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Asked: 4 years ago

Guitar as a weapon? in stages other then todd's?

Can you get a guitar as a weapon as i have seen in screen shots?

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Only at the level where you fight Lydia and Envy.

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@Locke_Cole084 that would be lynette and envy, not lydia, and the level is called lee's palace as part 1 and the main stage for part 2.

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Where the hell did I get Lydia from? LOL, yeah, I meant Lynette.

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I think ramona can spawn it if ur lucky(mostly it spawns bricks)

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Yes you can
but only during level 3 when you're fighting the drummer in the band
its up in the center lying on the ground
thats the only time you can get it to use it.

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No I don't think so except for I think a Ramona spawn

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