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Born Dead Soldier #6?

Ok, I'm seriously ready to hurt someone, namely a programmer. I cannot speed kill soldier number 6. I've been trying for almost an hour and a half. It is seriously pissing me off. I've tried reloading from the autosave about 100 times and I've tried reloading from the save I created on the last platform before the soldier. I really don't know what else to do. The bimbo costs me SO MUCH TIME when I try to climb up that buttcrack after the two wall run-jumps. Everywhere I look people have a problem with #5. He was easy. I can't get 6 to save my life. Any help would be much appreciated. I would rather not throw my PS3 at the wall, but it's coming to that. Did I screw myself by collecting the frescoes before the soldier?

224pizzas asked for clarification:

Same problem, does anyone have an answer?

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