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Should I play this in 720p or "half-1080p"?

My TV is native 1920x1080 plasma, but I'm weary and want to know I want to know how exactly this 960x1080 resolution actually works. I don't really mind playing games in 720p (let my TV upscale it) if it's a better option, but it seems I have to de-activate 1080p altogether, even for blu-rays and other games. All I really want is the option for best picture quality on my TV. It's not a big deal, as the game looks fine to my eyes, i just want to know if it actually looks better in 720p.


DBZknight1 answered:

It runs on 720p.
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eal-zubieri answered:

it runs better on 720p but you not notice it and you will not get full frame option on GOW on 720p so you will be better off on 1080p.
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Thislifeispeach answered:

"it runs better on 720p but you not notice it and you will not get full frame option on GOW on 720p so you will be better off on 1080p." --------what???
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KLHDWR answered:

the game runs at 480i, 480p, neither of those are considered HIDEF. The HIDEF max setting is 720p. Also your info on 1/2 1080p is incorrect 1080p is 1960wide X 1080height in pixels now if you are using a plasma screen computer monitor or Television, the TV doesn't do 1/2 1080p the computer monitor does. In order to display in 1080p you must use a HDMI cable. The VGA connector is analog not digital. If it has no HDMI slot but has a DVI connector go buy a good HDMI to DVI cable. Then go into the PS3 display settings and select HDMI, and all of the proper settings for your display or select auto configure and see what you get.
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KLHDWR answered:

the MAX setting is 720p for God of War collection, also I meant 1920 not 1960 on my previous post.
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mayhemmaniac answered:

I play it in 1080p and its displayed in the full 1920x1080 if you enable the FULL option in the settings.
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Zura1 answered:

The 'Full' option makes it full screen. You have to do this every time you start the game.
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wiseguy100 answered:

the game runs at 1080 on my ps3 and TV
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spdcommander77 answered:

The Resolution Is 1080p They miss printed the case Where it says resolution
So you're getting 1080p Graphics And Resolution
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