Question from TreyZer420

Will Weapons/animals still increase stats once they are maxed out?

I have been wondering this for a little while now... Can an animal like the beholder increase magic power even though it is capped? Or the weapons increasing stats after you cap the stats that they increase?


Mookiethebold answered:

Yes, after you've maxed them out, stats can still be increased with weapons and animals.
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kingkrown24 answered:

Yea they can still stack like if your spell dies 37 dmg beholder equipped will raise it to 40 even though your magic is maxed out it can still increase.
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yngwiemalmstn answered:

Yes. If you look at the main screen under character stats, you can see each character's stats (like when you add points) and next to them will be + and/or- next to the stats due to animals and weapons (just add or subtract from the stats yourself). It won't technically effect your stats # so much as the damage. ie if you have a weapon that lowers your magic and you're at magic level 5 and you have something that reduces magic by one, it won't stop you from tossing a fireball (or whatever elemental attack your character has), it will reduce the damage done, like you would throw a fireball for lvl 4 damage.
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