serious" keiji players,combined with 
his revival ability,this makes keiji a very tough character to defeat,thank 
capcom that the CPU cannot use this skill

pressing the secret skill button again will cancel the skill and keiji will 
perform a scabbard toss forwards

Koibumi Okuri (Send a Love Letter)

Keiji sends Yumekichi on an errand. Yumekichi can bring back one of four 
items: Onigiri, money box, slowing jar or bomb. 

This skill is only good if you're a Yumekichi fan, since for healing 
"Almost dreaming" is way better.

note:once you activate this skill it will be active for quite a while,
meaning yumekichi will keep bringing stuffs to you.

Iromeku Ichidai (Season of Love)

Keiji dinks a lot of sake and gets totally wasted. 

during this state keiji walks slowly and can produce counterattacks with the 
s-string or skill buttons. 

The combo counter won't reset while it's active, and if you get a counter 
right the activation time will increase. 

When you activate it, and succeed in a counter, the nearby enemies are 
incited to attack you (same thing that happens as when you taunt) 

The taunt is also different. Press the secret skill button again to cancel it

note:one of the coolest skills in the game,but its quite impractical to use
and the attack power isn't that great,it is badass looking however.

the taunt in this state is way faster than keiji's normal taunt,but sadly
it won't give any additional attacks towards Keiji's BASARA,unlike the normal 

2.10 Shimazu Yoshihiro


a.Jigenryuu style S-string  

Yoshihiro possesses a very unique style of S string,in order to do the 
following attacks of the S string,you need to connect your first attack into 
a hittable object,be it an enemy,a blocking enemy,or an item box,only after 
that you can continue with the rest of the attack

should you miss with the initial attack there wil be a huge lag before you 
can move again,but this can be remedied by performing any special skill,most 
notably Jigenryu Kappa because it has the fastest startup and has no lag in 
the end

Yoshihiro also have two variations of his S string:

-an idle one where you only press the S string without moving,this ends in 
a heavy overhead slam,this does the most damage but is quite unwieldy

-a mobile one where you can control which direction yoshihiro will head to,
this S string ends with a slightly weaker upswing attack which can be dash
canceled to skip its recovery

it is possible to have a mobile S string with the idle finisher as long as 
you stop pressing the directional button before the final attack

b.Focus stance

when you hold the S string button Yoshihiro will go into a special stance,
during this stance you will only be able to walk slowly but the attack that 
comes of this stance is slightly faster and easily aimed

c.Freakish strength & Short fuse

Yoshihiro's main shining point is the amount of damage he deals,even his 
simple looking S string can outdamage the majority of other character's 
most damaging skills

In fact,yoshihiro can still outperform most of the cast while being 
outfitted with nothing but novelty equipments or defense boosters

He also possesses one of,if not the shortest BASARA gauge in the game,while 
its not as powerful as some of his other skills(?!),this means you can always 
bail out of sticky situations since you will almost always have your BASARA 
filled to the max all the time.

d.Iron Body & One Hit Certain Kill technique

Yoshihiro can slightly damage enemies and break boxes just by touching them 
while dashing,he's also slightly harder to juggle when hit by a juggle 
attack and will land faster

he's also a proud owner of not one,but two instant kill techniques in the 
game in the form of the skill "Jigenryuu dangan" and his personal item set,
which makes everyone including himself,die in one hit

this however,does not affect your multiplayer partner and the enemies they 
dealt with,which means when playing with another player its very possible 
to blast through a stage in mere seconds with the "revival insurance" 
from another player


Jigenryu Gekishou (Jigen Style Brilliant Strike)

A multi-hit spinning lightning slash. Lightning elemental.

note:basic attack,downs enemies,pretty slow startup....not quite worth it

Jigenryu Shungeki (Jigen Style Instant Fury)

A horizontal slash after jumping. Pressing the s-string button continues
it into Jigenryuu Ukibune (Jigen Style Floating Boat). 

Floating boat is a Slash up->side slash->side slash 3-part skill. 
After the first jumping strike you can cancel it into other skills. 
You can cancel the lag after the last slash by dashing.

note:your basic crowd control and dueling method,its fast and covers a large
area,plus you can skip the recovery animation by dash canceling

when using the instant kill item set you should be doing nothing but this 
skill>dash cancel>repeat since its both safer and and effective this way

Jigenryu Kappa (Jigen Style Yelling Destruction)

Nearby enemies are blown away by a shout of pure spirit! Shields and boxes 
canbe destroyed too. It causes small damage at point blank.

note:lesser grunts that got hit by this skill will sometimes lose the will 
to fight and run away,it has a very fast startup and decent AoE,too bad 
only the point blank range will instantly kill your enemy when using the PI 

a great skill to cancel into when you miss with your attack or S string

Jigenryu Rengoku (Jigen Style Multiple Judgement)

A series of slashes from a firm position. You can add more hits by mashing 
the s-string button. The final part can be canceled into other skills.

note:not that good of a skill since the power of each individual slash is 
lacking,only useful for racking combos,something which you should not be 
doing anyways with yoshihiro...

Secret Skills

Jigenryu Tenrai (Jigen Style Sky's Lightning) 

The weapon's power and reach increase. 

The falling lightning during startup damages nearby enemies.

note:a decent skill when you first got it,it becomes pretty much obsolete 
after you unlock the other two skills

Jigenryu Kijin* (Jigen Style Swift Demon)(phonetically,it means Demon God)

A long-distance energy wave is shot forward. You can charge it to choose 
the timing of the shot, but its power won't increase.

note:severely downgraded from the previous installment version where it can 
deal massive damage to a boss when fully charged,it is still an exceptional 
skill in this game,with the correct placement,one shot can instantly max out
your BASARA gauge

when paired with the instant kill item set it becomes deadly against 
everything in front of you,as long as there's no one near you that is

Jigenryu Dangan (Jigen Style Boulder Divider)

One slash to terminate anything!

You have super armor while charging,can change the direction slightly 
after fully charged .

note:the description says it all,this is the deadliest skill in the whole 
series since day 1,there are a few tweaks this time around:

-it no longer damages/kills enemies that is directly behind you

-the area of effect is greatly reduced,and replaced with a slight aiming 

-due to the parry recovery time difference between this game and the prequel
you can no longer successfully land a clean hit on a stunned boss after a 

-the addition of sword clashes&the slo mo drive negates the above setback 
however,and guarantees almost 100% kill chance should you win the clash/used 
it while in slo mo

-at the highest difficulty,muneshige and "last life" nobunaga can survive the
attack but will still take massive damage,about 70% for muneshige and 50% for 

2.11 Chosokabe Motochika


a.Im a Pirate!

when you got a boss trapped in your net and another player kills them
you will still get the items/weapons they drop no matter how far apart you 
are from them

when you have his personal item equipped,enemies hit by Isshoku will drop 
gold coins.


Sabaki (3 Subjugating Demon Judgment)

2 Blows with the spear in flames. The first blow can smash shields, and the 
second can guard break. Post-lag is dash-cancelable.

note:you can also followup with another skill after it ends,including with
the same skill again,which makes an infinite loop,but don't get carried over
since the lag between the first blow and the second is quite large

its pretty good for base captains and large crowds,but is not the best 
choice for duelling

Isshoku (1 Hook)

Enemies are fished up and drawn close. Keep the skill button pressed for a 
follow-up strike on close enemies. More hits possible after level-up.

note:you can followup with any kinds of attack after each "fishing" animation
including the S string

Shibaku (4 Restraining Strike)

Enemies in front are trapped in a net. Keep the skill button pressed for 
follow-up hits. After level up the net lasts longer. Unusable against 
Tadakatsu, Yoshitsugu,demon nobunaga and the tiger.

You can also end the skill prematurely by holding the skill button,this will 
make motochika do a 3 hit combo that ends with a stab that destroys the net,

the attack does tremendous guard damage(guaranteed guard break on 2nd hit),
and will also deal heavy damage(almost a full string combo worth of damage) 
should every hits connect,this is best performed when you see the enemy 
guarding right as you are using the skill

note:the net lasts ridiculously long on max level,this is motochika's main 
way of duelling bosses,its boils down to you to find a fun way to torture the 
bosses once you have them trapped

some suggestions includes:
-Sabaki loops
-ground Tobi loop
-Rokugen loop
-taunting the boss at point blank to gain BASARA gauge

also,its seems that the damage an enemy recieves while trapped is scaled down
quite a lot,so fast multihit attacks is better than powerful ones when you 
got them trapped,which means the BASARA attack,and a perfectly timed Gekirei 
is a bit useless on a trapped boss

the alternative attack done by holding the button is also a good way to troll 
base captains due to its sheer strength and guard break ability

Tobi (10 Fly)

Jump attack by swinging with the spear. Usable in midair.

note:used to be a so so skill in the prequels,its not beefed up quite a bit,
with the correct timing,you can do an endless loop of this skill,which has 
multiple uses such as,

-a mobility skill,you can use the ground Tobi loop to traverse the map 
pretty quickly,change directions right after the skill ends to steer your way

-base killer,by keeping the Dpad/analog stick in neutral you can perform a 
constant Tobi againt the guard captain,each "sail" will severely damage him 
and will easily break its guard overtime

However,its not doable with air version because in SB3 you can only perform 
2 air skills in succession,the next one you attempted to perform will end 
up being a normal air strong attack instead

Secret Skills

Rokugen (6 Limit)

Multiple hits with the spear. Pressing the s-string button adds more hits. 
It can continue into 1 Hook after it ends.

note:a neat new skill for Aniki,perfectly tailored to hit enemies that is 
trapped within the net,it also have a somewhat endless loop with the Hook 
skill,but in truth bosses can escape from that loop quite easily,so trapping 
them within the net is still the way to go for duelling

Gekirei (Cheering Strike 0)

The spear is spun and then smashed into the ground, causing a shockwave. 
Get the right timing for added power. 

The spear hits enemies even while spinning, and you can also move (slowly) 
while spinning it.

note:an old skill extremely revamped,its now Aniki's strongest means of 
dealing damage,mastery of the timing of the skill lets you perform a lot of 
impressive feats such as one shotting a base captain or a wild tiger

this also deals massive damage to bosses but needs a safe momentum to pull 
off due to the slow startup of the skill

The best timing is after the second "ANIKI!" call,after the spear has been 
spun twice and is above Aniki's right shoulder,release the button right at 
that moment and you should see the ground exploding and all hell breaks loose

Goukyuu (Dreadnought 9)

Aniki uses his anchor spear to surf the battlefield casually

You can make a 2-stage attack with the s-string button,jump,and execute the 
finisher with the skill or secret skill button,swerving left/right will cause 
flame blasts appear from the opposite side,which deals damage.

note:having Chosokabe Motochika playable without having his trademark skill 
is a sin of the highest degree apparently,even thought it has little use in 
actual combat,its no exception in this installment

the skill had been massively revamped from the previous installment that it 
allows infinite surfing until you manually stop it or got hit by something

the new S string attack covers 360* around you and can easily kill off 
surrounding grunts but lacks power to fight officers and bosses

it also lacks speed levels that other character mobility skill possesses so 
its not that useful in the oushuu horse race map,but in turn its much more 
easier to handle and steer compared to the speedier skills

2.12 Fuuma Kotaro


a.Lightweight body

Fuuma has a unique jump animation where the upwards momentum is very fast 
but is very slow to land,almost as if he is floating in the air

b.Air dash

fuuma also possesses the only "double jump" motion in SB3 in the form of 
air dash,accessible by pressing the jump button twice,the startup animation 
damages enemies slightly and the attack that comes out of it is a spread 
shuriken toss instead of an air attack/S string

you can do another air dash as long as you managed to connect an aerial
attack of any form

c.Aerial skills 

several characters in the game has special skills that is doable both in the 
ground and while airborne,in Fuuma's case however,almost everything he can do 
on the ground,he can perform much better while airborne

simply put,there's only two skils that doesnt have an aerial version for 
Fuuma,which is Shitsu (swiftly) and Han (counter)

also,almost all of his ground skills ends up with both fuuma and its target 
airborne,suggesting you to continue the offensive on the sky

Fuuma also possesses a unique air S string that deals 5 hits with an actual 
finisher where he kicks the target away,the only other character with a 
"complete" aerial attack string is ieyasu with his charge air string.

all aerial attacks in the game have the same rule:you can keep doing them 
as long as you alternate between attacks and all attacks successfully hit 
a target,failing to satisfy either one of this conditions will end your 
combos abruptly

d.Alternate S string

Holding the square/S string button during any part of the ground S 
string will make Fuuma perform an a juggle starter,pressing S multiple times 
immediately will make him follow up with a special aircombo where Fuuma 
teleports and slashes through the enemy multiple times

its moderately stronger than the normal air string but the ender smacks the 
enemy back into the ground while you still floats midair,making it a bit 
harder to followup with certain attacks and skills

delaying a bit will cause fuuma to simply teleport upwards and follow up with
the normal air string

also,aerial heavy attack can launch enemies and can be jump canceled so you 
can either start/continue an aircombo after it or keep chaining the heavy attack


Shitsu (Swiftly)

Does a dashing slash using both Ninjato while spinning them in high speed. 

Can be dash canceled,it's easier to control if you dash before doing it. 

note:has a potential of a great attack,too bad the skill button is shared 
with another skill which will usually ruin the possibility of a loop with 
this skill

theoreticaly,Shitsu>dash cancel loop can devastate even Tadakatsu when 
equipped with a wind element weapon,but most of the time you will end up 
performing Chou (leap) instead............

if you managed to find a way to go around this uncomfortable situation then 
this skill can be very powerful indeed,kinda like Masamune's repeated 
Magnum Steps

"a simple solution to this problem is to dash with the directional buttons 
(press up twice)while holding the analog stick in the direction of your path"
(a very brilliant suggestion by runarraw,thank you!)

Chou (Leap)

Performs a drill kick diagonally upwards. After level up you can 
hold the skill button down for a follow-up attack. 

note:Fuuma's basic aircombo starter,easy to use and deals decent damage,
too bad it shares the same button with Shitsu which complicates its use in 

after level up fuuma gains an additional move that is used to be a separate 
skill in previous installments called "Kou" (strangle)

the move is an aerial heel drop that has different results depending on 
where the enemy was hit,

-If the foe is on the ground, Fuuma will grab his neck,spin him around 
and toss him forward.the spin animation damages nerby enemies

-If the foe is on midair,fuuma will slit a throat of a single enemy,which 
deals heavy damage

due to the skill being a 3 in 1 skill now its pretty hard to actually aim 
for the ground followup since there will be enemies bound to be flung 
upwards with you during the first part of the move

San (Scatter)

Kotaro turns into shurkines that slice & dice the surroundings. It makes 
enemies float in midair. While Kotaro is invisible, he will still take 
damage from enemy attacks.

note:very wide area and multiple hits will make this skill seem to be 
overpowered,but people must realize that the skill does little in damage 
and is not invulnerable at all,so it must be used sparringly instead

Fuuma recovers in midair after the skill is finished,you can followup 
with any kinds of attack,including the air version fo this skill

also,the air version sucks nearby enemies to it

Han (Counter)

Fuuma performs several hand seals,during which if an enemy attack him he 
will counter with a series of teleport slashes

Works while guarding and taking damage too. It can be used as an emergency 
avoiding method. NPCs don't receive knockback from its hits so the final 
lag could be fatal.

note:a cool looking but somewhat inferior counter skill compared to the 
former playable ninjas Sasuke and Kasuga used to have,the damage isnt that 
great and its not as abusable as the two's counter skill 

Fuuma also ends up in midair when the skill is sucessfuly performed

Secret Skills

Fuu (Seal)

A circle is drawn on the ground, which attracts enemies inside and then 
blows them up. Usable in midair. Hold down the button to teleport near the 
floating enemies.

note:right after the teleport mash the S string buton quickly to 
perform Fuuma's special teleport combo,a.k.a his alternate S string

if you delay the buttonpress for just a bit it will just come out as the 
normal air string

Sen (Rotation)

A huge shuriken is thrown in front, which sucks up & slices enemies all 
around. Usable in midair. In this case, keep the button pressed and the 
shuriken will crawl along the ground as if "orbiting".

note:a very versatile skill and arguably the best skill of the 3 secret 
skill,its very safe and easy to use,and can deal decent damage with the 
correct setups

like almost every other skill,the ground version ends with fuuma slightly 
floating in midair

Tsui (Fall)

Fuuma does a pose and dashes forward,enemies in front are kicked up,and 
one is grabbed and finished with a vertical drop. 

Usable in midair. In midair Kotaro advances straight, but 
keep the button pressed to make him aim at the ground. A huge lag is 
created if it misses, but it's easy to connect in midair.

note:also known as the "izuna drop"

a famous ninja technique that fuuma suprisingly just added recently to his 
arsenal of skills,its a grab technique,meaning certains enemies are immune 
to it,but the ones that does,gets totally cheesed out by this skill

its advised to use the horizontal aerial version above anything else since 
it has the fastest startup and has no recovery lag at all

the trick is to perform a really short jump and quickly press the skill 
button to perform it in the ground

2.13 Mouri Motonari


a.Extra skill:Nukite "Retsu" (Removing Move "Violence")

Motonari spins his sword, delivering lots of hits, and then
launches enemies in the air.You can change the direction of the skill at 
any time with the analog stick/d-pad.

to peform this,hold the square button during any if the square attack string 
animation except for the S string finisher,you can end the skill prematurely
by releasing the square button early

b.master of insults

motonari is the proud owner of the fastest taunt the the whole BASARA series,
his taunt animation takes only around 1~1,5 seconds to finish,along with this
fact,you can do a lot of things with it,such as:

-fill your BASARA gauge quickly while fighting hordes of enemies and/or 
boss/es(make sure you stall them with motonari's various traps though)
-detonate your shadow copy early
-send controled soldiers into a suicide run


to motonari,except for himelf,everyone else in the field is merely his pawns,
including his own allies,and thus he can hit his own allies,this can be used 
in conjuction with several skills of his to his benefit,such as

-Kaeshite "Ten":allies hit by this becomes a "human projectile" that deals 
decent damage upon contact with enemies
-Fuujite "Kai" :allies hit by this can be controlled directly to attack 
enemies,and can also be detonated to deal damage to surounding enemies


Meijite "Sha" (Ordering Move "Shooting")

Motonari calls 4 archers behind him,which fires arrow volleys forward.

If you hold down the skill button you can control the firing squad's aim,
but after you release the button you can no longer control them.
(and they will continue firing at that direction until they got hit) 

note:as with everyone else,you can hit these archers and send them flying,
but you can't control them using fuujite "kai"

this skill can become quite deadly when paired with one ot two "walls" so 
they reflect back and forth while hitting a target repeatedly,even moreso 
if you have motochika as 2P to trap the target with his net

summon these fellows anytime you want a quick set of pawns to fire at a 

Kaeshite "Ten" (Returning Move "Revolution")

Motonari spins his ring blades in front while jumping. All enemies hit by 
this are blown away directly in front of Motonari.

note:this deals HEAVY damage,and is motonari's core skill in his gameplay,
with this skill you can easily manipulate your "walls" and reposition them 
to do fatal damage to bosses,or create a set of human projectiles from your 

its suggested that you end his S string with this attack since it deals much 
more damage than the finisher and gives you room and time to set up traps

Hajikite "Heki" (Repelling Move "Wall")

A wall repelling enemies, arrows and bullets is formed in front.
Hold the skill button to determine where the barrier will show up.
(the longer you hold the further it goes) 
The barrier can be hit to change its location. 

At level 2 you can create 2 of them, and at level MAX they also suck up 

note:another staple skill on motonari's gameplay,but now its more versatile
than ever because you can reposition it any way you wanted by using S string 
or "ten"

various things you can do with this skill includes:
-hold out a barrier or two in front of you and taunt the enemies repeatedly 
to gain BASARA gauge

-put two barriers parallel to each other,enemies that touches one barrier will 
be bounced back and forth between barrier until it expires,dealing heavy 
damage,more pain can be registered if you put a firing squad aiming at them,
and/or fire the solar beam that will be powered up twice by the walls

-place a wall inside the Kinjite "Baku" ring to reset the size and prolong its 

-kill/deal fatal damage to a boss using the infamous "deathwall" trap,the 
trick is to corner the boss into the edge of an area and create a wall very 
near(or if you can,INSIDE them),

this way they will suffer very rapid damage from the wall that which most 
likely will kill them outright or leave them with very little health left

this trick originates from SB2 where motonari debuts,but its quite 
"hardcore" to do back then because you need precise timing and a very good 
opening to set up the trap,in SB3 you can reposition the wall quite easily 
to suit your need,making this trick much more abusable

Sasoite "Gen" (Inviting hand "Illusion")

A copy of Motonari is created, which attracts the enemies' attention. 
It explodes when hit, after a certain time passes, or if you taunt. 
Its AoE is wide and damage is pretty high too. 
Enemies don't guard while it's active (The "visitor" doesn't either)

note:pay attention to the last feature of this skill,it can be easily abused 
to create easy openings against bosses,especialy when you play 2P co op,
with that said,always have a shadow copy readied when you're facing a boss

Secret Skills

Fuujite "Kai" (Sealing Hand "Hold")

Enemies hit by Motonari's attack fall under his control. 
At max level you can control 4 enemies at a time. 
Only normal soldiers and giant soldiers can be controlled. 
When you taunt,the units you control will run forward and explode. 
This also happens when you activate the Basara attack too.

note:a fun skill,but doesn't have much practical use,4 giant soldiers 
spinning at once may seem amusing but its less likely to happen and they 
won't last very long anyways,the explosion they cause is also nothing to 
write home about

Owari no Te "Teru" (Final Move "Shining")

Enemies are burned with the help of the Great Sun. 
Not a trap, so unaffected by Motonari's personal item. Hold down the button 
and you can change the light's direction. If you aim it at a "wall" trap the 
light will be reflected and become horizontal. Shooting it from a lower 
position to an upper one gives more hits and power.

note:another fun skill,it looks quite poweful but it only chips the bosses 
health bit by bit,the good thing is,if they managed to get hit by it,the will
be stagerred by the skill until the skill ends,which means they'll eat the 
whole beam,which has a quite englty duration,that is of course,if no one 
else hits you out of it

can be powered up by placing two parallel walls which thickens the beam upon 
hitting them

this skill is blockable but with the help of the shadow copy skill,bosses 
that turtles is no longer an issue

Kinjite "Baku" (Forbidding Hand "Bind")

Lobs a giant ring fly forward; the enemies trapped inside are crushed to 
Charging the skill enlarges the ring diametre,it can be charged longer after 
level up. 

note:used to be motonari's "end all/win button" skill,the damage it did in 
SB2&H and its duration are so immense that if the boss didnt die,your BASARA 
gauge would already filled to the brim if you taunt the boss while they are 
trapped inside the ring,and hence they will become BASARA fodder once the 
skill ends.

in SB3,the damage its deals are severely reduced,and so does the ability to 
stun bosses(they can sometimes escape from it),the only good thing is that 
now you can use the wall skill to prolong its duration and reset its size 
twice(making the duration three times longer)

2.14 Honda Tadakatsu


a.Iron body

Tadakastu can take light hits/rock/heavy projectiles without staggering, 
and can break boxes as well as damaging enemies just by running them over

this sometimes can be a double edged sword if your tadakatsu has a low 
defense stats and takes a lot of "light hits" in hard mode,so always be 
ready to guard/dodge/counter incoming attacks

Tadakatsu also cannot ride horses

b.combo gadgets

the majority of tadakatsu's skills are powerups/enhancements that can be 
stacked with each other to give various effects to his avaiable attack 
options,there are a multitude of combinations that you could use,all of 
which are listed on the skill list


Engo Keitai (Back-up Mode)

Deploys a multitude of small drones,who will provide support fire. 
Enemies are brought near Tadakatsu. You can force them to fire by taunting.
The drones will retreat inside tadakatsu after a while and needs to be 
redeployed,it does not have any startup animations and can be done anytime,
even during attacks and while jumping.

note:this used to be a very powerful skill in SB2/H,since the drones deals 
decent damage AND attacks by circling its target whenever tadakatsu attacks
using the S string,making his S string about thrice as powerful and is 
unblockable to boot

now,the damage is cut quite severely and in exchange it seems to have an 
"AI" of its own,which makes them target multiple enemies surrounding 
tadakatsu randomly

you can combine this skill with any other skill that tadakatsu has,but 
except for Tosshin Keitai,it will only offer its standard features.

Using his Personal Item set will make the drones never retreats unless you 
manually do so.

Tosshin Keitai (Charge Mode)

Performs a front sweep,if you hold the button down Tadakatsu will charge 

You can also change its direction while charging the spear. 

note:when paired with other modes,the effects are as following:

-Back-up Mode: The drones create a pyramid-like barrier in front of 
Tadakatsu,this increases range and power and can pick up downed enemies too.

-Cannonfire-Lightningshot-heavy Mode: unusable

-Flight Mode: The charge's distance doubles(meaning the attack duration 
is also longer)

-Electromagnetic Mode: A magnetic field envelops the spear

-Backup Mode + Electromagnetic Mode: Attack AoE widens + Lightning Element 

-Backup Mode + Flight Mode: Attack AoE widens + Charge's distance doubles

The last one is the most powerful combo in tadakatsu's arsenal.

Hougeki Keitai (Cannonfire Mode)

Cannons come out of Tadakatsu's back and blast enemies. 
Shoot with the s-string button. You're immobile while this is active.
(but can still turn and aim)
It can hit close enemies too this time,since the shots are straight forward. 

note:drastically changed in SB3,the cannons now provide close range combat 
ability as well,but you're no longer able to use this and the normal S string
together anymore

when used standalone,the skill feels slugish and risky since you canot move 
or guard,and the startup is very slow,but you can pair it with other skills 
to up your odds in defense.

-with electromagnetic mode,you will fire plasma rounds which are much more 
powerful and have bigger splash area,plus you also have the electromagnetic 
field to soften up enemies that is near you,don't be in this state for too 
long though since it drains your health.

-with flight mode it becomes a very powerful skill with a lot of new features
such as: 
1.the ability to move around while on the ground
2.the ability to guard while firing on the ground
3.the ability to activate the skill in midair(which has way faster startup)
4.the ability to fire it while hovering and moving(has faster rapid shots and
higher damage potential,and also safer against crowds)

Raigeki Keitai (Lightningshot Mode)

The drones shoot lightning at tadakatsu's drill spear from above,which 
diverts the lightning into smaller pillars of lightning around him 

note:at first the skill seems very intimidating since it looks almost like 
his BASARA attack,but aside from the slow startup and high combo hits when 
you managed to pull it out,it has nothing in common,the damage is so so and 
has a very small area of effect

i guess this is capcom's attempt to give tadakatsu a multihit combo attack
(possibly best used when paired with hero time),but everyone knows that 
tadakatsu is not mean to be played as a combo machine,so yeah.....

Secret Skills

Juuki Keitai (Heavy Artillery Mode)

A mode focusing on forward offense.Tadakatsu summons an attachment for his 
drill spear,changing it into a Gunlance/Pilebunker hybrid,tadakatsu's 
movement is restricted to walks and jumps,no running or dashing,you also 
cannot guard,and his whole moveset will be changed. 

note:the Gunlance is a famous weapon from another capcom franchise called 
"monster hunter",like the name states,its a lance that has the ability to 
fire blank shells,the moveset that tadakatsu uses si also borrowed heavily 
from that game which is as following

-S string becomes a 6 hit stab combo:one button press equals 2 stabs,there's
a slight lag after the third stab,the damage of each double stab is immense,
one full loop of the stab combo should be enough to take down a base captain

-the first skill button(cannonfire mode) serves as a strong sweeping attack 
where tadakatsu fires his cannons to the right and use the recoil as a 
momentum to perform a powerful left swing that covers a huge area in front 
of him,everyone that got hit will be sent flying.

-jumping attack and strong attack is unchanged

-all other skill buttons becomes an attack that is called "wyvern fire",
tadakatsu will charge his lance while standing still and unleash a big 
explosion from the lance,the startup animation can hit and "lock" enemies 
to they can't run away from the blast

all in all its a very powerful skill and a bit of a fresh air for tadakatsu 
players because usually,tadakatsu focusses on crowd elimination and ranged 
combats which at times makes him melee attacks very unwieldy since it skids 
and dashes everywhere

this skill allows you to focus on a target and deal crippling blows to him 
while still having some crowd control options,definitely a must if you have 
troubles beating bosses with tadakatsu's other means of attacks.

Hikou Keitai (Flight Mode)

Tadakatsu activates rocket verniers from his backpack,this significantly 
increases his mobility.
Not only that,by holding the jump button you are able to fly around and 
move even faster than you are on the ground since you can also dash in the 
air with it.

note:while flying,Tadaktasu steadily decreases its height while in midair,
but you can press/hold the jump button to re-ascend,holding down the guard 
button can make you turn in midair without moving forward.

Tadakatsu's air strong attack is changed to a driling forward ground stab 
which covers more area than its default one but is hard to aim at a single 

this mode can be paired with his two other skills,cannonfire,and charge mode,
both results in a very versatile and powerful combinations,look above for 
more details

notice that tadakatsu cannot ride horses?well,with skills like these,who 
needs one?

Denji Keitai (Electromagnetic Mode)

An electromagnetic field is created,which damages nearby enemies for a set 
time. Health decreases while it's active.

note:Tadakatsu moves at a slower speed while this skill is active

the skill has not changed much from the prequels,its a very powerful crowd 
control tool but to downsides are just too much to actually make it worthwile
to use it,especially since his other two scret skills is way more versatile 
and less risky to use.

2.15 Oichi


a.independent hands 

the majority of oichi's skills are not a part of oichi's own body/moveset,
meaning she can perform most of them whlie doing something else and can use
most of them all at once


Kudake Hi no Yume (Crush, Bitter Dream)

A dark hand comes out of the ground a slight distance from Oichi, and grabs 
foes. Hold the button down for the enemies to be smacked on the ground a few
times and then thrown towards Oichi.Even if it hasn't grabbed anything,
the hand's blows on the ground do damage. It can aslo grab enemies while 
smashing around.

note:oichi's new bread and butter attack,it works much like motochika's net 
but can only capture a small number of targets and ends faster than a maxed 

the bright side is,its way easier to connect with the move since you can move
around while doing it and even if it misses it will stay there as long as 
you hold the skill button and will attempt to capute the target again 
should they pass near it

the most popular strategy is capturing a boss,go near them and taunt them 
to fill your BASARA gauge

Sabake Se no Tsumi (Judge, Burdening Sins)

A dark hand is summoned in front,which then claws forward. Even if 
enemies guard, they are pushed away.

note:a great "filler" move since this practially needs no special 
requirements to perform,you can use this anytime you want,its also double
as a "running attack" of sorts to break boxes,grab its contents and still
run at the same time

use it inbetween S string,on grabbed enemies,on pressed enemies,or 
defensively by pushing them away with it.

Tsukame Utsuro no Tsuki (Grasp, Hollow Moon)

Enemies in front are crushed thanks to the hands summoned on Oichi's back. 
Hold the button down will make oichi grow "wings" and fly diagonally upwards.
Powerful and useful to make the base captain lose focus.

note:the standalone version is a one hit heavy damage attack with 
slow recovery,while the hold button version is an aerial launcher that does 
multiple hits,both are sadly mediocre since you cannot followup with 
anything(except for regular air attack for the launcher version)

Kizame Ku no Hi (Carve, Traces of Suffering)

Two dark hands appear in front (mid-distance) and crush the enemies 
between themselves. Also works as a shield to reflect bullets and arrows.

note:not that useful against bosses since they can easily dodge/escape it
but can rack massive combos and destroy bases easily when properly positioned
in a crowd and enemy base

make sure to learn the distance where the hands will show up and gather the
enemies right there before using this skill to gain maximum profit

Secret Skills

Odore Shikabane no Ude (Dance, Corpse Arms)

Numerous dark hands come out of the ground, sweeping, grabbing and 
throwing enemies. Hold the button down to suck up health from the grabbed 
enemies. Enemies are also sucked up towards it. 5 enemies can be grabbed 
at the same time.

note:the secret skill of choice if you want balanced offense and defense,by 
not holding the button it will work as a quick crowd clearer,while holding 
the button lets you absorb massive amounts of HP from your target
(asuming you managed to catch 5 victims)

this skil does massive damage (and sometimes outright kill) enemy officers 
but bosses doesnt seem to be affected much by it,that is okay as long as you
have fresh crowds to gain life back

Nozoke Ne no Umi (Peer, Sea of the Depths)

Oichi sits down, and after a while a pool of darkness is formed, from 
which dark hands come out and attack. After it starts appearing, even if 
Oichi is attacked it won't be interrupted. It sucks up enemies and is 
pretty powerful. NPCs can't be sucked up but can be hit even while downed.

note:being her signature move in her debut game as an NPC this skill has its
ups and downs,it leaves you totally open to attacks but also deals massive 
combo and damage potential,sadly(thankfully?) the damage doesnt rely on how 
low oichi's HP is anymore

Hibike Mu no Uta (Resound, Song of Nothingness)

After a little time dark hands start appearing around the battlefield 
and attack enemies. the final attack are 2 dark lasers beside Oichi. 
Press the secret skill button again to cancel the dark hands' attacks,
jumping straight to the lasers.

note:the ultimate support skill,fire and forget,the hands will keep appearing
and attack everywhere for quite a while,ending with a massive laser attack 
from a random position

the only downside is that the startup is very slow and the whole attack will 
stop if oichi is hit at any time the skill is skill active,quite bothersome 
if you have problems dodging attacks,use this on multiplayer sessions along 
with magoichi's final skill for maximum mayhem

2.16 Oda Nobunaga


a.additional attacks 

most of nobunaga's repertiore has an additional effect if you held the 
respective button that performs said move

these are the list of actions with additional moves built in them:

S string:holding the square button for a while during each presses wil result
in an additional attack for each hit,effectively doubles the S string damage 
output and combo potential,depending on which mode you are on the followups 
will differ

air S string:

-for shotgun mode,holding the button will fire the shotgun downwards,doing 
this will make you land instantly if there's no mook to hit

-for demon mode you can do it at any part of the attack and it replicates 
what you do while slowly descending,its possible to hold the button for all 3
part of the air attack even if it whiffs

jumping strong attack:

-for shotgun mode,after a strong air attack you can fire a charge shotgun shot
(can be held longer for stoner shot)

-for demon mode,the demon will perform a heavy slash just as you landed

for special skills effects refer to each individual skill section

b.dual modes

nobunaga posseses two different movesets,but unlike masamune,both are quite 
similar to each other,the diference being the properties of each attacks and 
special skills

using the skill "Suikaku suru Rokuma" allows you to switch between these modes

c.spirit hoarder

nobunaga has one of,if not the longest BASARA gauge in the game,it takes twice 
as much BASARA items to fill his gauge compared to most of the characters,this 
combined with the fact that his (new) BASARA attack sucks is made as a 
counterbalance to his overpowering moveset and skills

he still does have a benefit in having the longest BASARA horse dash in the 
game though

Skills(for nobunaga the special skils are divided into 3 categories:shotgun,
demon,and universal,which covers both modes)


Suikaku suru Rokuma (The Slumbering Six Demons)

Changes to and from shotgun mode-demon mode. In demon mode, the added attacks
after the s-string strikes- the skills become not shots but demon slashes.

note:this skill is skill #4 on the list,by default tis activated by pressing
Triangle and R1

the skill activation doubles as an attack,changing to demon mode emits 
a shockwave with a small AoE around nobunaga,while switching to demon mode 
fires a shotgun round sideways

to keep track which mode you are on,just look at nobunaga's weapons,if the 
red orb is in the shotgun it means you're in shotgun mode,if its on the sword
then you are in demon mode

this is the core skill of nobunaga's gameplay,shotgun mode gives nobunaga 
greater control over crowds and more combo potential,

while the demon mode....is simply there to kill stuff,all of the demon's 
actions do the same damage(read:very powerful)no matter how low or high
nobunaga's ATK stats are.

just by staying in demon mode all the time guarantees victory over anything 
you encountered on the stage,but it will get boring after a while,so i 
suggest to not overuse it

Shisso suru Kyoki (Dashing Ecstasy)

Forward dash slash followed by either shooting with the shotgun or a slash
of the King of the 6 Demons.

In shotgun mode, the midair follow-up is a multi-hit attack. 

In demon mode, if you hit the enemy just right they will freeze for a second

note:this skill is skill #3 on the list,activated by pressing R1 by default

hold the skill button to drag the enemies upwards and continue attacking in 


Kyuuten Haruka (Distant Ninth Heaven)

2 quick shots upward. You can jump cancel after both shots, thus making 
midair follow-up attacks easy. The similar upward shots performed sometimes
in the s-string have the same properties.

note:this is skill #1 in the list,to activate press Triangle by default

you can also use this skill in midair,which makes nobunaga two shots 
downwards,it also resets the s-string midair counter,thus allowing longer 
air chains.

Enrai haruka (Distant Thunder)

A shot forward. Charge it-mash the button for different effects. 

note:this is skill#2 on the skill list,to activate hold any direction and
press triangle by default

a bit awkward to use since you have to keep moving in order to use it,
press the skill button repeatedly to fire normal shotgun rounds

hold the button to fire a charged shot(shaped like a small fireball,covers
longer distance)


Ruten no Agaki (Struggling of the Living)

A counter-clockwise sword swing.  

note:this skill replaces Kyuuten Haruka when you switch to demon mode

a classic skill given a major overhaul,the initial attack is quick 
but has short reach and marginally low damage,but if you hold the button
for a while the demon will add a very powerful slash with a huge range that
does fixed heavy damage not depending on your attack stats

the demon slash sends the enemies hit by it flying forward

Haigan no Yurushi (Permission of Audience)

With the left hand a blast of red miasma is shot forward. 
If it hits, the demon slash afterwards carries enemies to Nobunaga.

note:this skill replaces Enrai haruka when you switch to demon mode

a strong skil on its own,despite the deceptively small projectile,it 
can hit a lot of targets back to you,this enables you to ping-pong them back
and forth using Ruten no Agaki and this skill over and over again,and to 
some extent this works wonderful on most of the bosses sans tadakatsu

Secret Skills

Yakusai no Toge (Calamity Thorns)

Many thorns appear on the ground. They can stop the enemies briefly. 

note:another classic skill,aside from the additional damage this skill has 
nothing new to write home about,still useless against bosses and now he has 
better means for crowd control

you can charge it up to 2 levels,no charge makes a group of spikes appear 
near you,each charge levels adds spike groups a bit forward,resulting in 3 
spike groups appearing on max level

nobunaga can be interrupted while charging

Doukokusuru Tamashii (Wailing Souls)

Miasma is gathered and shot forward. Charge it to make the miasma shot suck 
in enemies. The less health you have, the more distance & power the shot will
have. While charging it you can receive damage but will never be interrupted 
or die.

note:yet another classic skill,it has both buffed and nerfed at the same time

how it used to work is activating the skill enables you to collect "souls"
(max of 4 souls),which will significantly buff every attack nobunaga has 
including his S string,and pressing the skill button again fires the souls 
forward,the damage it deals depends on how many souls you have

in SB3,only the shooting part is left,and it now uses SB2H oichi's low HP 
mechanics to boost its damage,the good news is that with proper equips
(6 gold mantisses) and a a very low HP lets you insta kill almost everyone 
in the game.

paired with the fact that you cannot die while charging makes this a very 
overpowered skill with low risk involved,but this is stil nothing compared to
his last secret skill...

Hametsu no Shoudo (Scorched Earth's Annihilation)

The great King of the 6 Demons appears. After level up he will stay longer. 
After activation health gradually decreases, you can only walk, not jump or 
sidestep. Using its skills makes you lose more health, but while it's active
you can't die.

note:i present to you the cheese of all cheese,the end all skill,the win 
button,the DMC4 devil trigger mode

basically,this skill makes you pretty much immortal with a lot of buffs,such 
as increased attack power,increased range,and homing attacks

the details of the moveset when you activate this skill is as follows:

-the S string is now a huge left and right slashes by the demon,deals heavy 
damage,you can hold the button to delay the slashes and increase the power 
by a bit,this consumes a bit of HP per swing

-the #1 skill button(default triangle),fires a multitude of homing dark orbs 
that will hit the enemies several times before disappearing,this move drains 
a medium amount of health per shots fired

-the #3 skill button(default R1),makes the devil stabs the ground and creates 
a multitude of ground explosions that expand outwards and increase in numbers
as they go further,this attack consumes a large amount of health per use and 
is not suggested to be used against bosses since it will most likely miss

all of the attacks above have dark element built in them 

4. Acknowlegdements and Thanks

I'd like to thank:
-Japan,for giving us Capcom and the sengoku era,so Capcom can mess them up 
 into an awesome game,be strong,we all hope you will recover soon
-Capcom, for making this game
-Hiroyuki Kobayashi,for not leaving capcom (yet?) and keep making SB games
-My friend Mike for letting me hijack his PS3,and for the great SB3 
 multiplayer sessions
-Oboro Tennosuke/Nine Demons Yoshitaka,for providing great translations for 
 everything that is SB related,including the bulk of this guide
-Tengumaru,for the guide template,which is based on his SB2H guide,show up 
 more often man!
-AdawgDaFAB,for his SB3 guides and keiji's love tactics list
-runarraw,for a lot of additional infos and corrections
-ZexxCrine for pointing out mitsunari's hidden ability
-BlackKite,for being an example to us all,and not buying the western version 
 of SB3,Motochika Chosokabe indeed!>.<
-DEATHSCHILD,for being one of the first dudes i've encountered in GameFaqs 
 and still lasts up to this day,cheers!
-Oojin,for being an okay pupil and changing usernames every so often
-and the rest of the KW forum crew:Shokatshin,HokutoNoBen,Crimsondramon,
 Mr.Honda,Balder,Matsunaga and many more....
-you,who is reading this now,i would like to borrow the wise words of Date 
 Masamune and say,

"Shankyou fol praying,have a pharthay!!"

5. Legal
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