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Scott Pilgrim VS The World: The Game

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A combat guide by Klonny, 
but you can just call me Troy.
This FAQ is Copyright 2011 S. Troy Hubert


Ye Olde Table of Contents	
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[1]About this guide
-[2A]General Moveset 
[4]Extra Modes
-[4A]No Strength Mode
[5]Legal/credits/blah blah blah that boring stuff
[6]Version History


[1] About This Guide
There are few Scott Pilgrim FAQs.  All you need is to complete the game,
right?  Well while playing Scott Pilgrim I found something that a lot of people
didn't pay enough attention to, the combo system.  Its a really fun and simple
system that really brings some thrill and excitement to this already kick-ass

Writing this FAQ, I was playing the 360 version, though the game is (I assume)
exactly the same for both versions.  I haven't had the chance to play Scott
Pilgrim in multiplayer because I have no friends.  That's probably something
you should know.  Everything I refer to in this FAQ WILL be in reference to
single player games, though it probably shouldn't affect you much.

When you start plying for the first time, you have 4 characters at your
disposal: Scott Pilgrim, Ramona Flowers, Kim Pine, and Stephen Stills.
Completing the game with these 4 characters unlocks Negascott, and $2 bucks
(not ingame money you yutz) unlocks Knives Chau. 
Each character has basically equal stats throughout the game, though their
movelists differ.  Each character is unique in their own way, but if you can
play one, you can play them all.

Also, one last thing to remember.
''There is no best character, only personal preference.''

Scott Pilgrim
HP 100
GP 100

Our main protagonist!  Out of all the characters, Scott is probably the easiest
to play. This by no means makes him less than anyone else, in fact he's one of
the most reliable characters you can play.  Very versatile, Scott has a 
knack for controlling a screen when you're outnumbered 5 to 1 with quick
movement and swift striking.  His attacks hardly have any lag to them so he's
good at getting in and out of combat.  

Unique moves:
Level 16: Tech Attack 1 (Up + Heavy)
BOOM! Its a smaller, free super attack! Really good knockback and decent damage
make for a very nice tactically defense AoE strike. When mobbed by 4 guys at
once this attack is invaluable, hence why I consider Scott a 'reliable' choice.
Special training: Tech Attack 2 (Down + Heavy)
A forward thrusting punch.  It has a little pre-attack lag which can make it a
dangerous attack when surrounded. Otherwise, you've got a another decent
defensive strike, effectively sending enemies to the moon and leaving a wake
of bruised and beaten bodies.

Ramona Flowers
HP 100
GP 105

Ramona kicks ass.  Out of all the characters she might be the most unique in
that she's got serious range with her Heavy strikes, where she whips out her
big ol' hammer instead of the fists.  She also has arguably the best knockup,
sending enemies smoothly and slowly at a nice high angle. With Ramona's heavy
attacks you can safely attack enemies from a  slightly farther distance while 
still being as much a threat as anyone else. I'd say she's on par with Scott 
for being the easiest to play.

Unique moves: 
Level 16: Tech Attack 1 (Up + Heavy)
Ramona does this flipping splits thingy.  She flips forward a little, dealing
damage to those she lands on (Low attack, true for enemies on the floor) as
well as behind her in mid-air.  A fairly reliable attack for those times when
you've got 12 zombies on your face.  Only real consequence is how slow the
attack is, but even then its a small price.
Special Training: Tech Attack 2 (Down + Heavy)
Very nice attack, though it doesn't bring a whole lot to the table.  Ramona
thrusts her palm forward with this whole DBZ aura thing going on around it.
Attacks straight forward and launches enemies away, spamming this all over
the field can save you when you're getting an ass waxing.

Kim Pine
HP 100
GP 110

Kim's goal is to have things dead.  And quickly.  She has very good single-
target damage output, and can easily drop enemies very quickly.  This comes at
a cost however, as Kim leaves herself open often and has no escape tech. Kim is 
definitely a little harder to use than Scott and Ramona (not by a lot, mind 
you) but in the end her payoff is the mostly the same, difference being Kim's
Tech 1.

Unique moves: 
Level 16: Tech Attack 1 (Rapidly combo light or heavy)
K. Honda up in this joint! This attack seriously nukes Kim's combo potential
when you unlock it, but fret not! With this attack she absolutely SLAUGHTERS 
anyone poor enough to get caught in it. Learning to use this attack properly is
crucial, because too many times I've found myself hundred hand slapping dudes 
when I meant to knock them up.  It leaves you open so you have to be careful.
With great power comes great responsibility.
Special Training: Tech Attack 2 (Down + Heavy)
Kim sneezes out a hadoken. Very slow moving projectile.  Easy to spam,
launching 400 of these in rapid succession should be enough to save your skin
when things get sticky.

Stephen Stills
HP 110
GP 100

Stills is the man with all the potential. Also he's the band's guitarist so he
gets cool points.  Seriously though, Stills melts faces even without his
guitar with crazy fast combos.  The light jab combo deals more damage than any
other player's and ends with a beautiful aerial knockup so you can get your MvC
on. In the end his damage output is definitely higher, assuming you keep up.
He's my personal favorite, and I would bet most people agree. 

Unique moves: 
Level 2 dash attack (Dash + light)
Every character's light dash attack is a grounding slide kick that damages 
anybody on the ground or laying on the floor.  Stills instead swaps this out
for a light elbow bash that effectively deals out a light stun, setting up
for Stephen's famous combos. 
Level 16: Tech Attack 1 (Up + Heavy)
He strikes twice, with the second attack involving knockup.  I'll be honest:
with the short range, this doesn't work well in crowds. Its somewhat slow too 
so you'll be open when you do it too.  Essentially, this is just a short 
version of the light combo.  If anyone knows how to use this attack better,
I'd love an email because I definitely haven't gotten my use out of it yet.
Special Training: Tech Attack 2 (Down + Heavy)
Beatiful.  Just...Beautiful. Stills rolls forward, effectively damaging
enemies during the roll, and ending with a knockback crouch punch. This works
on EVERYTHING.  Rolls in/out of combat, crushes everything in your way,
a tactically defensive knockback ending punch (That hits knocked over enemies!)
this is arguably the best attack out of anybody in the game.

HP 100
GP 50

Negascott is unlocked by beating the game with the original 4.  And Negascott, 
in a nutshell, is a gimped Scott.  He has halved GP (even at max) and 
has a mostly identical moveset to Scott.  His strike assist is pretty
inexpensive and powerful though so that helps. While playing Negascott has it's
benefits, he still averages out to a weaker version of Scott across the board.
With that said, I assume the idea for Negascott is to give you a little more
challenge during story mode.  I mean, hell, I'll take Negascott over an
achievement any day. He pays off in the end with some really versatile, really
unique tech attacks however.  Before then though, you've just got a weak

Unique Attacks:
Level 16: Tech Attack 1 (Down + Heavy)
A pretty sweet flying double-knee strike. Sends you all the way to the other
side of the screen making it a good combat escape, though not too good for
combat initation.  Understanding how to hit with it might take a couple tries
(Because he flies high, its easier to go over someone's head if they're too far
back), but when you get the hitbox then you're rewarded with a fairly reliable
attack that knocks back, deals great damage, and moves you around.  Consequence
to using it however is the cooldown, after attacking you fall from the air
which leaves you open to attacks for a second.  If you can manage to use it 
well and not whiff every other jump you've got one nasty move for your arsenal.
Tech Attack 2 (Hold Heavy for 2 seconds)
This attack RULES. Like, so much.  At first the attack might seem odd to use
(charging attacks in midfight? I'll never be able to do that!) but when you 
find out that it works by Street Fighter rules then you'll see it shine. By
that I mean you can charge while knocked down, while comboing with your light
attacks, pretty much just holding Heavy while doing anything starts the charge.
Get used to this attack and you've got a strong long-range projectile with a
fire knockback; that is, stronger non-comboable knockback.  Absolutely
decimates large fields, Negascott and control the screen himself with well
timed hadoken spams.

Knives Chau
HP 100
GP 100

Knives is a lot like Kim, almost playing exactly the same minus tech attacks. 
Even then Knives is a isn't terribly exciting or new, so if you're buying the 
DLC hoping for some super crazy awesome unstoppable new character, your hopes
might be shot.  Still, she's a decent character and its always nice to have
more guns in the armory. 

Unique attacks:
Level 16: Tech Attack 1 (Down + Heavy)
Knives does a small jumping spinkick thing. It only attacks forward, its kinda
slow, but it's got more knockback than anything else in Knives' moveset. Still
a fairly underwhelming tech.
Special Training: Tech Attack 2 (Down + Heavy while in midair)
Ah, HERE we go.  Knives hurls down 3 knives (hurr hurr) in front of her that 
explode when they hit the ground.  Great keep away attack, spammable multiple
times in midair, knockback, this essentially makes up for everything about
Knives.  When you've got Hyper you can spam this attack to make yourself fly
upward, which isn't as effective as it might sound but still fun to do.

''Forewarning: Stats''
When it comes to launching enemies, you rely on two stats: Strength and Speed.
More strength sends them farther, more speed helps you keep up. I highly
recommend keeping your speed stat higher than your strength or else you'll
find enemies flying beyond your reach.  You should max Speed first anyway
because of how much it affects combos.  Defense and Willpower don't make a
difference for this guide and should be upgraded however you see fit. I,
personally, prefer well-rounded stats except for a much higher speed.


[2A] General Moveset
Level 2: Dash Attack (Run + heavy/light)-Important early advantage.  Light
strike is a sliding kick that hits enemies on the ground, Heavy knocks enemies
down. Very versatile and helpful maneuvre.
Level 3: Back attack (Heavy/Light when enemy behind you)-Surprisingly effective
during combos if you can position yourself right.  Otherwise, a decent attack
for when crowded.
Level 4: Counter (Block as attacked)- Probably the most awesome thing you can
land in the game. Blocks an attack in full, counters the enemy and sends him
flying, all while you nab a little extra cash.
Level 5: Low Attack (Down + light)-hits floored enemies. Makes things A LOT
Level 6: Judo Throw (Forward + heavy near enemy)-Good against blockers, I don't
really use it much otherwise.
Level 7: Missile Throw (Run with object + heavy)-Nothing too special, when you
have enough speed you throw objects with more force.  Personally I like to run,
jump, then turn around and throw it backwards for the full effect.
Level 8: Grapple Combo (Forward + light near enemy)-Wail on blockers.  This is
beatiful when you can't get a setup on your enemy and just want him dead.
Level 9: Double Attack (light + heavy)-A nice addition, it adds damage to your
light combo while still giving you the chance to continue said combo.
Level 10: Evade (left/right during block)-Ultimate saving technique. Rolls you
out of harm's way and into better positioning.  Also invulnerable rolls, sweet!
Level 11: Head Stomp (Heavy during midair)-You fall from the sky at a slight 
angle, bouncing off the head of whoever you hit and knocking them up.  This is
as effective as it is safe and catches many enemies off-guard leading to an
easy setup.
Level 12: Ground and Pound (Down + Heavy)-Stronger low attack, harder to pull
off if you got a Down+Heavy tech though.
Level 13: Spin Attack (Jump in midair)-Whacks enemies midair.  Very versatile,
however, in that helps setups very well.  You can land a flying light strike
right after hitting a grounded enemy with a Spin Attack and then knock them
up. Before you hit the peak of your jump, the spin effectively kills your jump,
making for smaller hops that make for ridiculous combos.
Level 14: Grand Slam (light with weapon)-No real combo potential aside from the
classic 'stuck against the wall beatdown'.  Otherwise, crazy strong (almost
game-breaking) attack.
Level 15: Air Recovery (Any button while falling)-If someone sent YOU flying
you can recover in midair with this.  Extremely valuable.
Level 16: Tech Attack #1-Varied


[3] Combos
If this FAQ were a kickin rock show then this section is the headlining band.
In fact if you want some Character or About merch then you better hit the stand
because they're heading out to the next town real soon. About's latest album 
won't be in stores for another 2 weeks either so you should get it now.

But I digress.

Scott Pilgrim is a game that gives a lot of freedom and leeway for combos. Now
first thing's first: combos aren't necessary to the game, but you'll enjoy the
slightly extra cash, and the "AWESOME DID I JUST DO THAT" even more.  If you
read and understand this section then you've got all the tools you need for
some sweet, sweet bad guy pounding.

''What's the purpose of combos?''
Maximizes damage output.  Fun, too!  Whenever you get the golden-grail
opportunity to lay the smack on an enemy who let his guard down, knowing a good
combo can make the difference between one-shotting him and him getting back up
2 times.  Get it? And when an enemy is airborn, he is completely vulnerable
to anything.  That's why getting an aerial knockup leads to crazy damage.

Even when you start out at level 1 you've got some combo potential on you. For
example, an early effective combo is this: Jumping Light, Aerial Knockup (Heavy 
or Light attack when you land, depends on character), jumping Light.  Simple.
Combos however are prone to modding. Let's look at that basic attack again:

Jumping strike (Setup)
land, knockup (Launch)
Jumping strike (Attrition)

There's 3 phases to this attack. For this attack, the 'meat' of our combo is
the knockup.  In most situations, there's a pre- and post-knockup:

''The Setup Phase:''
The part that takes work.  During Setup, your objective is to hit the enemy,
bypassing a block.  This can be something simple as a light combo, or even 
better something like Still's charging elbow which has a chance to stun, even
if for a short time that's enough to light combo him a bunch then aerial. 
Essentially, anything you do to NOT launch an opponent is part of the Setup.

''The Launch Phase:''
The Launch Phase is initiated the moment you land a heavier attack that sends
enemies flying, be it forward or aerial.  With a forward launch, its still
possible to combo by launching them, bouncing them off the screenwall, and 
back into your fist, but this is generally much more difficult and needs decent
stats in both Speed and Strength.  With an aerial knockup, they're sent flying
into the air which, as I said earlier, is complete vulnerability.  There's a 
selection of attacks you can use at this point, which leads us to Phase 3...

''The Attrition Phase''
From this point on an enemy is at your mercy, taking damage until they die, you
miss, or they're a special enemy with combo-breaks, like bosses, if you smack
them enough in one shot they gain invulnerability until they hit the ground.
At this point you choose how to unload: jump and strike them again, run
and slidekick them as they're landing to pop them up again (slightly, but
enough), or even run right beneath them then give them a light combo juggle.

Notice how there's multiple attacks for each phase?  To really dish out the
damage you need to use every attack in your arsenal and understand your
character well.  

''WARNING: Stats''
When it comes to launching enemies, you rely on two stats: Strength and Speed.
More strength sends them farther, more speed helps you keep up. I highly
recommend keeping your speed stat higher than your strength or else you'll
find enemies flying beyond your reach.  You should max Speed first anyway
because of how much it affects combos.  Defense and Willpower don't make a
difference for this guide and should be upgraded however you see fit. I,
personally, prefer well-rounded stats except for a much higher speed.

Finally, one last thing to mention: ''COMBOS ARE SITUATIONAL''. Sometimes you
bump into a pole that crashes your combo.  Sometimes you bounce an enemy off
the screenwall 5 times and juggle him as he bounces like a pong ball.  Its all
about reading your situations and acting accordingly, and this is where speed
really comes into play.
[3A] Example Combos
Here's some combo's you can use to get started (pardon the "names"):
''The Flyer''
Headstomp -> bounce back up
Jumping Light -> land
Aerial knockup

The first two hits in this combo are for one enemy, the landing knockup is for
another enemy.  This constantly works out for me and this ends up with a combo-
ready enemy, while dealing nice damage to the first guy.  Keeps you well out
of harm's way with an above approach.

''The Runner'' (make sure you've got at least enough Speed to match your Str)
Knockup -> dash forward
Running light (Works for slidekicks as well as Still's elbow)

That's all there is to this one.  The running charge pops them back into the
air.  If your thumbs can keep up you can essentially play keepaway on the 
ground while you're constantly damaging the airborn enemy. Note: if you let go
of the control stick while running then light punch, you will start a light 
combo instead of the running charge.  This combo still works (even better) if 
you can time it like this.  This is definitely harder to pull off but if you 
can do it you've got a seriously effective attack.

''The Flip-Out''
Midair Spin Attack
(as soon as enemy takes damage) Flying Light
Aerial Knockup

I love this one so much.  So often does it hit opponents, this is possibly the
most reliable setup I've used.  With that said, its a little tricky to pull off
but nothing too much for a player like you.  As the spin attack collides and 
you see the enemy's damage numbers instantly press your light attack for a
flying strike an inch off the ground.  Even IF you launch the enemy with this
strike you can still land your knockup a quarter of a second later. This 
applies to the Spin/Flying Strike transition too (That is, if your spin knocks
them over then your strike will nail him before he escapes your reach).  Really
good attack, it lets you initiate from afar, works great in crowds, and deals
some fine damage.

Aerial Knockup
Flying Light
Aerial Knockup

If you've got the speed to keep you up you've got an easy mode combo.  There's 
really not a lot to say about this, you punch them upward, smack them in
midair, land before them and then smack them up and do it all over again. 
Perfect against screenwalls, but if you've got more speed than strength then
you could easily do it on a flat street.

Got those down?  Alright, I'll give you one more.
''Aerial Cage''
REQUIREMENTS: Low strength, high speed
Flying light
Aerial knockup
Midair spin
Flying light
Aerial knockup

This requires a couple tries before you can get it down.  Essentially you come
flying at the enemy, knock him up and keep him there.  When you knock him up,
you have to doubletap your jump to cause the midair spin (which kills your
hangtime) and instantly after you kick him (You may have to change direction
if you fly past him, this happens more likely than not).  If your positioning 
is good enough, you can knock him up again and put him at your mercy once
again.  One of the most satisfying ways to put the hurt on one of them baddies.

And that's the gist of combos.  Now go out there and make some up!  And if you
got some really good ones, let me know.
[4] Extra Game Modes

''Boss Rush''
This is basically the sparknotes version of Story mode.  Fight all the bosses,
one by one (well, 2 for the twins) all on one life. Not much to say really,
all the bosses are the same as in story mode, so just do what you do best. But
remember: health is your vital (no pun intended) resource.  Make sure you can
get your blocks up and don't get reckless or you'll end up face down on the
floor. My current record is Hard mode in 11:20 minutes with Kim, are you a bad
enough dude to beat my high score?

''Survival Horror''
30 minutes in the cage with relentless wormhouses coming at you from both
sides.  If you're trying to run away and just survive the 30 minutes, then
don't even bother with this mode.  Zombie mode is entirely about racking up
kills within those 30 minutes, not surviving them.  This is basically the best
practice mode you've got, highly resilient enemies (and lots of them) call for
a lot of whacking, practicing combos or whatever you want. Or, you know, you
can just sit in the corner spamming Scott's boob punch.  Whichever works.

''Dodge Ball''
A reference to the NES Dodge Ball game (by the fellows who brought you River
City Ransom), you play bean ball mode against some enemies, and other players
if you got them.  You get a random ball each time with different effects, be it
the bouncing basketball or the hard-hitting rolling bowling ball.  I should
mention that if you have full stats, you'll probably drop everyone in 2
seconds.  I did my first time, I was like "That's it?" Still a fun time waster,
doesn't get you any money like zombie or boss mode do though.

Beat up your friends in some PvP!  I haven't tested it yet however.

''No Strength Mode''
So you've beaten Scott Pilgrim on hard mode.  6 times.  Maybe you need 
something to keep the game fresh.  Want to put your combos to the test? Then
try my No Strength Mode: you max out your Speed ASAP, and then build defense
and willpower at your leisure while you keep your strength as low as possible.
Why?  Because now you're weak but you have solid combat ability.  This means
you have to play through utilizing your combos as much as possible as your main
means of attack, because you won't be seeing any 42s popping up, but rather
a lot of 3s.  Playing with Knives I had an absolute blast and it makes for
a great replay if you need something new.  Don't sweat it if you accidentally
add a point or two in strength, because these are boundaries you build yourself.
Hey, challenge yourself for a no strength no defense no willpower run and see
what happens!  But that sounds kinda of frustrating.  Eh, have some fun.


[5] Legal/credits/blah blah blah
Scott Pilgrim is (c) Bryan Lee O'Malley.  They're pretty good comics.
Scott Pilgrim THE GAME is (c) Ubisoft Montreal and Ubisoft Chengdu.  They're
a rad lot for making this game.

For writing this little FAQ I'd like to thank all the fellows who worked on the
game because MAN this game is good. Paul Robertson for making awesome art as
well as some great short animations (Kings of Power 4 Billion % and Pirate
Baby's Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006 were AWESOME, go google them if you
haven't seen them.), Anamanaguchi for making quite possibly the best soundtrack
to a video game (More chiptune punk rock please), and of course O'Malley for
evolving a silly graphic novel into something much bigger.

Also I'd like to thank Yuka Takeuchi Fan for his Scott Pilgrim walkthrough, I
know I had to reference it multiple times.  You made my life much easier,
so cheers to you buddy.

If you ended up paying for this guide, then you got ripped off.  Though I may
have to ask you why you would have payed for a mini FAQ to a downloadable game.
So under these circumstances you deserve to be ripped off and should also pay
me what you payed that other guy.  Sounds fair to me. But don't buy FAQs
online, dude.   


[6] Version
Version 1.0: Launched the FAQ! I'll take any emails and questions you send my
way, and maybe if you've got some amazing combos of your own I'll post them up.

[7] Closing
Well I hope you enjoyed this FAQ as much as I did writing it.  Heed my words,
aspiring combo fetishist, and may your journeys prove fruitful in the ways
of bad guy ass kickery.

I am the last line of the FAQ. Remember me well.